Friday, January 6, 2012

chatty little baby

Lots of chatting going on these's probably the best thing ever. EVER. to hear him coo away.

love this little monkey.

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas list edition

{ Wildfox Couture star sweater }
{ Sam Edelman leopard loafers }
{ J Crew pave link bracelet }
{ Michael Kors oversized gold runway watch }
{ classic Diamond set in yellow gold studs }
{ green Hunter wells }

There you have it!!! My little list...or not so little...
Also on my list (and in a smaller price range) are Essie polish in 5th Avenue & Lapis of Luxury (to go along with a mani/pedi gift cert to Vessel. A Sephora gift card never hurt anyone either ;-)

What are you asking for/giving for Christmas this year???

Happy Holidays kittens

:: peace & love ::

Monday, November 28, 2011

a little bit of this.

{ dressing warm for a girli date night with the best }
{ my new Spike The Punch necklace in neon }
{ a fabulous teepee @ Wild Cayote Winery & Bed & Breakfast }
{ a hunky Daddy & Sterling }
{ Baby bubbles }
{ Gobble Gobble Gobble from this tired turkey }
{ Did NOT want to get out of the shower...but was a little un sure about the whole experience all together }

Just a little bit from me. Things are getting better (& by better, I mean I feel like I know what I'm doing about 50% of the time), and I'll take's better than nothing. This kid is pretty dang cute & simultaneously the best/hardest thing I've ever taken on (being Mommy that is).
Happy holidays everyone. We'll be getting a tree soon, I'm sure Sterling will be loving the lights!!!

:: peace & love ::

Monday, November 14, 2011

more more more

{ my little cross eyed cutie pie }
{ wore my hot pink J Crew cords & Mona pumps to date night Sat }
{ loving my new red hair...maybe too much? }

{ baby b day outfit }

Maybe some day my posts will make sense again. Until then, here is a hap hazard look into my life. All about my little babes, too much on line shopping (sorry but I'm not sorry hubs) & not enough time with my fabulous husband. Oh but our little man is the cutest babes in the world, it's pretty exciting watching him grow (13 lbs now)!!!
Planning a vaca to the snow in a month (anyone with 4 month olds have wisdom or encouragement for me!?) Never traveled far with him & it will be about a 3 hr drive....hoping all goes well considering he hates the car....oh man.
More soon I promise!!!!!

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I really need to keep up on these!!

{ first time in his BebePod } cute are those socks?
{ baby bath time! }
{ mommy daddy date night }
{ sparkly Sam Edelman's }

{ an attempt at lunch with a friend }...let's see if she still has baby fever ;-/
{ daily walks through the woods in the moby wrap }

So there you have it folks...
Life of a stay at home mom includes breast feeding (a LOT), not sleeping that often, play time on the bed, boppy and my arms, walks while baby wearing & the realization that this shiz is hard. I mean....emotionally draining hard. I like my personal space (and I don't have much of that), I like to sleep (and you don't get much of that either)....but, there's also nothing (NOTHING) better than his little sleepy milk drunk face, or his smiles, or his curious eyes. So, ya, it's worth all the sleepless nights & frustrating times...
because he's kinda (really) my everything.
Love you little man, be nice to mommy, she gave birth to you ;-). Yup, I'm using that line....

*Life also includes help from my amazing family (especially my momma), with out those little breaks to take a bath, sleep or run to Target....oh man. I might be a mess. Thanks momma. xoxo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

still here!

just a few quickies of life lately!!! Our comp is having some issues...and well, new baby doesn't leave me with my hands free very often (hello Moby Wrap & Ergo!!), haha. Still figuring life out....figuring baby out. Phew this is hard work ;-)

:: peace & love ::

*and coffee ;-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lets shamelessly share some pics!

{ baby's first walk! }
{ Daddy & Sterling in the hospital }
{ Sterling & Mommy in the hospital }
{ Hiii blue eyes! }
{ cutest little sleeper....ever }

Well's been a little over a week already (time seriously flies) I can't quite believe how fast it really goes!
Morning coffee is my favorite time of day.
But he's not the worst sleeper...up every few hours for a diaper change & nursing :-)
He's honestly just perfect...I'm sorry, shameless lovin'
We've gone out a few times, for lunch with a friend (he slept right through it), appointments etc & while I initially like getting out of our 'cave', I end up craving my little space where I have everything I need.
I am working on a birth story, so that will be coming in a little. Over all mommy-hood is fantastic, I can't believe he's mine. :-)

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, by the way ;-)

Bun no longer in the oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOTS LOTS more pics to come & perhaps a birth story....
but for the moment here he is

Sterling Nesta Nanasy :)))))))

We could not be more in love.

Born August 13th at 9:48 pm, 7 lbs 1 oz...........utter perfection.


:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm still here...and the bun is still in the oven.

{ fav maternity pic that our besti's gifted us on a beautiful canvas for the shower! }
{ is it ridiculous that we JUST got a headboard?...I feel like a real adult }
{ putting the feet up...that's a 37.5 week belly there!!! }
{ a good hair day...ha }
{ a good manicure with OPI's 'Ski Teal We Drop' }
{ our beautiful kitty Pepper perched atop the tie dyed onesies from the shower }
{ a favorite sleeveless, footed onesie complete with planets, stars & space ships }
{ time spent by the pool...that's my belly...not a giant boob }

So folks, that's what's been going on for me! Off work for the babes, which I might add is lovely. Don't miss work one bit, although I miss my co workers like mad :-(
We've got the car cleaned out & detailed, ready for our chubby little bundle o'love. Stroller put together & test driven down the hall. Car seat base in car...although I do need to pack a bag for the hospital!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda a biggie, no?!
New on the preggo/baby front....
I get heart burn like it's going out of style. No gracias.
My feel & ankles swell up if I'm on them for too long...cankle mania is what we're calling it.
To turn from one side to the other/get up in the night to go pee is quite a doozie & I'm sure when watched by others mildly amusing considering the level of effort involved in all movements.
My doc thinks I've got a big baby in there...she guestimated around 8 lb's already (how do they really know I must wonder)...given that I want a natural childbirth (no induction, drugs or c section), I'm just hoping that he doesn't get so big I can't get him out of there that something I should actually be concerned about?!
Other than his size (which I should add is not ab-normal, he's perfectly healthy, as am I, thank goodness), everything else is good :-) Minus cankle mania of course!!

:: peace & love ::

** hopefully sooner than later I will be posting pics of our 8 lb's of love!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Shower!!

{ baby shower wears...those heels didn't last too long }
{ blocks spelling out baby's name (Sterling Nesta Nanasy)..hand made booties & a fabric bunting sign }
{ me & the best! }
{ opening the pressie's! }
{ Lea & me..the 2 preggo's }
{ a little laying out after the festivities!!! }
{ everyone took part in tie dying me a little onesie! They are insanely adorable! }

I had a marvelous baby shower! My momma & bestest lady friend Ashlee put together quite the festivities. Beautiful flowers, decor, AH-mazing carrot cake cuppies, little activities for everyone (sooo loving all the little tie dyed onesies I have right now). There was good food (scones, creme brulee french toast, creme fraiche, then on to lunch where there was a bruschetta bar & watermelon margaritas (for everyone but me of course!). It was so nice to hang with all the people I love most & it was such a beautiful day for it too!!
Thank you all my lovely friends & family (momma especially) for throwing me/coming to my baby shower :-) I couldn't have asked for more.

:: peace & love ::