Friday, February 27, 2009

Martha Knows What She's Doin'

Some of my favorite saved images!! Almost all are from Martha Stewart (we love Martha don't we!). The lavender wreath is from Instyle Weddings (and is sooo pretty). Enjoy and tell me your favorites! Happy Friday everyone.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Love With Simplicity

I'm totally obsessed with this picture via SWS and Brides. You can purchase this charming little vase here. I've been loving grey lately and am dying to paint some walls light dove grey...have also been contemplating pewter as a wedding color but am still unsure. Thoughts??!!

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*also loving this. (centerpiece maybe??)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Black Apple Print Framed!!

Yeahhh!! I just got my print in the mail last night and rushed out this morning to pick out a frame. It is even more pretty in person and I am so smitten with it. I picked out a large white frame and matted the print to fit perfectly inside. It's new home is above our sitting chair and I can't stop looking at it! Next get the 'Little Dunces' prints for our respective bedsides. You can reach Emily from The Black Apple here or here. She does wonderful work!!!

Thanks Emily!!! As well as a thank you to Nicole Balch of Pink Loves Brown and Making It Lovely for so prominently featuring The Black Apple in her beautiful home and inspiring the need for it in mine!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Yummy Decor

*Pics--top-unknown, Candi Mandi Flickr, third--unknown, Arma's Blog, Paper Pony Flickr, Making It Lovely, This Young House, 8th--unknown, Emma's Design Blog, Making It Lovely, Apartment Therapy, Hula Mama.

These are some of my saved pics for re decorating inspiration. Some I have where they are from and some I failed to note when I saved the pics, if I don't credit a picture and you know where it is from, please let me know. I want to give credit to all photos shown!!! I'm trying to peg down an esthetic...there are elements of each picture that are my favorite and made me save it to begin with, however, these pics are all very different in style (some similar) and I'm not quite sure what direction I want to go in. What do you think, what are some of your favorite pictures or design esthetic!?

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Next Craft Project

To check out the step by step amazingness go here.
I can't wait to get all the supplies and start! This will look DIVINE somewhere in my apartment!!! Now...what color scheme to use....hmmmm

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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friday was our 7 year anniversary and he PROPOSED at our little spot in Shell Beach!!! I wont get all sappy and mushy with ya'll, but I will say it was (and is) amazing, he blew me away and I couldn't have hoped for anything better!! Get ready for some serious wedding blogging friends!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 Things

1. I am heavily contemplating a blog name change to 'Wonderland, Ca'..thoughts!?!
2. It's my blog's 1 year anniversary (!!) and I am planning on commemorating that shortly!
3. I am in dyer need of decor help...meaning I am feeling bored with my apartment and need a little sprucing up 'round these parts' but have the budget of a hobo (in matters of extra curricular activity). Please help (anyone) with ideas, or references to sites etc. I will greatly appreciate your ideas!
4. I have a collection of 'wanted fashion pieces' that are pretty amazing and I will be posting them soon (by soon I mean tomorrow...once my tests are over) and yes...I am procrastinating again.
That's all for tonight...I am going to get back to studying (blah.......)
If you were wondering why this post was necesary--I'll tell you. I cannot fit anything else into my brain right now (that means remembering blog posts I plan to make) instead of listing them elsewhere, I am giving you a little 'preview' of what's to come. (hahahaha)

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Flickr it up!

Hey all...I just created a flickr page and am in the process of trying to get most of my pics up and organized! I did however add a link to my Flickr site below the 'About Me' section and you are more than welcome to click on over and check it out. It is a work in I'm sorry if the content isn't terribly interesting currently! I'm working on will get better when I have some time (meaning after I get my tests out of the way tomorrow--I'm procrastinating if you couldn't tell).
With that said, I included a pic of my ((very)) messy bathroom counter top. I have a cute little jewelry tree from Urban that I love but is getting a bit cluttered with all my 'stuff'. Here are my two questions for you all--please leave comments with your ideas, I am eager to hear solutions!
1. Any good ideas on storing toiletries that are easy to access and not permanent (seeing as I live in an apartment).
2. I have some delicate sort of headbands (feathers--jewels etc) that I don't really want to stash in a drawer but that clutter my little jewelry tree. Any ideas on how to better accommodate my little headbands??!
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Black Apple

Just purchased this print from The Black Apple on Etsy and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival!! I want about 5 more of her little prints, they are sooo cute. I thought this one was sweet seeing as I sort of resemble that little girl and Wes sort of resembles the boy...and I have a love of black, white, stripes and scarves!! How much more perfect could it be!? Now...where should I put it? Please tell me your favorite Etsy sellers!!!

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Makin' a Love Card

I always prefer to make Wes a card instead of buy something that 50 million other people will receive! This is his card in the making this year...just for fun. In case it's not legible it says 'through life's stormy skies, I find love in everyday with you'. I know, I know...kinda mushy (I really wanted to draw an umbrella if that helps...haha). If you want to be really impressed check out the card'age' going on over at Heart of Light, lino cutting tools are on my 'wish list', for the moment we'll have to settle for a charcoal sketch. Happy Sunday!!!

:: peace and love ::

it's all about L-O-V-E baby...

Every Valentine's Day since 2007 Wes and I have gone to Red Hot Pottery. The two top pictures are from previous years, that butter dish has gotten some very good use and sits above our stove (so pretty). This year however, Wes painted himself a new 'construction' themed coffee mug while I painted a cake stand (I've been wanting a cake stand forever, I may as well make my own). There are a few pics of our fun night, which was so fun and amazing as always. I used the combo of mint green and candy apple red (one of my fav. color combo's btw). We get them back (after they've been fired) Saturday the 21st and I will promptly and (proudly) post pictures of our little creations! It's especially fun for me because Wes is more of the 'brainy--mathy--technical' one and I'm more of the 'arty--free spirited--creative' one...or so I thought..but he always does something interesting and thought out. While I might not make a 'construction themed mug' his creativity always impresses me and I enjoy watching him put all that effort into perfecting his design (so cute!!). I hope everyone had a wonderful L-O-V-E day and did something special (even if you don't have a honey!!).

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abigail Percy On Etsy!

Two words....Abigail Percy. Check it out!

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Keri Russell~Beautiful Androgyny

Some people are addicted to cigarrettes....alcohol....etc. I am addicted (heavily) to magazines, it's seriously my vice, I could make little stools out of all my magazines, because for some reason they are so difficult to throw away! With that said, this spread of Keri Russell in the January In Style has been my favorite in a while! I love how wearable all the pieces are, and how they sort of push my comfort level with how androgynous they are (shoes especially) but with such beautiful feminine touches. Not to mention that Keri is GORGEOUS, and her hair and makeup in the spread are so on point. Tousled shoulder length waves, chocolate brown lids and an otherwise neutral face!!! So beautiful in fact that I am actually considering the shoes she wears in the first pic by Dolce Vita....way different than anything else I have ever worn or own...what do you think of this spread and especially the shoes?!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few of my Favorite 'Favorites'

*Picture--Lookout in Big Sur, Ca.
Yes, the redundancy is on purpose...I had a moment of boredom this evening and decided to go through my whole list of favorites on the comp and pick my 'favorites' to share with you!! Here they are ::
* Naimies--Especially Japonesque for any beauty utensil you will ever need.
*Sandal World--Anything by Mystique.
*Viva Terra--Especially this chalk board organizer.
*Linda and Harriett--Blog--Official Site.
*Upper Case Gallery (that's right folks...more poster love)
*This crazy white chair.
*This pretty 'little' dress.
*Red House Design
Just a little tid bit of fun that has been randomly saved to the favorites list--and after a second pass has still caught my eye! Hope you enjoy browsing these sites as much as I do!

:: peace and love ::

In The Mood For Love

Hello beautiful : ) This is just the thing for Love day!!!! Check it out here. Whether for yourself or to drop a hint to your honey! Thank you to East Side Bride for the inspiration!!

:: peace and love ::

~Potatoes and Eggs~

Breakfast during the week generally consists of 'fending for ourselves'...cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, toast etc. Yesterday neither of us had to be anywhere till 1, so I made up the good old potatoes and eggs and it was so tasty delicious!! This along with the snow day, made for one cozy morning!

Potatoes: 3 Russet Potatoes--half white onion sliced--1 clove garlic minced--cook for about 30 minutes till potatoes are soft (and amazing!!). If you think the pictures look should have smelled those potatoes cooking!!! Yum Yum... (( I realized that if you're not in the mood for potatoes and eggs these pics may actually look kind of gross...pardon my breakfast excitement, however I must say that those potatoes were delightful even the second day around! )).

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Monday, February 9, 2009


Well...I didn't say it was a lot of snow, but hey....beggars can't be choosers!! We were so excited to take a little excursion this morning to go check out the SNOW! Us and the rest of SLO county...lets just say we weren't the only ones trekking it up the Cuesta Grade's back roads. We had to search for accessible spots where there was actually snow near the roads, finally finding little patches here and there! This only happens every so often (not very often at all) it was exciting to see the white mountain peaks! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday : )

:: peace and love ::

Floral 'Body Candy'

In the new issue of Lucky Magazine (which by the way is a 'goodie') on pg. 110 they feature a spread about Flower Jewelry that seriously blew my socks off!! I love pretty much everything on the page!! The Starshine Cuff by Ghost and Lola, made of brass and glass, is beautiful and wont break the bank! Elizabeth Cole's 24k gold plate and Swarovski crystal necklace (second from top) is so beautifully decadent an the little crystal and gold branch earrings (bottom) are organically quaint and precious!! Needless to say I'll be dreaming of crystals and shiny metal in the shape of pretty flowers for nights to come!
p.s. It SNOWED last night on the Central Coast (not a lot--and only really in North County) but I'll be posting our little AM expedition in a bit! : )
Happy Monday

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bedroom Ideas for 2009

One of my resolutions for 2009 was to 'finally' decorate our bedroom. I must say it's frustrating trying to make a space that you dislike (reference--my cave of an apartment) into a space that feels like home. However, this is my goal, and I am slowly getting there. Our living room is doing better and better, still in need of a new entertainment stand, end tables and a coffee table, but the visual effect right now is really quite pleasant. Our bedroom is a whole other job in it's self. We need EVERYTHING, and the task really is quite daunting (obviously not crucial to our survival, but one might debate that it's crucial for my sanity). Needed :: bigger bed, bed frame (with an actual headboard (yup..we are 'headboard(less)' currently), dresser, visually appealing hampers, mirrors, sheets for new bed, bedside tables and matching lights. See what I mean, it's a lot...but like everything else, piece by piece we will work towards something we love. Here are some of my favorite ideas and pieces that I think would be so fun to have!!
*pictures:: West Elm Stump, Tatum organic bedding from Pottery Barn, Ikea-Hemnes Bedframe and Dresser, this duvet from Calvin Klein, Whitewashed mirror from World Market.

On top of all this fun, I would love to find some vintage'y' looking and maybe oddly colored (yellow, orange, apple green, vintage turquoise) lights that match for both sides of the bed...I think it would be convenient for them to be mounted on the wall, instead of taking up space on a bed side table. I plan to put some of my accumulated framed posters above the bed in a sort of hodgepodge way, maybe mixing in some small pieces as well....oh goodness. Well, that's my hope for this new year, as you can see I have a lot ahead of me ($$) but I love a good find, and am thinking maybe I can find things 'like' these for less if I search very hard! If I showed my dad the Stump from West Elm, he would look at me like.."we've got allot of those things in the backyard" true.
**I think I'm all caught up on the postings...time to take a nap : )

:: peace and love ::