Friday, July 31, 2009

My Favorite Sweet Treat!!

Chocolate covered honeycomb is by far my favorite little treat!! The most amazing mixture of chocolate--and the crispy/spongy texture of the sweet honeycomb.....*pure bliss*. Next time you see this delight in a candy shop--pick some up for me ;-)

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sugar Lips <3

I'm a lip gloss kind of gal, but I am always tempted to try something new when I come across pictures like these!! I have noticed a re emergence of fuchsia lips as of late, and although this could go a bit too 80's (I love you Katy Perry...but oh my) I think with the right hair and correct application of other makeup factors, this look could be really pretty and fresh! I need a pink that's blue based, because I'm fair (to say the least!) and I don't want any shimmer (again...hello 80's!!).........wish me luck....I do hope I can find the confidence to rock these lips!!
*try Sonia Kashuk's lip crayon from target in (what else ) Hot Pink. -or- Aveda's lip color in Candy Apple.
:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our contract for our photographer is in the mail and I'M STOKED (oh ya...Wes is stoked too!). She has a magical and artistic eye that seems to capture the spirit of a person or event in every frame. I can't wait for us to be in front of her lens, her inspiring work is just beautiful!!!!
(my mom loves this pic above....)
I guess just maybe I should tell you who we chose!??!
{photo cropped from Jill Thomas}
Please check out her amazing work here and here.
*view my documented love of one of the couples she photographed and her general amazing(ness) here.
:: peace and love ::

diy fabric garlands!!!!

Here are some v. pretty pictures of a diy (no sewing involved) fabric garland that can be used as simple decor or (gasp) a pretty draping for a said Oak tree!!! I love love love this idea...I had been trying to decide what to hang in the trees for the ceremony, I'm still liking the idea of simple white Chinese lanterns, but I will need to add something pretty in yellow and mint prints to the list!!! Found here--see details here.

:: peace and love ::

my 'staycation' adventures

We needed to get out of the house for my mini 'staycation', so we headed up to Cambria for a morning of gallery shopping and good eats at Robins. Cambria is such a cozy little town, and it was fun to browse around pretending to be tourists. We stopped in at Robins to have lunch (fish tacos were delish) and the atmosphere out in the garden was SO so pretty!!! There was a very bountiful plum tree behind our table that kept dropping it's fruit every few minutes (despite the danger of death by plum--it was beautiful!). Back to work for me tomorrow...and although I love my job...there are times when I wish I could relax forever.....hrm...what on earth would that feel like!?! haha.....

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Monday, July 27, 2009

l-o-v-e Rose and Radish

Rose and Radish now has a registry program (hrm......v. interesting!!!!) Amongst many other things, I'm loving these little cupcake shaped containers!!! Now....which color to pick?!?!

:: peace and love ::

Ca. Mid State Fair

It was off to the fair yesterday for us and some friends....we braved the heat (no bueno) and fair food (garlic fries and soft serve ice cream) not to mention the $7 beer. I'm really not a huge 'fair person' but it's just such a weird thing...the bright colors...all the huge rides going in circles...all the fried food...weird booths and's like nothing else and for that reason it's a bit interesting. My favorite parts were seeing the baby pot belly pigs (so stinkin' cute!!) and finding this AMAZING red spiny opal ring from one of those western jewelry vendors. In case you're wondering..I didn't buy it (he wanted $220---come on now buddy....) but man was it pretty!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...I feel like mine is just starting!

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smilebooth Pretty

Head on over to Once Wed and check out this amazing(ness).....wouldn't I love to have a pretty backdrop like this for a photo booth session!!! Soooo pretty and fun.

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, July 19, 2009

chicken update

i couldn't wait so I asked Wes when he got home from fishing...
he seemed to actually like the idea---one sigh---then gave me the ' never know'
he loves scrambled and fried I roped him in with the 'i could make you fresh eggs every morning...' tehahaha....""""you never might be true""""
more on chickens soon : )

(( GASP ))......chickens ???????? do I say this....
We have a little grassy spot (dead grass I might add) in the new yard that just might fit this little modern hen house...
I have been wanting cute little chickens that lay blue eggs (specifically blue eggs) since I was little and collecting the adorable eggs of a very dear friend of mine when they got a coop.
I 'just' realized that it might actually work...I can see Wes' eye's rolling right now--here's how the convo. would go ::
K : "so know that little dying grass spot behind the deck?"
W : "yeah...." awkward expectant pause
K : " you know how I want little chickies who lay blue eggs right?"
W : silence......even more awkward than before
K : " perf. is that??"....."we could totally fit a little coop back there"
W : the expected eye roll occurs...and maybe...just maybe...a stressful sigh*
I'll keep you posted...check out Kristina's amazing coop here and here. It's my inspiration! (pic from Kristina!!)

:: peace and love ::

Garden Beginings!!

{pic :: Armas}
Hey got the 'bigger' place (the things I'm stoked on are...the w/d and especially the *garden*). When I say garden...I suppose I should clarify...the 'potential' garden. There's a gangly rosemary sprig there for the moment and a very sad rose bush (i really don't care too much for that will be going bye bye). I want to plant a garden in one area (Wes wants a tomato plant--as do I!!) as well as lettuce...carrots...raddishes etc.
I also love succulents, snake plants....tall grasses etc. I am sharing all this because I would love advice or opinions about what should go in there!!!!! In your own gardens...what has done well? What have you enjoyed the most?
I also have a large raised planter that I will be growing all my herbs in (cilantro (duh), chives, basil (another obvi.) thyme, parsley and anything else I can think of!).
Please give me your ideas...I really can't wait to get started on what's in season to start now as far as the garden goes...and get started on the rest of the little yard asap!
Happy Saturday : )

:: peace and love ::

Monday, July 13, 2009

baby * Sprinkle * sign

I went to by bfff's baby sprinkle this past weekend, and made this fun sign for the festivities!!! I used three different colors of paper from Michael's and simple cut and pasted it together. I think it turned out really cute, the colors were blue and orange....we had more of those tissue paper 'poufs' placed all around and blue lemonade...delicious cookies that were very festive with blue and orange icing and spelling out the baby's name (Hudson) made by Ashlee's family!!! Ya to cute parties...and ya especially to a new 'almost' member of the Loughran family!!

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ohhh Nina...

Nina--spotted at the Dries Van Noten show....I actually gasped when I was scrolling down the page over on Style Du Monde, out of sheer excitement to find a Nina funny, my total obsession with all things Nina Garcia....she's just so dang fab isn't she!?
Happy Thursday, my honey comes home today after a 'long' 4 days in SF checking out companies....I can't wait to see him!!!

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Digs

We got the condo we were hoping for!!!! This means a ***backyard*** and deck...and a (gasp) washer and dryer. Ohhhh my...I may actually end up feeling like a real live adult! I cannot wait to plant a garden and spice up the deck with pots, a bbq and some great patio furniture and lounge chairs!!! Keep you posted....I'm hoping to find a great deal on the furniture : )

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday Fav's

{pics from top :: papier valise-Jeana Sohn-un known-Anna Wolf}
Just a little bit of pretty(ness) this morning. Loving the inspiration board at top--the colors, the bit of shine, the organic shape of the plants and the structural element of the paper crane make this a little bit of eye candy. Jeana Sohn braided her hair like this one day...and I just LOVE it and honestly wish mine were long enough to pull this off--the bangs--the braid--it's perfection! I don't even need to say anything about the gradation of succulents.....*sigh* I want a whole yard just bursting with arrangements like that one (and the little peek of snake plants behind them....honestly). If being totally head over heels obsessed with Craspedia (Billy Buttons) wasn't I have this pic just to prove their amazing versatility and over all photogenic(ness). Happy 'middle of the week' everyone....the weekend is almost upon us yet again!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, July 6, 2009

whimsical elements

Some lovely details for this lovely Monday morning (I say lovely even though the parking lot out front is being re's noisy and it smells.....argh). Loving all things paper for wedding decorations...and thinking that these sweet little scalloped pouches full of deep red cherries are beautiful and look mouth watering! Happy Monday everyone : ) (( pics from Martha Stewart ))

:: peace and love ::