Monday, October 25, 2010

Refugio adventure

{ Refugio State Beech, Ca }

Spent Sunday and Monday morning with my Luxers at Refugio State beach for a salon retreat.
We had quite a blast. Sunday lunch in Solvang with 5 of my girlies at the Solvang brewing co. A couple beers and a sushi roll (amazing by the way) later and we were on our way to Refugio with full bellies.
We lucked out and missed any rain in the forecast; set up camp and broke out the wine. There weren't too many people missing which meant we had about 5 or so campsites which = a giant camp style block partay until the wee hours.
Between Marissa's 18 years aged Rum (oh god is was good), the warm breeze and the full moon I was happy to spend my time with some of the girls i love most. We talked, we drank, we howled at the moon (not literally...but you know)....we dipped ourselves in the ocean in the moon light....
Topped off this beautiful evening by dragging our lounge chairs down onto the beach, where we sat by the waves, watching the stars and clouds roll through the night...
It was truly beautiful, it really was. I won't forget that site of waves and moonlight, sand and good friends.
Hope your weekend was lovely as well sugars...back to the grind for me :-)

:: peace & love ::

Monday, October 18, 2010

new skin regime

{ Shu Uemura balancing cleaning oil }
{ Shu Uemura chamomile depsea mist }
{ Aveda Green Science eye creme }
{ All Sensitive moisturizer }

Ok, so...I've not been loving what my skin has been up to as of late. It's wiggin' out...a little. I think its a combination of stress (work..blah blah) wanting to get in shape (blah blah)...and the unsure future of where we will be in a few months. Wes is almost done with Poly and we will (if all goes well) be moving to either nor cal or so cal for a job. Combined with needing a more almonds, salmon etc....and vitamins of course. ((( red wine does not have the necessary vitamins I
Anyhow, I have been using Pro Active (yup)...simply because I want my skin to BEHAVE! It's not exactly working (and being an esthetician) I have myself thinking that maybe my regime is too aggressive. I think I need to do less in a sense...not attack with full force (which is what I feel pro active does).
New regime....
Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil (got a sample...LOVED seriously. it removes EVERYTHING) and leaves skin feeling lovely.
Shu Uemura chamomile toning mist.
((treatment of some sort...not sure yet))
Aveda Green Science eye cream (amazing)
Aveda All Sensitive moisturizer (back by popular demand)

wish me luck.
skin is a tricky i find very frustrating at times. ugh.

:: peace & love ::

Saturday, October 16, 2010


{ Silly Bandz }

Obsessed. nough' said :-) Guess who else loves them? girl crush from Rachel Zoe. Love.

*yes i did in fact complete my projects Monday ( dirt in my eyeball....wrestled with a flower pot for a good 10 minutes on my front stoop...amusing to my neighbors i'm sure). Will put pics up soon. Truth is, i need to patch and paint a few spots...had a bit of an issue getting the old '3' off....ugh.
but it does look so much cuter now! (yay).

:: peace & love ::

Monday, October 11, 2010

mini project day

new address #'s for the front
re-planting the front planter (desperately needed....some things are wayyy over grown, some are dead) what great combo.
hoping i can find the #'s I've been wanting. really just hoping that they have all my digits. 1237 to be exact. wish me luck!
more to come. before and after pictures of course!

*ps. this nice weather has me wishing for this or this. either would do. just dreamy wouldn't you say?

:: peace & love ::

* on call today from work, that=less $ later (con), productive Monday full of fun projects (pro).

weekend review

{ Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill, umbrellas }
{ complementary champagne }
{ cajun shrimp tacos }

Had a three day weekend...and it was much needed. Feeling a little burnt out in some aspects.
We had a little family reunion in Cayucos on Saturday; a side of Wes' that I had never met. It was super fun, everyone was so nice and welcoming. Good to know whether we end up going north or south for a job when Wes is done at Poly, that we have family in either SF or SD!
Sunday was a perfect lazy day. Headed to Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill for some, they serve complementary champagne on Sundays (my kind of brunch)....2 glasses later, and some cajun (heaping with shrimp) tacos..and we were really happy campers. Best part was the amazing weather-really. It was so beautiful!
Happy Monday folks....I'd rather be gardening, but hey.

:: peace & love ::

Friday, October 8, 2010

friday doings

{ orange flowers }
{ For Like Ever poster, couch }
{ sleepy Pepper }

Things for fall-
thin knit black or charcoal cashmere drape sweater
leopard flats
cargo jacket
faux fur collar
black blazer
moto boots
knit cap
cozy tee's
knit pants
*black wool fedora

that's all for now, i'm sure i'll think of more. that seems to be how it works ;-)

:: peace & love ::

*and happy weekend of course!

Monday, October 4, 2010

can this be my little hideaway?

Really (really) loving these Moroccan looking (retro palm springs-ish) breezeway blocks. Like really loving (did I already emphasize that?) There is nothing I would change about this pic.
The breezeway blocks, the white iron chairs, the protea and Moroccan lanterns on the table....ahhh bliss.
I will literally be day dreaming about this pic every second I can. It's rather lovely don't you think?
The Parker Palm Springs also has a lovely entry of breezeway blocks accented by a fab orange door. I do love a colored door.....
Hope your Monday is going swimmingly---I'll be spending the next hour or so dreaming of a concrete courtyard full of agave and breezeway blocks....along with a colored front thinks orange would suit me well. One can dream right?

:: peace & love ::

*pic courtesy of Ish and Chi, as well as her own love of these concrete blocks.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hello dream hair

{ Carey Mulligan, Vogue cover Oct 2010 }

Hello styled to perfection October cover of Vogue.
hello dream hair (cut, color...) amazing....hmmm. We know I love a good pixie
hello lovely makeup and Chanel haute couture...
just lovely
I kinda of gasped when I picked this up at the market this evening
have been staring at it all night (the cover is my fav part of the issue) don't judge me.
and am more than ever contemplating this cut.
I'm not trying to be self loathing; but i really think i should drop a few before trying to sport a pixie. It's just not as magical a look if you aren't a bit thin and gamine. no?
don't answer that ;-)

:: peace & love ya'll ::

Saturday, October 2, 2010

shoppin' for makeup!

{ Bobbi Brow, creamy lip color }
{ Bobbi Brown, pot rouge }

{ Bobbi Brown, all over bronzing gel }

I've been really wanting to buy some new makeup...perhaps switch up my look.
I think we all get antsy about mixing it up!
I've loved Bobbi Brown since I was a teenager, and have never owned any of her things...weird no. You wonder how I love her, but haven't used her makeup!?
I love her books, I love her style, her color palettes and's quite lovely really.
I can only imagine that everything (maybe not everything...but lets be optimistic) she makes is pretty lovely.....
Any way...I think I want to try a lip color, pot rouge and bronzing gel to would be more blush-eye shadow palette and the skin foundation....
We shall see.............The creamy lip color in retro pink looks like perfection.......
Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that it's all necessary...

:: peace & love ::