Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the wooden huntress

I have been in a state of debate on what to decorate our walls with. I have posters matted and un-framed...waiting to be completed and placed on our walls.......and with those I want to create a unique space that is both quirky and warm. I am absolutely NO hunter.....in fact I shamelessly shun the sport with vigor due to my lack of meat consumption.....with that said, however, I find these wood carved deer and moose heads endlessly entertaining!!! I think a collection of them above the couch would be the perfect rustic and campy backdrop for the space! Our place could use a little quirk !*!
Their prices don't thrill me though.....I am on the hunt for more affordable versions or thrift shop finds.
Happy decorating lovelies.......

:: peace and love ::

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Elise said...

I like the rhino