Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holy Smokes...i forgot to post my xmas list!!!!!

Always a wish list of sorts :-)
Here's what was on my list this year....i did get a few things (and i think i'll get myself a few more) why not right!?!? hahahaha.
The fresh lip treatment is divine and i blame my slightly spend y addiction on my friend Danielle who generously gifted one to me for a birthday a couple years back. Like i really need $25 lip balm (i know that sounds like sarcasm)....which it is....but the sad truth is...i do really need $25 lip balm. I have effectively convinced myself of that!
mascara=a must. the scent + the gold tube=total addiction to this YSL
the Chaser tee is one my friend wore on our long travels (through airports--sardine like seating and car drives) and it just simply looked like the most comfortable thing i've ever seen. = i need one too.
HUNTER WELLIES...need i say more.
jo malone cologne...the smell of orange blossom's is divine, this is that amazing aroma in a little bottle.
shiny shiny shiny with the ring/cuff.....i love me some shiny (and what girl doesn't?)
clarisonic will make my sensitive and sometimes rowdy skin behave...maybe even happy!
gift cert to 15's close to our new digs...adorable and has lovely things like truffle salt, hush harbor bread and the best cheeses, olive oils and balsamic vinegars you've ever heard of!
that's all folks!!!!!!

Wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!


:: peace & love ::


LT said...

My mom got me a Clarisonic brush (I'm only 28 but have a problem with black heads, yuck!). I have used it for a week and love love love it! My pores are already smaller. Great gift!

Katie said...

That's good to hear, I am going to go pick mine up tomorrow!!! I am only 25, but have the same problem as you...I have heard it gives a better, deeper clean which is exactly what I think I need!!
Happy 2011 :-)