Monday, October 18, 2010

new skin regime

{ Shu Uemura balancing cleaning oil }
{ Shu Uemura chamomile depsea mist }
{ Aveda Green Science eye creme }
{ All Sensitive moisturizer }

Ok, so...I've not been loving what my skin has been up to as of late. It's wiggin' out...a little. I think its a combination of stress (work..blah blah) wanting to get in shape (blah blah)...and the unsure future of where we will be in a few months. Wes is almost done with Poly and we will (if all goes well) be moving to either nor cal or so cal for a job. Combined with needing a more almonds, salmon etc....and vitamins of course. ((( red wine does not have the necessary vitamins I
Anyhow, I have been using Pro Active (yup)...simply because I want my skin to BEHAVE! It's not exactly working (and being an esthetician) I have myself thinking that maybe my regime is too aggressive. I think I need to do less in a sense...not attack with full force (which is what I feel pro active does).
New regime....
Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil (got a sample...LOVED seriously. it removes EVERYTHING) and leaves skin feeling lovely.
Shu Uemura chamomile toning mist.
((treatment of some sort...not sure yet))
Aveda Green Science eye cream (amazing)
Aveda All Sensitive moisturizer (back by popular demand)

wish me luck.
skin is a tricky i find very frustrating at times. ugh.

:: peace & love ::

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