Thursday, January 7, 2010

westfalia madness!!!

{old blue Westie}
{Westies all gathered together} {olive green Westfalia}

I think a VW Westfalia would find a happy home with Wes and myself : ) Ohh the fun and travels we would have in one of these vintage delights!!!! Perhaps after the wedding I will get more serious about my search....(craig's list here i come..). For now I will lovingly gaze at the nostalgic paint colors...white bumpers and pop up campers that are the Westfalia!!!!
:: peace and love ::


Anonymous said...

I grew up with one of those. They are AMAZING! I didn't appreciate their greatness until now...I was always embarrassed of it but now they are very nostalgic for me.

Katie Carter said...

Mara bean i miss you : ) I want the olive green one...amazing!!

Garry O' Sullivan said...