Thursday, September 30, 2010

when it's un-bearably hot outside....

{ Pepe's Margarita }

One should really enjoy a margarita. Preferably with one's adorable hubby, over spicy mexican food...
I'm just sayin'; that's where I've, will be.....i guess once a week is enough!?
It's nice we've finally got summer weather (i guess)....but I am fully ready for fall. Bring on the warm breeze, chilly mornings, knit scarves and orange leaves, it's my fav!

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is what's happening--Melinda Maria

So....I know I've been mentioning bangles/cuffs in a couple posts...
I love a good stack of gold on the wrist...i really do.
I've been mulling over which one (or ones) I love enough to actually invest in; and I've made my choice. Melinda Maria 'full moon and stars pod cuff' (on far left in pic).....kind of lovely no? After that little sucker is happily settled in it's new home on my wrist, I'm fairly certain it will want a lover....enter the 'pod pave cuff' (2 center cuffs in pic).
Yup---it's happening; however it's not happening today bc the one cuff i want is on back order (of course) i have to patiently wait....not something I'm tremendously good at! ha.
I'm sure I'll survive, It is just a cuff after all.

:: peace & love ::

*pic from Taylor Jacobson's twitter. (Total girl crush...could she be more awesome)
expect me to throw in a few silly bandz for good measure!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

side bar features

just a quickie....
added some new sidebar features!!!
you can now search my blog (instead of having a million labels over on the side)
just click on the pictures for some of my favorite things to post on.
still trying to figure out how to put things on both sides of the blog....
anyone know how to do that!?
breakfast time!!

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a wish list of sorts (shocker..i know)

{ snake eyes cuff-dream collective }

{ dana rebecca designs-lauren joy necklace-rose gold/diamond }
HERE to see the most amazing rose gold/diamond ring that MUST happen at some point (eventually)....maybe sooner than later...i'm just sayin'

I love to make lists....i really do.
This is just a little list of sorts...(my husband would be rolling his eyes at me if he were watching me make this post)...because I'm constantly listing things.
wish lists (obviously)
grocery lists
cleaning lists
general 'to do' lists
In regards to this currant wish list....
I have been dying (yes, dying) for a gold watch...a cute boutique here in town called Coverings offers a decent selection of michael kors and free look and around $200 (ish).. I saw this gold/tortoise option the other day....loving tortoise (like you wouldn't believe), i love this watch...but wish the face were something other than brown. Not a huge brown fan :-( we'll see about the watch.
THE search for a good quality/beautiful/efficient/long lasting bag has been well documented on this blog (i won't even bother linking the past documentation because there are literally like 4-5 posts about it...UGH. I will quickly say that I ordered a beautiful (really beautiful) jcrew bag before our wedding, in jalapeno (they called it...really like avocado and olive had a baby is more what i would call it)...i was amazing in feel and look and functionality (im almost sad thinking about it); BUT...i wore it with dark blue jeans ONCE and one whole side..the side against them, got stained blue. I've heard normal for soft leather bags. I'll be honest...when I'm spending $300 plus on a bag....i don't want to have to freak out about it getting misted on...or rubbing on my should stand up to those things at that price...that's how i feel. So i returned it...and was very sad.
I have been eying Clare Vivier bags for sometime as well....however....the price has gone up $100 in the past 6 months (WOAH)...and all you seem to gain is a small coin purse...
Don't get me wrong...her bags look absolutely beautiful, but they are un lined, have no interior pockets and are close to $400 dollars...
SO, my final choice and the one i will be asking for (for my bday) is from Rebecca Minkof, the morning after bag mini. In black, olive, burgundy or plum..... and i feel satisfied and excited about that choice (FINALLY)...goodness. Not to mention my good friend Danielle (if you are reading this I MISS YOU...and want a morro bay bbq asap!) has it in a deep red...and it's just as amazing as it seems...for reals.
I won't go on too much got some fab jcrew cords, a great UO cargo jacket (which I've seen in person and is SO soft and cozy), that cuff I've been drooling over, and some really beautiful rose gold/diamond jewelry. One affordable (the necklace), one not (the ring...) what...haha.

Happy week peeps...
I have been a bad bad blogger (i know)...I want to do something new with the blog. something regular....we shall see.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, September 13, 2010

bangles & cuffs = lovely

{ melinda maria - goddess bangle }
{ cc skye - nail head cuff }

Thinking that a little stack of golden delights on my wrist sure would be lovely
in fact i know it would...
the goddess bangle is very pretty....but i am totally in LOVE with the nail head cuff from cc skye, and snake eyes cuff from dream collective!!! Like, really in love...
They're on my list....list of 'need, not wants' ;-)
Happy Monday loves...I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but am hoping a good day of rest (minus going to the dmv to change my name--which promises to be miserable I'm fairly certain!)....
ta ta

:: peace & love ::

* cc skye cuff and melinda marie bangle can be found at Shop Bop.

Friday, September 10, 2010

bangs !?!?!

{ contemplating bangs... }
{ choppy bangs }
{ more choppy bangs }

I've been contemplating bangs....
they're real stinkin' cute if done right (i want ones on the shorter side, swooshed to one side, and kind of choppy).
they add style to long hair.....because med/long hair can feel a little boring sometimes.
you have to style them everyday
don't know how cute they look fresh out of the ocean....and fortunately for me-that is a concern of mine ;-)

what do you think!? bangs, no bangs?!
I do promise I have more important things to think about....ha

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


{ Pepper, rug }
{ on the road }

It was time for our traditional Strawberry music fest this last weekend. It was just what we needed, some rest and relaxation in the midst of this ending summer.
I didn't take a lot of pics this year (if phone pics even count!).....we did a lot of sitting around, eating, drinking, and listening to some really lovely bluegrass music!
The drive home was long (and I missed our little fur baby Pepper sooo much) I just wanted to be home snuggling her!
Finally home around 4 to that snugly little kitty face! I think she's even cuter than we remembered!!!!
It's back to the grind today (blahhh)....tuesday feels like monday for sure!

:: peace & love ::