Monday, September 8, 2008

Crystal Kluge :: Tart Workshop

I am really interested in starting a paper goods website where I can design custom paper goods to sell to people for weddings, birthdays or special occasions! I found Crystal's website online and was blown away by how talented and devine her crafts are! She does paper goods as well with a specialization in customized maps that she either draws or does in water color! They are amzing and so fun to look at!
She has custom fonts that she has designed as well as greeting cards etc. She also designs logos for businesses and has a list of the ones she has done so far!!! She is absolutly amazing, I have looked through her whole site and LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!
check out her official site @
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this -- i'm kind of obsessed with handlettering so i LOVE her work! and thanks for the link to my little blog...i've been enjoying yours! --ss