Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fresh Color

I just picked up the most beautiful local ranunculus at our farmer's market tonight...the guy just gave me the bucket to hold them in, does help! Pepper likes the flowers too, I can't wait to get them in mason jars all pretty for the tables Saturday (our engagement party)!!!
Of course I'll be posting the beautiful pictures that are sure to come : )
:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lush Goodness

I seem to go in themes when I blog...there for I have another 'body' product for your evaluation! Lush products in general seem fantastic..I am constantly hearing their praises in magazines and blogs....and since our salon hasn't been getting any new shipments of our Rosemary Mint (our preference at Aveda) shave cream....that leads me to believe that Aveda has discontinued the product.....this means we will be needing another shave cream soon...and if I get to it...this is the one I'd like us to try!!!!
If you have tried Lush products and have a review for me...I'd love to hear it here!

:: peace and love ::

Burt's Bees Lovin'

Alright...I DO love Aveda (best word being Obsessed!) but every time I see Burt's Bees products I want to snatch up some of that cuteness (!!). I still haven't tried anything (but with their affordable prices...cute packaging (no it doesn't 'technically' matter...don't judge me) and eco friendly message) makes me believe I will be giving it a shot shortly!!!!!!
Check out their research and development info here.
The products above are the one's I'm interested in trying, the Rosewater Toner, Peppermint and Rosemary Body Wash, and Repair Serum.
:: peace and love ::

Donate to the Surfrider Foundation!!!

For Earth Month Salon Lux chose the non profit Surfrider Foundation to raise funds towards clean water for!! As of now we are just shy of our goal for the month, so we set up a site (here) where you can donate $$ to Surfrider! 100% of the donation goes to them, and there is a spot to leave a message if you'd like ;-)
Happy Earth Month (we do a whole month at Lux...why not right!?)

:: peace and love ::

Saturday, April 25, 2009

~ Amazing ~

I love Kate Bosworth (mostly because she's got amazing style...and can pretty much pull off anything which is a quality I admire) and WOW...this is my favorite look in a while...something about the ethereal flowiness of the frock, the crystallized tank and the somewhat messy hair and muted makeup make this look fantabulous! I only wish I could get my hands on some Chloe!!

:: peace and love ::

*Thoroughly Delighted*

I am an avid birthday lover (generally getting just as excited about my loved one's birthdays as much as my own!). I wanted to share some of my beautiful gifts because I found people were so very thoughtful this year to me, and I was very touched : ) Not only were people thoughtful, but the things they so generously chose for me were beautiful and I am (only one day out) enjoying them tremendously! I did not post pictures of every single present because that would be a bit tedious given the delightful generosity of my friends...but thought that I would share the beautiful Shannon Len earrings that my honey picked out for me at Hands Gallery. If you read my blog then you know that I am a Shannon Len jewelry lover, and now have 2 pairs of her beautiful earrings in my slowly growing jewelry collection. These ones shown are amazing mid sized gold hoops with multicolored gems strung along the backside so when they twist you can see all the amazing detail!!! I also received the most comfortable (I'm really not kidding..I've barley taken it off!) wrap from Danielle, made by DreamSacks bamboo clothing. You cannot imagine how beautiful and cozy this wrap is..and the amazing pumpkin color (nectar), and fact that's it's made from bamboo makes me smile!!! Pictured with the wrap are a few of my new favorite bracelets from Alex & Ani (also purchased at Hands Gallery) those being gifts to myself!
There were many more lovely favorite t shirt from Gap in one of my favorite clothing colors ;-) (coral)...and a set of lovely Pottery Barn plates from the Loughran's. Gift cards to Pottery Barn and a nail salon from Katie and Shannon and Andreas. A bottle of Francis Coppola's SOFIA Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine from Rachel and Dustin, which is honestly too beautiful to even contemplate opening right now...a peacock cuff bracelet, satin floral headband and green tea candle from Marissa and Desiree (not to mention the cinnamon butter cream cupcakes that were also baked!!!)
Basically a big thank you, as I said, I am merely delighted to have such wonderful gifts necessary...but they sure are good at giving them!! ;-)

:: peace and love ::

Happy Golden Year to me!!!

I had a wonderful bday full of family and good friends!! A delicious dinner at Novo, and a Grapefruit Kiss martini!!! Over all I'm thinking that this year will be a good one ;-)

:: peace and love ::
*other dinner spots contemplated were :: The Pony Club (for drinks and cheese!), Villa Creek.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dwarf Citrus Trees

{pics from :: here and here}

Going along with the theme of my posts today, along with adding some hanging (succulents and bunch grasses) in glass terrariums, I think a pretty little dwarf citrus tree would be just the ticket. I grew up with my parents always have a garden with lettuce, chard, herbs, berries, and citrus trees, and it frustrates me to have really no outdoor space of my own to mimic these beautiful and useful gardens I remember. This is my remedy, and little orange or lemon tree, let alone the benefits of being able to use the fruit....they sure are pretty!!

:: peace and love ::

:: Bringing the Outside In ::

Contemplating bringing a little nature in here!! I really don't care for that over grown, "I'm in a jungle" sort of look indoors. So I'm thinking that these beautiful hanging terrariums (or the pear terrarium) are beautiful and minimalistic options. On a lovely side note, the pear shaped terrarium at the top is made of recycled glass which is a fabulous eco option! What do you think of these little babies? They would be rather pretty hung in front of the windows perhaps......

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Venue" :: Chosen!!!

Here it is, the second pic down is the exact tree that we will be "tying the knot" under. The other pics are of the beautiful walk up to the top of the hill at my parents house. We are very lucky to be able to have it at such a beautiful place, my parents live in a co-housing community in Paso Robles, and co own 7 beautiful acres of Oaks that make the perfect space for a beautiful ceremony!!
Yeahhhh!!! I must say, it's exciting to have a 'venue' set and be so happy with it, all I wanted for the ceremony was a beautiful tree, and I couldn't pick a better one than a native Oak with pretty mossy draping!

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Colors!!!

Gia from Betsy White was kind enough to make this amazingly inspiring and beautiful color board for me over at SWSM (and for anyone else who loves these colors!!!) I can't say thank you enough, I LOVE the colors and photos she used and have already gathered inspiration and helpful hints on how to make our wedding special!!!
Thanks Gia!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty Pretty Fabric

Check out the prettiness of Toast...I'm loving this dress A LOT !!!

:: peace and love ::

Friday, April 10, 2009's that kind of day!

The engagement party is less than a month away, and I still don't know what I'm going to wear! (I am conscious of the fact that in the end it's not that big a deal)...never the less, wouldn't it be fabulous to have the PERFECT outfit?! I believe it would.
Given that little intro--These are some dresses I've been looking at from Anthropologie (this and this).
The other pieces I have been contemplating are here and here.
What do you think (this is if you feel so inclined to indulge my narcissism)....

::peace and love::

Hyperventilation Status

{image via Lucky Me}
These pink Louboutin's just made me hyperventilate a wee bit....I clicked and saw (here) and then had to remind myself to keep breathing....holy stars!

:: peace and love ::

*Yes...I'm aware of the shoe trend I'm creating be perfectly honest I could post a few more about shoes...but I'm really trying to hold back!

Free Eco Friendly Shoes!!

Head on over to Eco Stiletto and register to win these shoes!!! They give a pair away each month, all different and delightful, and ECO FRIENDLY! These ones look So amazing, I can't wait to see who wins (I'm not going to lie, I really hope it's me). Also, check out their site on ways you can be more green, Rachel is fantastic and helpful and has put together a really awesome site and program!!
Happy Friday people!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, April 6, 2009

Engagement Party Invites :: Ordered!

A HUGE thank you to Sonya at West Willow for graciously helping me decide on a final design for our party invites!!! Maybe it's silly to want them to be a certain way...but it's sort of the first thing I get to do as far as wedding design is concerned and I was really excited to pick out colors, fonts and designs!!
I'll be posting their prettiness once I get them in the mail, although I did post a little snippit of part of it! (don't want to spoil all the fun right!?)

:: peace and love ::

Our Best Kiss!

Check out our Best Kiss!!
Thanks Ray and Terri
Spread the LOVE

:: peace and love ::

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rachel's Bean Burgers!!!

During our many hours in the car today we were trying to think of recipes that are easy, quick, healthy and delicious...we both love black beans and make many dishes with them, so we wanted to use them more!! When I first found Rachel's blog I read the whole thing (yup) and have used quite a few of her delicious recipes before. I had forgotten about the black bean burgers until today and when I got home looked them up for dinner.
We didn't have all the ingredients and were too tired to go to the I substituted a few things here and there.
Here's my version (really not that different) :: They turned out AMAZING!!

Ingredients ::
2 cans black beans
1/2 red onion
2 eggs
1 cup bread crumbs

Directions ::Chop up onion and sautee in a frye pan with coconut oil until onions are golden. Combine in large mixing bowl (or food processor) black beans, sauteed onions, cilantro, eggs, bread crumbs and tapatillo and mix until well combined (not smooth). I used my hands to make patties and put them directly into the frye pan (again with a small amount of coconut oil) cooking them about 5 minutes or so on either side. I toasted our buns, put mayonnaise and mustard on (we were out of ketchup-bummer), butter lettuce and a slice of cheese (your preference). Ready to eat!! Yummmm.
Thanks Rachel : )

:: peace and love ::

Weekend Road Trip Festivities

We took a little mini road trip down the coast today, hoping to find multiple goodies along the way. We came home with a few new duds and some tasty spicey tuna rolls in our tummies! I found a pretty jacket and dress at Jcrew, engagement party outfit...maybe? See more here : )

:: peace and love ::

Friday, April 3, 2009

Whimsical Goodness--Bonzie

Loving Bonzie (and seriously loving this beautiful girls eye makeup!!). I found them via 100 Layer Cake. Wondering if they can do those ruffely delights in mint!? Beautiful!

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Color Board!!

A BIG thank you to 100 Layer Cake for creating the most beautiful color board with my colors!! I've been requesting a color board with my wedding colors from some of the very talented bloggers' out there...(and I really can't say if they made it on my request...or just because they are FABULOUS and inspiring colors to work with)...but either way I love it and am so happy to have the inspiration!
Thanks 100 Layer Cake! So fun :-)

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Fresh Lovin'

My fresh obsession started here with their mascara....and has evolved into a full blown issue. I am diagnosing it an issue after today when I purchased their Rose Face Primer (I have a hard time not buying things that smell like rose) and Fig Apricot Eau De Parfum (how can you really pass up fig..I mean really). But I smell amazing! Also, my little hand came in the mail yesterday and I think it's so funny--It's also heavy, a bonus (given that I have a weird weight issue about my stuff) preferring things to be heavy as opposed to light (except sunglasses...which I prefer to be light..obviously). Maybe not the most interesting post of my life...but I'm still pretty pumped about my 'Figgy goodness'.

:: peace and love ::