Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inspiring Fashion Industry Icons

Generally my celebrity fashion inspirations change weekly...I get bored. However, I have loved, and admired Nina Garcia and Tory Burch for quite some time, and do not for see any jumping ship in the future. I love Nina for just about everything, I can say the same for Tory; but Nina is so chic, confident and knowledgeable...her ensembles are classic, fun and a little daring. Tory, on the other hand is more fresh, east coast, bright, patterned and luxurious...her clothes make me want to take a trip to Nantucket and never return.
Nina has written a book, "The Little Black Book of Style", and I am going to share her top 10 necessities with you, they are:
1. LBD :: Little Black Dress
2. A Classic Men's White Shirt
3. Cashmere Cardigan or Turtleneck (Wanted :: Tangerine Cardi from J-Crew)
4. A Trench Coat (Wanted :: Burberry--of course!)
5. Denim (Wanted :: Generra)
6. A Man's Classic Watch (Wanted :: Rolex Daytona)
7. Diamond (Wanted :: 2 ct. Studs)
8. Ballet Flats (Wanted :: Tory Burch Flats, and Nude Ballet Flats from J-Crew)
9. A Classic High Heel Pump (Wanted :: Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps)
10. A Great Bag (Wanted :: Birkin...duh!)
*BONUS :: A Dramatic Piece, Like a Cocktail Ring. (Wanted :: David Yurman)
I love this list of basics...and have something to fill each category (did I mention that this list of things to fill each category exists in my mind???)
Tory makes some amazing jewelry as well....I am dying to have one of her Agate Cuffs made of gems and's seriously amazing!!! Only $195 each....a good investment for such a beautiful statement piece!! This post could go on forever...I have some serious love for these ladies!!!
:: peace and love ::
*Discalimer :: I tend to desire slightly un attainable things...but hey...a girls gotta dream right....of Birkin Bags and Rolex ;-)

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Mara said...

Cartier has some incredibly gorgeous cocktail rings. Check them out Katie boo