Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is what's happening--Melinda Maria

So....I know I've been mentioning bangles/cuffs in a couple posts...
I love a good stack of gold on the wrist...i really do.
I've been mulling over which one (or ones) I love enough to actually invest in; and I've made my choice. Melinda Maria 'full moon and stars pod cuff' (on far left in pic).....kind of lovely no? After that little sucker is happily settled in it's new home on my wrist, I'm fairly certain it will want a lover....enter the 'pod pave cuff' (2 center cuffs in pic).
Yup---it's happening; however it's not happening today bc the one cuff i want is on back order (of course)...so i have to patiently wait....not something I'm tremendously good at! ha.
I'm sure I'll survive, It is just a cuff after all.

:: peace & love ::

*pic from Taylor Jacobson's twitter. (Total girl crush...could she be more awesome)
expect me to throw in a few silly bandz for good measure!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty....how do you find all these things?????
love you,