Sunday, November 30, 2008

Found :: My 'Wedding' Shoes

I know, I know, I'm not even engaged yet....but come on, can you blame me for LOVING these Kate Spade pumps?? I've known that I want colored heals for my wedding for some time now, thinking that I would probably choose something that goes with the color scheme of it all...and then I saw these delights in a magazine add and almost died. It's my 'something blue', it's perfect. They are very fairly priced for such a special occasion and I am seriously considering just buying them now (so I don't miss out) and saving them for June 2010. Now you are wondering, as am I, if I might change my mind?? I just might...but I don't think I will...and if I do, then I have a FABULOUS pair of Kate Spade pumps in the most delicious shade of cobalt you've ever seen. Can't be all bad right? I bet they look so flippin amazing on.....I think I have to just get them now, for I'm wasting blog space trying to justify it all (haha).
:: peace and love ::

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Haute Hippie Awesome(ness)

If you haven't already seen these clothes, you have to check Haute Hippie out!! Their pictures are beautiful and I love the spirit that they evoke. I only wish I had an insane closet full of these clothes...especially that sequined sweatshirt...wowza. I'll work on it..... ;-) Go to their official site or blog to experience the awesome(ness) for yourself.
:: peace and love ::

Cotton Studio

How delightful is this letter pressed greeting card? There are so so many lovely cards on Cotton Idea Studio's site, but I loved the powder blue with black contrast (and the little stars of course!) on this one!
This coaster would be perfect for a birthday party....I was initially thinking for a baby's birthday, but actually, they would be delightful for any one's. I know that I would be over joyed to see these beautiful coasters at my party! Hmm....that's not a bad idea is it? I'll add them to my ever growing Christmas list (Wes will be so happy....haha).
:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Vaca Decisions

Wes and I have been together almost 7 years (Feb. 20th marks that date) and we have yet to really go on a truly romantic and solo vacation together. Sure, we've traveled with friends, with family, but never just the two of us, solely for the reason of getting away and spending time together. I don't consider Disneyland or a one night'er' here and there to count. There have been a few thoughts running through my head....Napa--we both went to Sonoma St. for a few years, but never got to leisurely wine taste and relax in the country. Monterrey (our best friends are heading there for their wedding anniversary this December to a beautiful golf resort that looks amazing)...I am waiting for their review on this one. As I've searched people's blogs and the Internet I have noticed more and more hype surrounding Palm Springs. Kristin, from A Lovely Morning got married there, it is mentioned on Domino Magazine's web site etc. Something about it touches me and I think I would love to go there and experience the history of it. Here are the two hotels that I've found that look absolutely amazing so far!! Choices, choices.....
Isn't it beautiful?? I feel like it's a whole different time or something?? I love it!
This one is so amazing as well (not cheap...keeping in mind our 'student status') but so charming.

They have 2 totally different atmospheres, we will see I guess, what do you think!?
:: peace and love ::

A Lovely Morning's Wedding Pics!!

Photographer Michele Waite is responsible for this lovely picture!! Kristin had been documenting all the events and projects leading up to her wedding in Palm Springs this past October and I have been following all the beautiful steps along the way. Michele just posted some pics on her blog and they are beautiful...of course it would be hard for them not to be because Kristin in gorgeous!! Congrats to Kristin and Brock on their beautiful wedding, all those details and time spent show in the pictures, I can't wait to dive into this wedding thing for myself! ;-) (lol).

:: peace and love ::
* If you love her dress (it is beautiful) it is by Alix and Kelly--the Grace dress.

Marie Antoinette :: a la Myra Callan

If you read my blog, you know that I have a serious love for floral hair pieces, and for Myra Callan specifically! She makes amazing pieces, but this one has a special place for me! My favorite movie of all time is Sophia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette.....mmmm love. Anyway, Myra has made a piece based on the movie (shown above), and it is so beautiful and it!!!! Check it out here.
:: peace and love ::

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lipstick Jungle :: NOT CANCELED!

Here I was all bummed out because I thought that my new fav. show (Lipstick Jungle) was going to be canceled!! It's NOT....yet.... The studio is going to make 4 more episodes for sure and depending on the tune in status, they will either go forward with the show, or not : ( Lets all tune in Fridays at 10, until the week after this one, when it switches to Friday's at 9!!! Come on people, it's such a cute show, and I can't stand to watch any more reality TV..seriously. Unless it's Tom Gun's Guide to Style, PR or Stylista. (lol).

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thoughtful Gift Giving :: This Holiday Season

*Update :: Wes and I just had our 'Sunday Night' dinner from my previous post--it was AMAZING, seriously I was impressed with myself..haha. Thank you Danielle for the blissful mixture of amazing(ness)!! I definitely recommend trying that medley of Euro treats.

On to my post ::

I just read this post on Jora's blog and thought how joyous this little present would be!! If you have a foodie friend, someone who loves to put together wonderful and amazing dishes (I know I do--D) they will love this!! For less than $100 you can adopt a tree in Italy for them, they would be receiving all the olive oil the tree produces in that year!!! Seriously....oh my gosh, I think this is an amazing gift, it's so thoughtful, and it would be so whimsical to receive olive oil from a specifically chosen grove (by the purchaser) in Italy! ahh......bliss.

:: peace and love ::

* Meal Planning Sunday *

In an effort to act more like 'adults' I decided that I am now going to start planning our dinners for the entire week on Sunday, and shopping for them that day. I am excited about my new found routine, hoping that this will bring us a bit of stability with the whole 'are we eating in, or are we going out' question that seems to be asked far too often. Not to mention in an effort to be healthier and expand my kitchen repertoire.
Here it goes:

Sunday (tonight) :

Bruschetta (Danielle's recipe that I almost died over when she made it for PR finale night!)
Lemon Potatoes with Tzatziki sauce


A healthy take on Huevos Rancheros


Sauteed Zucchini and Parmesan Penne with Salad


Tapas and drinks with Ashley D. (if confirmed)


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (or TOFURKEY DAY as I will be calling it this year!)


Night out with friends


Our Speciality ~ Bean Tacos (we would love some dinner guests for this!! :)

(Need :: Corn tortillas, black beans, pinto beans and kidney beans, black olives, spinach, tomatoes, scallions, cheese, sour cream, avacados and mushrooms). Cook 1 can black beans, 1 kidney and 1 pinto with 1 can olives together for 45 mins or so, until mixture looks bound together (if cooking for 4 people....add 1 can black beans and 1 can olives for each additional 2 people). While this is cooking, chop all veggies (don't smash avacados into pulp consistency--keep in chunks or slices). Cook corn tortillas with olive oil in pan till warm and chewy, put bean and olive mixture on first and stack as many veggies as your tortilla will allow!! Mmmmm


BBQ'd Ahi Tuna that Wes' co-worker caught himself!! Or---if Wes doesn't feel like BBQing, Veggie Lasagna.

* Some of the recipes here are from Heart of Light Blog....I am not taking credit for the excitement of creating all of these...however, I will let you know how they turn out for me!

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taste Chocolate

I happen to absolutely love these business cards!!!!!! The front where it's all chocolate brown with the baby blue and the little 'bite' taken out at the cute is that seriously!
Not only does Taste have rad business cards, they have a pretty fun website, check that out here.

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wine Tasting Delight!!

Wine tasting Sat was wonderful!! It was the most gorgeous day, we all had such a good time...I couldn't have hoped for more. Most importantly Ash had an AWESOME bday, and that's the best part!!! Tasted some very yummy wine, joined the wine club at Bailyana (despite the 'rude' girl that works hum...) and came away with a few bottles of fun to fill my wine rack with!!! Can't wait to do this again, what an amazing afternoon! : )

:: peace and love ::

Beautiful Bride

Aren't this picture beautiful....more to the point...isn't this bride beautiful!?? I seriously love her sleeve tattoos....I can't get enough of them, I think I googled 'sleeve tattoos' for a good hour after seeing these pics. It's refreshing to see a couple do something so unique and different...the shorter dress...the Lanvin heals...the converse (I love when guys wear converse in their weddings) and the sunflower bouquet!! Hmm...should I take the plunge and sleeve it up?? Only time will is so very beautiful though, Congrats to Nina and Jason on a beautiful wedding!!

:: peace and love ::

picture credit :: Mi Belle Inc. Photography

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wine Tasting Rookie

It's my first 'official' time wine tasting today!!! Happy Birthday Ash (tomorrow actually), we are going to have so much fun!! It is a beautiful day here in SLO county, there is lots of fun to come!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!

:: peace and love ::

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Poster Love

I must be in a poster faze or something.....These are truly fantastic ones and for such an affordable price!! The top LOVE silkscreen poster is 'Made By Girl--Jennifer Ramos', you can get it here on her ETSY page. The KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON silkscreen poster is 'SF Girl By Bay', you can get that one here, also on her ETSY page. I am so happy to have found these delightful prints and in such a fun and fabulous array of colors. I think I will do the 'tangerine LOVE' poster next to the 'lavender KCACO' poster....I do love a good meshing of the complements!!
:: peace and love ::
*I had to go ahead and order the 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON' poster...there was only one lavender left...had to.... : )

A Fantastic Space!!!

I saw this post of SF Girl By The Bay's blog, about re decorating her Pacific Heights, SF pad and thought how fun and beautiful it is!!! I have a great love for SF, Wes and I may even move up there once our schooling here is done, so I was very interested and inspired by her delightfully modern yet cozy abode (she, and I love this word...instead of apartment!). Check out the fun pics, and check her blog for more updates!'s to re decorating!!!
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inspiring Fashion Industry Icons

Generally my celebrity fashion inspirations change weekly...I get bored. However, I have loved, and admired Nina Garcia and Tory Burch for quite some time, and do not for see any jumping ship in the future. I love Nina for just about everything, I can say the same for Tory; but Nina is so chic, confident and knowledgeable...her ensembles are classic, fun and a little daring. Tory, on the other hand is more fresh, east coast, bright, patterned and luxurious...her clothes make me want to take a trip to Nantucket and never return.
Nina has written a book, "The Little Black Book of Style", and I am going to share her top 10 necessities with you, they are:
1. LBD :: Little Black Dress
2. A Classic Men's White Shirt
3. Cashmere Cardigan or Turtleneck (Wanted :: Tangerine Cardi from J-Crew)
4. A Trench Coat (Wanted :: Burberry--of course!)
5. Denim (Wanted :: Generra)
6. A Man's Classic Watch (Wanted :: Rolex Daytona)
7. Diamond (Wanted :: 2 ct. Studs)
8. Ballet Flats (Wanted :: Tory Burch Flats, and Nude Ballet Flats from J-Crew)
9. A Classic High Heel Pump (Wanted :: Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps)
10. A Great Bag (Wanted :: Birkin...duh!)
*BONUS :: A Dramatic Piece, Like a Cocktail Ring. (Wanted :: David Yurman)
I love this list of basics...and have something to fill each category (did I mention that this list of things to fill each category exists in my mind???)
Tory makes some amazing jewelry as well....I am dying to have one of her Agate Cuffs made of gems and's seriously amazing!!! Only $195 each....a good investment for such a beautiful statement piece!! This post could go on forever...I have some serious love for these ladies!!!
:: peace and love ::
*Discalimer :: I tend to desire slightly un attainable things...but hey...a girls gotta dream right....of Birkin Bags and Rolex ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Momma Love

Pic credit : A Child's Love
Just wanted to share a sweet little story...
In one of my classes we were instructed to write a poem that describes us....we were prompted and only needed to fill in the blanks with adjectives that describe us best. It was not an exercise in poem writing but more of digging deep to understand ourselves better. Once done, we posted them around the room and grabbed post it notes so we could 'leave some love' on other people's poems....

I walked around the room and left many comments, it was delightful and fun, I genuinely enjoyed reading every one's thoughts about themselves and life....

My favorite line of a poem (out of any ones) was the one that said :

"I hear, my children laughing even when they are not here"

.....this makes me so excited and full of joy to one day be a mommy. I am so very lucky to have a wonderful, selfless, unique, spiritual, forgiving, understanding, warm mother who has a bottomless heart full of love for her family. I am also very delighted to have a best friend with a little one year old boy who makes us all full of joy and light and who I can't get enough of!! So, here's to all the wonderful and strong mommies out there who inspire us all.

:: peace and love ::

Poster Corner :: Desperatly Needing

We (and by we I mean me) have really been wanted to get some new art for our home. I love old french advertisement posters, and have two right now that I've had since I was 16. I have definitely enjoyed them, but am ready to move on to new art work to stare at!! I found these two prints on Poster Corner's web site and am seriously in love. I want the biggest size they both come in, and I want to hang them next to each other right over the couch, I think this would be super fun, bright and lovely. They are $125 per print (the biggest size) and then I would have to decide on a frame and get that as well. I am in a serious "lets re decorate" phase right now, it's killing me...and on my sad little "I'm a student budget" things are harder to accomplish!! Wish me luck, I just wanted to share these lovely prints. They have oh so many more, so if you like these kinds of fun old french posters head on over there and check em' out!!
Do you think this is too much yellow to be right next to each other?? I just noticed how much it was when I put these pics in this post together!?
:: peace and love ::
**you know you are getting 'old' when you want art for your living room above many other desires......woah... ;-)

Cakies :: Scrumptious blogging

This crown and clutch were made by Ruby over at Cakies blog....her blog is so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! I looked through so much of it, and was so inspired to be more crafty and inventive! She has two beautiful little girls and makes them the most adorable little dresses and dolls, what an awesome mommy! She is also extremely crafty, and has an etsy shop full of delightful flower hair pieces (which we all know I love), dolls and little crowns for kids (or big kids....hey...not here to judge!). Over all, a wonderful little haven in the blogosphere which I truly enjoyed finding!
Thanks for the inspiration Ruby!!

:: peace and love ::

Last day at the Syc!!!

Today was my last day at my 'old' off work at 1:30 and off to lunch with Kat at Giuseppi's in was fab and yummy. We had the bruschetta de caprese, butternut squash ravioli with a super crisp glass of rose (I do love a glass of wine mid's so out of the ordinary). It was a beautiful day, warm but breezy and the long lunch was just what I needed. Here's to new beginnings!!
Bye Bye Sycamore!!!! I will miss the people I worked with, but am ultimately excited to move forward and into a brand new frontier!! : )

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outfit Love :: Mustard Yellow

This is so delightful!! Let me just say, I love mustard yellow....some people hate it, it's gaining lots of popularity this season and I'm stoked!! This is practically perfect, I do love the boots with it, or I would do a delicate metallic gladiator sandal (I live on the Central Coast, we can afford to wear flip flops year round!!).

:: peace and love ::


This is how today if only I were actually in this picture! I love fall : )

:: peace and love ::

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tatum Organic Bedding :: Pottery Barn

This is the Tatum Organic Bedding from Pottery Barn, how flippin cute is this??!?! The design is an Art Nouveau poppy-print duvet cover and sham with a Proven├žal-inspired sheet set that’s patterned with a modernized spade design. The duvet cover has cute little hidden buttons, interior ties and a 6" flap to enclose duvet, so it's super clean and modern looking. I really love this set, still haven't decided if it's perfect enough to purchase (I am so oddly finicky about committing to bedding sets) lol. The one downfall is that it's sold in a set specifically, not it's all or nothing honey! The total price for the King set is $350, but is no longer available on the web the options remain to be twin, full or queen. I just love the color combination with the print combinations, what a delightful little burrow this would make!!!
:: peace and love ::

Necessary Fall Item :: Boots

Everyone around me has been buying boots for Fall and Winter, or already has a pair of amazing boots and it's giving me serious 'boot jealousy' issues! : ) I found this pair of leather boots on Banana Republic and am seriously craving them!!! I think I will just spring for it, call it a boot investment, something I will keep and wear every season; besides, the price isn't through the roof, but it's not like buying a post card either!!! What to do, what to do???

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Purchases at Lux

Pure Abundance Hair Potion $23 :: Thickens hair up to 17%, creates matte texture. I love this product because it lends some voluming, texture and shape to fine hair. It lends this to all hair types, but I love it for myself, because sometimes my hair (even though I have a lot of it, it is super fine) just kind of lays there, when I want it to be a bit more "rocked out" as they call it. : )
Air Control Hair Spray $24 :: This is a perfect all purpose, all hair types hair spray! The fabulous part of it, is it's made with 100% wind power so you can support alternative methods of production whilst achieving great hair! If you get just a few things from AVEDA, this should be one of them. Super light mist spray, dry, fab hold with out sticky or crunchy texture!

Botanical Kinetics Skin Finishing/Toning Mist $19 :: They have two different toning mists. This one is focused more on hydration for normal to dry skin types (as opposed to the one focused more towards normal to oily skin types). Although I experience some minor breakouts, I got this one because it smells amazing (like roses), feels really nourishing, which my skin needs in the winter and wont make my skin break out. Use it after cleansing, or after shower to give skin more moisture!

Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion $32 :: This is a perfect everyday moisturizer. So far I like it, it's simple, doesn't have a super strong aroma, isn't sticky so I can easily wear it under makeup and blends nicely into the skin.

Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant $42 (16.9 oz) :: This non-abrasive liquid wipes away spent surface cells revealing a smoother, clearer, more refined complexion beneath—and pores that are primed for maximum treatment and moisture benefits. Promoting skin clarity and smoothness, leaves skin looking soft, smooth and supple with a healthy glow. I'm really excited about this product, I got the big one so Wes and I can both use it....I think this is going to be a staple in our daily routines!!!
:: peace and love ::