Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Delightful : )

Just because....I saw this photo on Southern Wedding Style's site and loved the juxtaposition of the All Stars with the Louboutin's!!! (And I'm kinda jealous.....obviously)

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Photo credit :: AHS Photography

Monday, September 29, 2008

Craftpaca :: Goodies

YEAH! I just bought these adorable little Craftpaca owls on Etsy!!! I first saw her owls (granted she makes other little figures) but the owls are my favorite; on Myra Callan's blog Twigs and Honey. She has a little lavender one, and I loved it, kept checking her Etsy account hoping that she would make more owls! I got lucky...they are in the mail, and I can't wait to get them! I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but they are so cute, I'll probably just put them around the house!!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jeff Newsome Awesomeness!

I just saw this photo on Jeff Newsome's blog (my favorite photog....) He takes many wonderful and amazing pictures....his use of light and surroundings is unparalleled, but I especially loved this one so I thought I would post it. There is something whimsical and charming about the new shiny rings against this old piano! I LOVE IT
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Firestone Vineyards :: Los Olivos

A few months ago I was looking at one of my favorite photographers blogs, one of the weddings he had shot was of this beautiful couple that had gotten married in front of this tree. At the time, I thought to myself that it was a perfect looking ceremony and when that time comes, I will have to go "tree scouting" (haha), figuring that I would never find that exact tree in Los Olivos. Turns out I did find that exact tree, it is located in Los Olivos (the one thing I did know) at the Firestone Vineyards. What a beautiful location and space....this picture captures so many things..........only time will tell ;-) My favorite part of this setting (and something I didn't know initially) is that this 'tree' was once 2 trees side by side, that have, over time, become one.....how perfectly symbolic is that....honestly it doesn't get much better!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OBsession :: A Lovely Morning's Reply Cards

Ok....so this is my second post about Kristina's amazing invites......it's really her own fault that I'm so obsessed, because I get to look at all her fun postings about her putting this all together and I just LOVE the look and feel of her personalized invites (and now) reply cards! I'm not engaged (yet.....eh hum....) but, when I am planning I can't say that I wont look back on these beautiful pictures and gather inspiration from them! I especially love the hearts next to the reply answers as well as the idea of doing a post card!! So personal and fun!! So it's quickly becoming obvious that I love these and I really can't say enough! Hahaha.....I'll stop now for every one's sake!
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In2Green Throw Blankets

This is one of the beautiful thrown blanket from In2Green @ Vivavi online shop. The pattern is woven right into the blanket, not printed onto it which gives it a beautiful and super chic look! The best part about this beautiful piece is how it's made. Made in the USA from regenerated (recycled) pre-consumer fibers that are collected after the cut and sew process, sorted by color and then blended. This method ensures that all cotton components require no additional dyes or harmful chemicals. The price isn't the most friendly...but for such a wonderful and beautiful throw (brrr...it's almost winter!) it's a steal!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Pearl Press :: Magnificent

Black Pearl Press is a letterpress studio located in Boston. You have to go on their site to read how wonderfully crafted and personal their works are! I love how Elizabeth has three hand powered letter press machines from the turn of the century that she uses to make people's custom designed ideas. Letter press is such a beautiful and slow way of making paper goods, but it is far more personal and individual. Also, all projects are printed on 100% cotton, tree free paper which they say actually works wonderfully with the letterpress! This is a unique and substantial way to create a fun feel for that special occasion!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Joie De Vie Jewelry

I am sort of dying to have all these necklaces! The small round one is the Eternity Necklace, and the long leaf one is called the L'Automne all from Joie De Vie Jewelry! All her works are so fairly priced and so beautiful! Looks like she also makes custom designed and printed paper napkins! Fun fun fun.......
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beautifully Done!

These are the BEAUtiful wedding invites of Kristina from A Lovely Morning.....her blog is deliciously fun and inviting, this is just one of the pics of the beautifully designed and crafted invites! I love the black and white...and you are right Kristina...the monogram is a must!

House of Telsa :: Deliciousness

House of Telsa is a design shop on Etsy. She makes beautiful headpieces along with little fabric rosettes to wear on your wrist! I thought that I had completely fallen in love with Myra Callan (which of course I am...she's amazing!) but then I found H of T and I'm falling in love with these sweet details all over again! I might just start wearing Florette's in my hair daily...why not??
I thought this yellow one was flawless...beautiful against dark hair (which I have)....makes me want to have a picnic ;-) Gotta love it!
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Cake + Milk Paperie :: Felt Lovebirds!

I just found this company Cake + Milk Paperie and I think this felt idea is so sweet and delightful! I love birds and can't wait to put them on cards of my own....these little felt lovebirds are so cute and inspiring! Working with felt looks like it would be a lot of fun, and the colors you can get make it that much more exciting!!! I wish they had more felt images on their website, but these are good enough for the moment! http://www.cakeandmilkpaperie.com/ to shop these and others!!
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Viva Terra :: Eco Imagination

Viva Terra is a super cute and eco friendly web site that sells everything an environmentalista needs! Here are two of my favorite things from their site! I have many more favs but.....I decided to limit myself to pick two and let you guys go on for yourselves to see everything else! Above are the hand carved ceramic koi! They are just so cute...I can see them sitting on my book shelf or bedside talbe right now!

This bedding is 100% certified organic cotton from the company Plover. It reverses to all white if you get bored looking at the amazingly adorable fern and rose patterns (but seriously who would?) I love this bedding....hmm...I do need a new bed set....the wheels are turning! So sweet : )

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project

ummmm...I am totally OBsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo!!!! Even better...I LOVE taylor...she is so horrible...and I like it ;-)
Tuesday nights at 10 on BRAVO--check it out!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paper Sky :: Downtown SLO

Paper Sky is the cutest boutique you will ever see located in downtown SLO across from Hands Gallery! I love going in there for no reason at all...but they have the most beautiful paper goods!! Invites, cards, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, fun little trinkets! Cameron Ingalls--a local (and very popular) photographer did an interview with her about starting her store and how she decided to go down this route! I found it really interesting, click on the title of this post to check out the interview!!!!
Thank You Jessica for creating such a beautiful environment for all the paper lovers!

:: peace and love ::

Happify :: Custom Calendars

Happify :: http://www.happify.etsy.com/
Happify makes the most crafty and creative calendars! I am ordering the 2009 copy now because I love it so much! They are focused on making their products with the environment in mind, so everything they sell is eco friendly! They make many more goods...but I am totally OBsessed with their calendars! I'm temped to order the 2008 one just to have it...but that's a little ridiculous isn't it? Happy shopping......

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Etsy Favorites

Holly Lynn of Mix Tape :: http://www.hollylynn.etsy.com/
Holly makes amazing antique looking jewelry with old coins, fresh water pearls and beads! Above is the necklace that she made for me!! It is beautiful and fun, I asked for it to be extra long and I LOVE Tahitian pearls so I was very excited! I get a compliment on this necklace whenever I wear it!

Makepienotwar by Alana :: http://www.makepienotwar.etsy.com/
Makepienotwar is a super fun jewelry line (they have a t-shirt line starting as well) that uses metal, semi precious stones and creative charms to fashion unique and ironic pieces! The necklace shown above is really long and ultra delicate! The other piece that I am DYING to have from them is an awesomely huge amethyst and gold wire ring! Have fun looking at this line it's intoxicating and Alana, a creator of the line is super sweet...i sent her an email regarding something other than her line and she got back to me so quick! You will have a blast with her!

Hi Tree by Tina Rodas :: http://www.hitree.etsy.com/

Tina makes these little creations as well as adorable canvas totes (a good replacement to your plastic shopping bags). She says she is really into felt right now and re makes her little treats until they are perfect! I found her works on the front page one day and absolutely love them....i think I need this key chain. The colors she uses along with the perfect whimsical shapes are tres adorable!!! check out Hi Tree blog @ http://www.hitree.blogspot.com/

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Prints :: Susan Logcher

I just wanted to give Susan Logcher a "thank you" so very much for taking the time to answer some of my questions! Susan is a freelance graphic designer and has a wonderfully fun blog @ http://helloprints.blogspot.com/ which I stumbled across on my crusade to understand graphic design! Check it out for fun posts on beautiful crafts and to see Susan's work go to her website @ http://www.helloprints.com/! Enjoy!

and THANK YOU again Susan!

:: peace and love ::

Crystal Kluge :: Tart Workshop

I am really interested in starting a paper goods website where I can design custom paper goods to sell to people for weddings, birthdays or special occasions! I found Crystal's website online and was blown away by how talented and devine her crafts are! She does paper goods as well with a specialization in customized maps that she either draws or does in water color! They are amzing and so fun to look at!
She has custom fonts that she has designed as well as greeting cards etc. She also designs logos for businesses and has a list of the ones she has done so far!!! She is absolutly amazing, I have looked through her whole site and LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!
check out her official site @ http://www.crystalkluge.com/
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Myra Callan :: Amazing(ness)

Hello!! I have not been on in quite a while! I have been very busy with school and work and was feeling to0 un-inspired to post anything. I'm back and have so many fun things to share that I am absolutly OBsessed with right now!

Myra Callan is an artist who makes custom hairpieces and headbands (as well as corsages and boutineers) for weddings as well as everyday! She is so creative and inspiring to me. Her obvious passion for her craft is infectious and she definitly makes me want to explore my love of crafts more!
She sells her lovely and whimsicle designs under the name of Pebbles and Paisley on Etsy (her site is listed in my favorite sites on the right). She sells works she has made as well as making custom designs! Also, check out her blog http://twigsandhoney.blogspot.com/ where she blogs about her line and life!
Thanks to Myra for being a wonderful inspiration to all us crafty girls!!!

:: peace and love ::