Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday doings...

{my little tangerine}
{pretty little succulent crop}
{my pretty pretty Pepper}
{yummy red cabbage} {a little project in the works}

I have this Friday off, and it is lovely!!! Got out in the yard with Pepper, and checked up on my little tangerine that is doing quite well, although I do think it needs a larger container, I'm thinking a 1/2 wine barrel! Hope everyone has a beautiful more rain until next week it looks like for the Central Coast :) I will be spending time celebrating a best friends bday tonight and a dinner date with the Loughrans tomorrow!!!!!
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, January 28, 2010

busy bee!!!

I have been a v. v. bad blogger!! To my credit I have been very busy with wedding fun(ness) and will hopefully soon be able to post some fun updates as to where we are at!!
things on my mind ::
i think we have a flower lady!!! (yeahhh, and she is so v. sweet and so v. talented!)
i have a pretty amazing (if i do say so myself) idea for what I want my wedding band to be!!!
someone backed into my car in a Von's parking lot...and didn't leave their info....I am hoping the universe plays it's part and gives that $%*@ some bad karma....perhaps i shouldn't wish this on someone...but i am still quite a bit ticked...
so for the most part it's good and it's fun (minus the poor little volvo's rear end!!) so sad....
Happy rest of the week....i am hoping i will get it together long enough to post something much more interesting than this ;-)

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elum 'Poster' Invites!

Check out these fab letter press invites from Elum Designs!!! They kill lovely and sort of retro looking, based off of classic concert posters, they are the perfect mix of bright and bold. I haven't decided if our budget can truly afford letter press invites....I would like to say yes, but, sadly I think not. I will simply admire their amazingness* even customize your colors....i was thinking and maybe a little blush....ohhhh pretty pretty paper.

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have 2 posters framed above the couch in our living room....and I have been staring at these same prints since I was about 16...yes it's been a while.. It's most definitely time for something new!!! I think something circusy* would be just the ticket ;-) I found most of these just by google image searching 'circus posters' and the top two are from ebay...bids are placed, and I can't wait to switch out the old for these new pretty prints! Something else that would be interesting are old concert posters....hmm

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

juicy pics ;-)

Ohhh've done it again, such pretty pics (as always)....**eeekkk** I can't wait for that to be us!!!

:: peace and love ::

the wooden huntress

I have been in a state of debate on what to decorate our walls with. I have posters matted and un-framed...waiting to be completed and placed on our walls.......and with those I want to create a unique space that is both quirky and warm. I am absolutely NO fact I shamelessly shun the sport with vigor due to my lack of meat consumption.....with that said, however, I find these wood carved deer and moose heads endlessly entertaining!!! I think a collection of them above the couch would be the perfect rustic and campy backdrop for the space! Our place could use a little quirk !*!
Their prices don't thrill me though.....I am on the hunt for more affordable versions or thrift shop finds.
Happy decorating lovelies.......

:: peace and love ::

Monday, January 11, 2010

loving this girl

Pic from the love love her leopard print with even more her scarf tied perfectly unperfect around her neck...loving her little bit of tights...and really loving that vintage'y' looking wall paper in the background. Bravo 'vintage store girl from Melbourne' totally rock!

:: peace and love ::

Resolutions kept....and forgotten

{pic from here}
Last year I came up with a fun list of 'resolutions' that I wanted to adhere to in that new year of 2009........well, 2009 has come and gone and we are on to 2010!!!
I thought I would take a look back at 2009 (which felt about as long as a sneeze)...and see which resolutions from last year made my life more enjoyable (and which ones I simply forgot!!).
Out of that list, I consistently stuck to these ::
I spent lots of wonderful time with our families
I cooked more, and continue to love love cooking, finding and trying new recipes
I worked on getting rid of things in my closet and pondering purchases more to make sure I was building a better closet (soo imp. i know...haha)
Wes and I have def. had more date nights....some of our fav's have been here and here.
I have kept more fresh flowers in the house...also drying a couple bouquets to keep year round....see them here and here.
I have grown some of my own veggies...see here. This is a continued resolution--more on that later.
We did decorate our bedroom to some extent....and we did move into a bigger place....because of that, there is still more decorating to be done!
I would say that's not too shabby in the spirit of keeping to one's resolutions : )
This year has been exceptionally difficult...trying...devestating for Wes, his family and myself. In much different areas it has been wonderful, exciting and new....I hope 2010 brings us new life, new joys, new hopes and new dreams. Our strength and will have been tested, and we have come out the other side with renewed faith in ourselves and in one another. My resolutions for 2010 are ::
Take it one day at a goes by so v. quickly and I want to enjoy every moment of it.
Keep enjoying and doing things that I love--this year I am going to be more selfish, it is the year of ME and of building my family.
Keep moving something creative everyday.
Be confident in my decisions...don't be scared to jump in head first!
keep building that need many many pairs of boots..( !! )
Know the truly imp. things in life
Grow MORE veggies...yum yum
experiment and make up my own recipes!
start new ventures
~that's good for now...2010 will be the ever continuing list of positive growth and creative spirit!
Happy new year ( a wee bit late, but none-the-less happy )

:: peace and love ::

Friday, January 8, 2010

coloring in the sun : )

{Alice...and some pretty yellow shavings}
I spent my morning yesterday before work playing with my new colored pencils and Alice In Wonderland Coloring Book....yes, that's right. I love to color. With the exception of some v. expensive handbags....I got everything I asked for for Christmas...and lots of wonderful time spent with my family : ) The weather has been just beautiful here on the CC...although I will say, that winter is one of my fav. seasons...and the summery temperament lately has me feeling shorted on getting to wear my boots and scarves.....however, I will accept the beautiful weather (haha)....and enjoy it with hiking and spending time in our yard (coloring...of course).
Happy Friday lovelies!!
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, January 7, 2010

westfalia madness!!!

{old blue Westie}
{Westies all gathered together} {olive green Westfalia}

I think a VW Westfalia would find a happy home with Wes and myself : ) Ohh the fun and travels we would have in one of these vintage delights!!!! Perhaps after the wedding I will get more serious about my search....(craig's list here i come..). For now I will lovingly gaze at the nostalgic paint colors...white bumpers and pop up campers that are the Westfalia!!!!
:: peace and love ::

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Dress Has Been Ordered!!!

{tangled treasure necklace & bijoux pear necklace--Jcrew}
Yup yup....I have ordered a's not for sure if it's 'the one'....but we shall see!! I was starting to get really stressed out about the whole 'finding a dress' thing....and even if this isn't the one, it has shed some light on the whole thing...brought back the element of fun, instead of just the stress and time lines. I'm getting excited to try it on....and am getting really excited about accessorizing it! I am starting to think that it might be sassy fun to do a big statement necklace--like the ones above!!!
Or....I also ordered this Lux cocktail bracelet from Jcrew and will see how it looks with my shoes and the dress!!! I ended up getting the Tigerlily necklace for Christmas (!!! yayaya) and could layer a couple of those with this bracelet.......instead of the big necklace.
Do you see what I does one choose such exciting details!?!?

I will post more soon...cant possibly give away too many details now can I....but I do sort of hope the dress works out, and then comes the exciting task for 'bedazzling' it : ) Then there is always the option of an amazing fancy headpiece....oh my!

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year, I was coming down with the flu....but know that 2010 holds many many wonderful and new changes for me!

:: peace and love ::