Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hope everyone has a super night!!!!! I sure will ;-)

1. carve a pumpkin (done)
2. make caramel apples (done)
3. shower (working on that...)....update (done) ;-)
4. make black and orange frosted cupcakes (ash....) ....update (done)
5. get "beverages"....vampire wine and sparkling orange cocktails (done)
6. wear costume....lets be honest...I'm wearing sweats to the farmhouse!
7. get my party face on (done)

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flush Designs :: Courtney Keefe de Jauregui

Some lovely designs by Courtney Keefe de Jauregui of Flush Designs. Fabulously crafted, beautiful and inventive!! I love them!
:: peace and love ::

Leigh Miller Photography

Just a short post...I saw this picture on one of Snippet and Ink's inspiration boards and just thought it was delightful and sweet. I want to wear a birdcage veil for my wedding and always love finding whimsical pictures of what I hope I can create for myself on that day. This particular pic is from Leigh Miller was actually a photo shoot for an add campaign, but I love the look and feel non the less!

::peace and love::

Susan Connor :: Scrapper's Batch

How adorable are these little packs?! Susan Connor from hey susy posted these little packs of fabulous scraps called Scrapper's Batch full of hand drawn papers for scrap booking, card making, collaging and illustrating. I love all the colors and prints, they look like so much fun to play with! Get them here.

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 degrees :: Wine Shoppe

The truffle salt is the one directly to the left of the black one (counter clockwise)....omg.

They serve everything on the cutest wooden cutting boards, ceramic trays and bowls! LOVE.

Since PR (Project Runway) is over, Danielle and I have decided that watching SATC from season 1 to the movie was the proper way to continue the Wednesday night "girl time". Tonight we went to a little wine shoppe/upscale bar called 15 Degrees Celsius, they sell wine, beer and some spirits as well as gifts and some tapas. It is a super cute little shoppe, very relaxed but fun and modern. We ordered a rose and a white wine to start, a 3 cheese platter with olives, figs, almonds and bread. Usually I would be more excited by the cheese....but seriously, we ordered an olive oil/vinegar plate as well as a salt plate with bread and fresh butter. Weird that the best part of the night was the truffle salt that Allison picked out for us!! Danielle has met Allison prior and we decided we would just let her pick everything out for us. That was a good idea, we got a goat cheese, blue and sheep (I think), the olive oil was a classic bright green one (the best and unfortunately I don't remember the name), a lemon flavored and a mandarin flavored version. For the vinegar we got a sweet thicker one as well as a more classic tangy one, the combinations were delicious! The salts were honestly the best part; we got three different salts, a rosemary flavored, a smoked, and the truffle salt (which I would do strange and unusual things to have again!). Over all, a delightful night...after 15 degrees, we went back to Danielle's where we had stuffed mushrooms and salad, the rose we bought and watched our first disc of SATC!!! What could be better!!???
:: peace and love ::

Caramel Apples :: Just in time for Halloween

It's become a small bit of a tradition that I make caramel apples for our (Wes, Ash, Gar and Parks) Halloween Party!!! We love caramel apples and it's such a fun and easy way to make the evening seem festive! We just had our pumpkin carving party last night and had so much fun!! Ash found "vampire wine", and we are having a little sparkling orange and spirits, along with some festive cupcakes! Over all the nights should result in a complete sugar rush, this one's going to be good for the teeth!
Me and Ash carving our "boo" pumpkins!!! Mmmmm tasty!
:: peace and love ::

MY NEW JOB :: Salon Lux

Yeahhh.......I have been interviewing at Salon Lux for the past couple weeks, and I found out I got the job yesterday : ) I am stoked to work at such a beautiful, reputable and absolutly delightful salon/spa!!! Just wanted to share some joy, I will try to post more soon, have been busy (being awesome)
:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I went to a bridal fair on Sunday (yes yes it's true....although I am not formally engaged yet Wes and I have decided on June 2010), I went with a friend whose wedding is August 2009 and we had so much fun! I will post pics from the show, there is some really fun stuff! But I decided, for sure, that je suis amour avec succulents (I am totally in love with succulents). They are fantastic little fleshy plants, they are all so very unique and different and fun. I think that I will (over the next year and a half) collect little shallow flower pots (glazed or porcelain--not terracotta) and grow my own succulents to use in our wedding. Centerpieces, down the aisle, tables here and there. And I will definitely be using them in my bouquet! A truly fun fun fun little DIY project for me and my momma to do together!
:: peace and love ::

Dress My Nest :: Octopus Print

Oh my goodness!! So.....Thom Felicia used this Lord Bodner Octopus Triptych Print in the season finale episode of Dress My Nest where he re decorated the Rancic's living space! I was absolutely OBsessed with it when I saw it on the show and tried looking for it on the web. I was never able to find it, and for some reason it popped back in my head the other day. I looked again and found it on Mecox Garden's website.
To put it simply, if anyone would like to purchase me this lovely print for, oh...I don't know...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or my birthday that would be great!!'s $3,750. That's not quite the price I was hoping for (I really did want it...still do) but goodness. I will say that if I had the $ to spare, I would totally do it! Oh yeah babe.

:: peace and love ::

Oh My Deer :: What Lovely Handmades

Oh My Deer Handmade is FABULOUS!!! So....every time I see a floral headpiece I feel obligated to post it, for many reasons. For one, I love them, they make me unexplainably happy (kinda like a text message..... :-). And for two, there are some really talented and artistic people out there and I just think It's wonderful what people create and are able to offer to others. How fun is this one!?! You must go to her blog and check out all her fun posts!!! She made these veggie planters as well, which I LOVE and will definitely copy because they are fantastic!!! Enjoy!!!
:: peace and love ::

Friday, October 17, 2008

Simplesong Letterpress

Simplesong's letterpress designs are so sweet and whimsical!!! I would 'die' (in the words of Rachel Zoe) if someone gave me a little letter pressed business card with its own little envelope...I would have to love them immediately--I wouldn't really have a choice. Also, I can't say enough how much I love the colors red and turquoise together. It is so fresh! And the little duckies....oh my gosh, I want that stationary myself...just to stare at! These works are so beautiful, I love letterpress, and I love her color choices!!! Thank you for your delightful and inspiring art!

:: peace and love ::

Crystal Kluge :: Darling Monograms

I have praised the works of Crystal Kluge before, but I'll do it again! She is seriously so talented! I e-mailed her a while ago to ask questions about how she creates her fonts and how she got into doing what she does. In part, her beautiful calligraphy encouraged me to make the change to graphic design (with an emphasis in the arts) so that I can create fun, beautiful and personal pieces for people. She is making this font available to purchase, called the Darling Monograms font. I know, that I will definitely be enquiring about getting a delightful monogram made for Wes and my wedding, when that comes!!!

:: peace and love ::

Delight :: In an Alice In Wonderland kind of way.

I love my dark hair, don't get me wrong.....but would I love to be able to have this white blond hair to go with my fair skin.....umm yes (sometimes).  I love this girl elinkan, her pics are super fun, I love her hair (if that was evident already) and the red lips she sometimes does.  Style inspiration for sure!

Paris here I....I wish....

First of all, I wish I had a sweet old bike with a basket.  Second of all, would I look this good on it??  And third, why can't I be riding around the streets of Paris in my chloe glasses and burberry trench with my vintage bike collecting produce??  Kinda sounds like a dream.......maybe one day soon???
Picture credit :: The Sartorialist (of course!)

:: peace and love ::

Project Runway Night!!!

Wednesday night was the best night EVER! Unless you live under a rock (I never get to use that expression...) you should have known that it was the finale of Project Runway!! My good friend Danielle and I always celebrate Wednesday nights with cheese, wine, more cheese and re runs of PR (as we refer to it) before the new show airs. Wednesday was the big night, we (like most people) were really NOT rooting for Kinley...who is retched. Hoping for Leanne because of her insane skill and loving Kato for her personality, family and use of color! We had the most delicious set up you've ever seen. I really shouldn't tell you what we had...because we put a pretty good dent in it, and we decided we should probably pretend like it never happened (the amount of cheese consumed that is). I'll tell you, because I have to make you jealous. We had champing, pinot noir, melted brie with brown sugar on top, cream cheese with a jalapeno berry jelly over it, figs, black grapes, and these croissants filled with goat cheese and pesto.......I was insane!
Aside from the awesome food, LEANNE WON, and we couldn't be happier. Her collection was amazing, I hadn't been that happy since Chloe won a few years ago! Way to go Leanne, you ROCK!
(oh.....our actually spread was a whole lot better than the one shown above (that's from google), I just had to get you in the mood).

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Lovely :: Sweetness

This is a pic from Joslyn's Simple Lovely blog!! I guess her hubby surprised her with flowers for their 8 year anniversary....I just thought the pic was sweet, I love the way different people organize their valuables (or dresser tops...vanities...or credenza's) random of me, but fun and delightful non the less! Congrats Joslyn, on the anniversary and the flowers! ;-)

:: peace and love ::

Modern Economy :: Online Sample Sale!!

Modern Economy is having an online sample sale!! Things are marked off like you wouldn't believe, I searched the whole site and found these, by J. Mendicino Lg. Cobblestone Vase!!! They are vases and they are the sickest things EVER, needless to say, I am OBsessed!!! Don't miss their awesome deals!

LemonStory :: Mmmm Fall

How sweet is this dress?? This isn't even the half of it, check out all of Lemonstory's pieces on Etsy!!! So delightful and perfect for fall......maybe with some black tights and studded Louboutin booties (now I'm getting carried away).

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Sweet Sweet

My favorite Disney movie is Alice In Wonderland....for many reasons....naturally I am OBsessed with this picture. I don't know if it's supposed to even resemble Alice?? For me it does, and I love it....I think maybe I'll have an Alice In Wonderland themed Bday this year....I said that last year...but this year I am much more serious about it... ;-) Look at some other works here.

:: peace and love ::

photo credit: Ines

Dirt Cheap or Dirty & Cheap?

So.....I just found this blog called "Penny Pinching Fashionista" run by a gorgeous girl named Dani.....she posts the outfits she wears and where she gets each piece. The pictures she takes are awesome, they make me feel transported to some wonderful rainy Sunday, inside a cozy house lounging Aside from her photography, her style is super fun, and inspiring. She says she's "just another fashion blogger", but I have looked at many a fashion blog and love hers more than any I've seen so far!!! Have fun checking out her blog Here. Keep it up Dani, I love your blog!!!

:: peace and love ::

Friday, October 3, 2008

I love chilly mornings!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and is finally starting to get a little chilly and blustery here on the Central Coast of Cali and I couldn't be happier! Makes me want a latte...I sort of always want a latte....but now it feels appropriate.

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, October 2, 2008 :: Jen and Jamie

Why do floral headpieces make me deliriously happy??? I wonder this, but never the less appreciate this simple joy! Here are MORE scrumptious headpieces by the lovely ladies Jen and Jamie over at Shop Bando!!! Gorgeously crafted, bright, colorful, a little crazy!!!!! I love the pink (i like staring at hot pink in general...hmmm) and the feathered one at the top (no. 80) is amazing, i want it, right now, i want to wear it!

:: peace and love::

Tamar Mogendorff :: Whimsy

Tamar Mogendorff makes the most whimsical creatures (really they are more than just the creature), she creates a whole scene and feel with her pieces that I am OBsessed with! You may have seen her works around the blogosphere, she has made a cake topper here and there, that I have seen and thought were delightful and un expected! She has many amazing pieces, and I seriously want them all...but the birds are tres tres bon pour moi because my first word was bird!! I'm kind of wondering if she makes bird mobiles (to hang above the crib of my first born...which is not in the near this weird of me?? haha)....oh goodness.

:: peace and love ::

Happy October!!!!!

J Crew :: Makes Me Happy!

This coat makes me happy......seriously! What more could I want between the color and the bow! You know what else makes me friends J Crew 'Cadence' riding boots....sold out....gorgeous...un attainable....the unattainable part frustrates me I pretend I can somehow find them on the net...wish me luck!

:: peace and love ::