Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy happy happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2011 folks :-)
This year should be full of new things.
It's been a busy/rough/exciting/intense year, and I'm ready for some new things.
Some new scenery perhaps...although I would miss our current scenery.
Some new ventures perhaps
Some new shoes perhaps (I had to, I love shoes).

The point is, with each new year we are given a metaphorical opportunity to start over (again) and again and again...
and I'll take it.
Last year I said I wanted to focus on health, my choices, my goals; to be honest, I don't think I did a very good job.
So....this year, with more vigor, I state that I will try this again. Because it's so desperately needed.
What are your 'resolutions'...hopes..goals...for this bright & shiny 2011 !??!?

I hope it's full of sunshine & glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: peace & love ::

*i JUST saved this pic the other day & forgot to save where from...of course I can't remember for the life of me. if you know where it's from, let me know! i hate to not site things!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

some winter wears

{ Zara cape as seen on LA in Bloom }

{ American Apparel-chiffon shirt }

pretty colors...nude, black, olive & stripes :-)
nude & dang pretty!!!

:: peace & love ::

*would wear with boots, some chunky platforms (and sam edelman sandals...of course!)

i wanna 'flip' out

I've been wanting a flip for a while now. Seems like a lovely little creative outlet if you ask here, to see Jeana's whimsical videos (i don't think she uses a flip though)..
i've got a few ideas floating about up there ;-)

:: peace & love ::

*tried saving her vimeo video to post here so you could see it....couldn't figure it out. turns out i'm not as tech y as i'd like to be. ha.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holy Smokes...i forgot to post my xmas list!!!!!

Always a wish list of sorts :-)
Here's what was on my list this year....i did get a few things (and i think i'll get myself a few more) why not right!?!? hahahaha.
The fresh lip treatment is divine and i blame my slightly spend y addiction on my friend Danielle who generously gifted one to me for a birthday a couple years back. Like i really need $25 lip balm (i know that sounds like sarcasm)....which it is....but the sad truth is...i do really need $25 lip balm. I have effectively convinced myself of that!
mascara=a must. the scent + the gold tube=total addiction to this YSL
the Chaser tee is one my friend wore on our long travels (through airports--sardine like seating and car drives) and it just simply looked like the most comfortable thing i've ever seen. = i need one too.
HUNTER WELLIES...need i say more.
jo malone cologne...the smell of orange blossom's is divine, this is that amazing aroma in a little bottle.
shiny shiny shiny with the ring/cuff.....i love me some shiny (and what girl doesn't?)
clarisonic will make my sensitive and sometimes rowdy skin behave...maybe even happy!
gift cert to 15's close to our new digs...adorable and has lovely things like truffle salt, hush harbor bread and the best cheeses, olive oils and balsamic vinegars you've ever heard of!
that's all folks!!!!!!

Wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!


:: peace & love ::

Friday, December 24, 2010

PINK tights

{ Gossip Girl colored tights }
{ light pink tights on Gossip Girl }
more pink love.
love love tights....especially during winter.
I usually find myself wearing black, which is lovely and simple. However, I feel like I'm seeing more and more colored tights.
They are just too cute...I can't quite decide if I could pull this off..or if I would just look straight up ridiculous!?!?! I'm loving pink and fuchsia versions the most (although something in aqua blue or burnished olive would be divine as well).
I actually feel like i've just talked myself into it..just by writing this blog.

:: peace & love ::

pink tree love

{ Making it Lovely's pink tree }

Just in love with this 'lovely' (get it...) pink tree!!!
Part of me loves our family tradition of going to the tree farm and picking a tree (kinda sad to cut down a tree though...which eventually dies after all the Christmas glory is gone).
The other part of me is seriously in love with these colored trees. I'm not much of a pink girl myself....but I still LOVE this tree. It's the most perfect pink color...shimmery and shiny and full of whimsy.
I think a light blue or lavender tree would be really fun too. However, what works so nicely with Nicole's tree is that it perfectly matches the rest of her decor. It's definitly something to be considered. A simple silver tree would be so perfect with all its retro glamour as well.
This year we have a beautiful and real tree...but next year I am hoping to expiriment with something like this!

:: peace & love ::

*happy Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thomas Hill Organics--Adoption Day dinner!

{ the adorable parents i'm so very lucky to have }
{ il campo white }
{ Cheese plate with meyer lemon compote, persimmon, orange & cum quat peel and walnuts }
{ Roasted carrot soup with mint oil }
{ Arugula & apple salad }

It's that time of year again, we celebrated our 'adoption day' tonight at Thomas Hill Organics in Paso Robles!! Adoption day meaning 25 years ago my parents and I met and fell in love forever :-) I couldn't be more thankful for them...they are truly the most amazing people i've ever known, I could never ask for more. I thank my lucky little stars every day to have such a beautiful, close and loving family.
Happy Holidays ya'll

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gift for Dad

{ the Leffot 'FOLD' wallet }

Let me start by saying that my sweetest Daddy is both easy and incredibly difficult to shop for.
Sure there are the standards...
chocolate, coffee, starbucks gift cards, plants (he's the cutest hobbied botanist you've ever seen), a certain t-shirt (crew neck with a pocket). Easy peesy....but it's far more fun to feel like you've found something someone will really enjoy.
He has had the same wallet for maybe 20 years (i might be exaggerating...or i might not. i can't remember...hence me guessing 20 years). It's very slim (a must), in a lovely deep plumy color. Maybe 2 pockets for cards, and a flap for some cash.
Needless to say, it's falling apart.
Enter the 'fold'....
i think it's both minimalist...modern and creative.
slim, well crafted in good leather and beautiful colors.
perfect, and at a fab price of $120.
wheels are turning...
we shall see ;-)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS YO. I hope all you lovelies are having a very merry season!

:: peace & love ::

Monday, December 20, 2010

HOME from the Dominican!

{ dinner at Vento }

{ view from our balcony }
{ drinking out of a coconut in the ocean...ahh }

We're back from the DR.
I've decided a few things....
1. warm water and a little balmy breeze does a body good.
2. a five hour lay over in the Miami airport=not fun at all.
3. trying to sleep on planes doesn't feel good.
4. underground cave swimming is both fun and terrifying.
5. room service is kinda amazing in the bleary morning hours. (coffee especially).
6. coconut oil makes skin look amazing.
7. not putting ANY sunscreen on in the sun ALL day is really just stupid. (and i should know better...i mean really).
8. All inclusive isn't all it's cracked up to be.
9. visiting the equivilant of a third world country is eye opening.
10. it was an amazing experience that we were so lucky to have....but am very grateful for our cushy American culture...and can't wait to travel to other places!

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

need, not want. for reals YO!

Member' this...?

well....since then, everyone EXCEPT me seems to have picked up a pair. ok, maybe not everyone...but a couple of my close friends at least.'s been almost a year since i posted about my love for Hunter wellies...and i think i might just have to put them on my xmas list, because they are just plain fab. And i NEED them...with out a doubt.
Only debate.....matte dark olive or matte black? don't like the gloss...too 'rain boot-ish'...the matte color makes it feel like you can wear it whenever...which i would plan on doing.
i'm thinking dark green to mix it up (everyone has black)....even though that flat black it quite lovely.


:: peace & love ::

(mom...hint hint ;-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

iphone vs. droid x

The debate rages on.......
The hubs and I are currently Verizon, I like verizon. It's a reliable network and I really have no complaints about it's features what so ever. Plus, the new Droid X does look pretty snazzy and i've heard many good things from anyone who owns one.
DAMMIT iphone for being so dang cool. I mean EF, really. I keep hearing that iphone is coming to Verizon (most people tell me not to hold my breath).
So the question is.....
Hold my breath?
Give in to temptation and get a flippin' iphone?
what do you think?

:: peace & love ::

new digs

Just a few snap i've taken over the past week we've been in our new digs...
Pepper seems to like it..and is currently sleeping with her little paw over her eyes (we torture her with the lights on apparently)....oh man....cuteness.
We leave for the DR in less than ONE week............ummmmmm..........just sayin'.
Happy Monday loves, i sure do love winter!

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ohhhh it's been a bit eh!?

{ cruisin' with the a really rad haircut & color from Jordy and Marissa at Lux...and am feeling mighty sassy with my new bangs!! }
lots going on here.
1. we MOVED....and it's almost all complete (the moving business and cleaning business that is). and we're v. v. happy about it.
2. the hubs graduates in a week and i'm sooo incredibly proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. we leave for our Dominican vaca in a little over a week (umm, ya....stoked)--referring to it as vacay bc we have decided you just can't honeymoon with's against honeymooning we are going on an awesome vaca with awesome friends...and will officially honeymoon within the next year to somewhere just as amazing as the dr.. that's that.
brief synopsis of our ways these days..........
hoping for some big things to come OHHH perhaps a job for the hubs (not just any job...but a really enjoyable, this is exactly what i was killing myself in school over kind of job) art school for me, and maybe some sort of lovely, arty job (gallery....etc.....sigh....sounds nice!)
maybe another move (ick..hate moving).

any get the point i'm sure.
lots going on.
more to come we hope ;-)

I want to try and be more regular at blogging...why not. some of my favorite ones are the ones updated near boring am i with my once weekly (sometimes) blogs as of late. i know....boring.

:: peace & love ::

*pics of new space to come!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OH, there is 1 thing. FRESH

When in about your fav. cosmetic brand.
it's hard to say 'fav' when i'm such a product junkie and love so many things (AVEDA above all...obvi).
HOWEVER...I just slathered a bit of this on the other day in Sephora (and took home a sample which is now gone. so stingy with their samples that Sephora). Anyway....I am FULLY obsessed.
It's on my xmas list/tempted to buy immediately regardless of the addition to the xmas list.
Leaves skin with that lovely oily shimmer (without the greasy feeling)....smells amazing (amazing i tell you)....and comes with that fab Fresh packaging and general sensibility.
damn you get me every time.
and i love it. gah.

:: peace & love ::

it's wednesday...and i don't have much to say!

no motivation to blog.
moving out of our place in a week.
would like to find the much talked about money tree.
honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in less than a month (thank goodness)
currently looking for a 'shopping sponsor' ;-) to finance my shopping needs. anyone interested, shoot me an email (i'm kidding...kind of).

that's all for now.
i know that's so incredibly boring and useless...but i am too stressed to be creative right now.
need something in my life....some art....some project....something.

:: peace & love ::

Sunday, November 7, 2010

loung pants as workwear?

{ Caroline, of Caroline's mode }

I've been contemplating this look for a little while now. I keep seeing it on fashion blogs....wearing fitted lounge (sweat) pants as everyday wear.
Now, obviously one can't wear these to a corporate office.....or at least I don't think that's quite kosher. However, I work at a fashion forward, young salon where are dress code calls for all black or dark denim.....(and of course no hot pants)....
this leaves me wondering---'can i pull this off'?, is it really appropriate? I think it depends on what else is going on....wearing with boots is definitely a must; maybe spicing it up with an interesting (but not too fancy) blouse or dressed up tee...adding a well fitting cardigan or jacket seem appropriate. Lastly for some reason they seem more appropriate in black, and they seem more appropriate in fall/winter where looking a little bundled and cozy is expected.
I want to try looks right up my alley (this coming from someone who literally lives in leggings...) really i do. My concern is, I'll put on my little all black, sweat pants included outfit......walk into work and my boss will look at me and say 'excuse me....are you kidding?'. I already wear my lounge y gray sweater (not black...gray...i say it's a shade of black...but who am i kidding?) like it's going out of style...and I've seen her eye it a few times like (do i pick this battle or not?) she must decide on not...bc i haven't heard anything about it yet ;-) haha.
So people...what do you think? lounge pants to work? or not quite appropriate?

:: peace & love ::

Monday, November 1, 2010

let them eat cake....or at least have a cocktail!

Halloween was a blast. I haven't dressed up for years (so many years).....but when a friend said they were throwing a halloween house party (costumes a must), I decided this was the year.
Marissa already had a Marie Antoinette dress from a previous year (and since I'm absolutely in love with Marie Antoinette--or rather Sophia Copola's version of her) it was perfection.
What was really perfection was my hair and makeup......oh man.
Marissa hasn't even graduated cosmetology school yet and she rocked my hair out in some really amazing ways. It was big and messy and curly and sprayed white with huge butterflies to boot....a red lip and some bright pink cheeks and i'm ready for some Halloween fun.
I can't wait for next year, who knew it could be so much fun! the friends were geisha's, Katy Perry's, noams, white trash bikers and tribal was a creative bunch ;-)
Hope you had a very happy Halloween!!! Hello Monday.

:: peace & love ::