Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tuesday fun-day

Nigori sake is my favorite. Just for the record, I've tried a few others; and this is by far my fav. It is a sake you can actually sip, drink, enjoy. Not one to do sake bombs with (i don't see the appeal, personally) but hey.....that's just me.
I had a surprise Tuesday afternoon/evening. Invited last minute to enjoy drinks at Giuseppi's in SLO (the previously mentioned 'favorite diggs'), after some wine we headed to Shinn's; a local sushi place with great prices and good sake.
I had one of my girlies Marissa there to share beer and sake with (yum yum), and a couple rolls.
Home now with my amazing (and very cute i might add) husband and adorable kitty.
It really is lovely to have such a wonderful little home!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, August 30, 2010

monday isn't so bad...

{ Saucelito Canyon Winery, tasting }
{ hot pink Jcrew shoe box, place mat }

I was a little off put this morn...i have to answer to someone at work who is a very hard pill to swallow some times, and was feeling trapped and tremendously frustrated.
I'm feeling much better now. I got started on a new chapter in my life...one that includes ART SCHOOL, and I couldn't be more excited. more on that later.
Had to include a pic from sunday fun-day...spent lunch with besti's at one of our fav diggs, then off to wine tasting at Saucelito Canyon, it was a bit windy but beautiful...we will be back. It was so relaxing!
On top of being generally productive in the earlier parts of today (see i told you i would!)..ha; I finally received my Jcrew Cleo platform sandals....gahhhhh
i'm reallllllly loving them already and I haven't even officially worn them (out that is) i have them on right now obviously ;-)
I have been wanting these little lovelies since my bday (member'?); well it wasn't in the cards for my bday (they were orig. $165--not terrible...not amazingly priced either).....
i went online to check them out again (as I had been for some time, waiting for them to go on sale)...hoping they would not sell out.
BINGO....down to $89, snap snap...that's me (snapping them up) :-)
they came packaged in a lovely hot pink box to boot.....well thank you Jcrew, what a delight.

:: peace and love ::

inspiring home details

{ lived in office, the brass petal }

Just some lovely details for this Monday.
I'm feeling a little stuck......frustrated.....ready to do something (SOMETHING) with this life.....and feeling really stuck trying. i hate that.
These pics make me happy....the pink door & agave (drroooolll.....I wish that was my front door, really). That sprig of green figs (guaranteed steeling that idea!), gold mug and blue velvet chair....gahhhhh, yes please!
I promise to do something productive today....I do.

:: peace and love ::

Saturday, August 28, 2010

finally rockin' the side braid!

{ side braid }

(( well...as much of a side braid as i can muster ))
never the less, i finally got around to trying it out this morn for brunch with my parents!
I really like it...i am most def going to rock this look more often :-)
Remember when i first started loving this look?
Happy weekend!

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

really loving Marni

Realllly loving Marni necklaces right now...
problem is, my wallet doesn't really love them.......what a predicament.
but dang, wouldn't one of these candy colored delights be sure to brighten your day?
i think so.
maybe i'll find a magical Marni necklace tree.....one can hope at least.

On another note, foolishly went for a run yest with the hubbs (in the almost 100 degree heat) and seriously thought I was going to get heat stroke....
half way through I got cold chills and this weird feeling like I just could NOT be in the sun any longer...
then spent the rest of the night drinking water and quivering on the couch....not fun....needless to say I think I'll take the day off while it's sweltering out there.....

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday coffee

{ Soy Hazelnut latte, Big Sky }
{ Wes' coffee @ Big Sky }

having the laziest of Sundays..
slept in until 10 (!!)
schlepped our coffee deprived selves to Big Sky Cafe for breaki (really more like brunch by the time we got there)....and coffee.....mmmm
their soy hazelnut latte is really a revelation (i do wish they would do something cool with the foam)....but i guess one shouldn't wish for taste and visual appeal!? ha.
attempted a bike ride, got a flat 5 mins in :-( ugh.
decided on bruschetta with our home grown tomato crop in the yard, mozzarella and a snazzy beer.
there's something different feeling about the weather today....like fall is coming maybe...i'm not sure. but i like it.
happy sunday loves

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a simple wednesday dinner

{ dinner }

Goodness, didn't even realize I haven't blogged since 8-12......
well here I am with a rather boring post just to get it rolling :-)
Sometimes simple dinners are the best....tonight I had some deviled eggs (yummm), gouda cubes, olive oil and rosemary triscuts and some steamed asparagus drizzled with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
so delish....OH and a Ranger beer just to top it off (even though it's wednesday...it's my friday) schweet!
Happy Friday...I mean wednesday....er

:: peace and love ::

** ps, saw Eat Pray Love and am seriously wanting to pack up and ship out to Bali and see where the cards lie ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

gahhh wedding pics

all photos by the lovely and incredibly amazing Jill Thomas.
Flowers by Denise.
Shoes-Kate Spade
Necklace-Tiger Lilly
Hair Piece-Mignonne Handmade @ Etsy
Shoes-Kenneth Cole
Brides maid's dresses--Amanda Archer @ Etsy
Hair and Makeup by Marissa and Crystal @ Salon Lux

*these are just a few....there are SO many more, it's hard to pick favorites...
we are still waiting to see our engagements on Jill's blog...hopefully they will go up soon, along with our wedding :-)
love love, sweet love.

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, August 8, 2010

sunday, fun day!

{ sun, blue sky, palm trees @ Dolphin Bay }
{ Wes and me cruisin' around }

Sunday fun day indeed. We had a l-o-n-g and lazy morning of coffee and bagel breakfast sandos.....lazed around, watched tv and read. Finally decided that a little run would be nice (and i was so perfect! increased my time by a minute and a half!!!!! granted we just did an almost 3 miler, not a 6 miler) but still...we were stoked on our time!!!!!
Hungary...headed to pismo, had some lunch, did some shopping and topped it off with a drink at Dolphin Bay. It was the most beautiful afternoon!
how to end a sunday!? -- drinks and a movie with some girlie friends ;-)
why can't it be sunday a little longer!!!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend wrap up :-)

{ parents house, abundant rosemary }
{ Hudson's 1st bday, kiss the baby booth }
{ backyard, afternoon light }
{ old boat, morro bay @ dockside }
{ Eat Pray Love, gin & sparkling lime aid }

Had a much appreciated 3 day weekend...and it was lovely, really.
Friday we went out to morro bay and kayaked around the bay. *WISHING* we had brought the camera because the view from the sand bar looking over at all the backsides of the cafes and businesses was somthin'...so colorful and rickety looking, hanging over the water like home made shacks. We got to see 2 big white and peachy orange jelly fish, which was exciting. And lots of seals!!
After a beer at Dockside and a bit of lounging...we headed back to the sun of SLO and continued our lounging on our deck with a book and a sparkling gin and lime aid. Ahhh......such a perfect Friday.
Saturday was our bfff's youngest Hudson's 1st bday!!! Headed over a little early to complete the 'kiss the baby booth' which turned out so cute!! Had a lovely day of carnival themed cuteness....think popcorn, cotton candy machine, giant lollipops etc....it was adorable.
can i have a carnival themed bday!? ha.
Saturday night was a sweet bachelorette partayyy (m hmm) for my girli, and after a sushi dinner and sake we hit the town!!!
Sunday was just as lazy as friday, if not more so really....After napping and (more) lounging. We headed to Paso to have din and drinks with my parents. Such a beautiful afternoon in paso (minus the intense wind).
there you have it....my beautiful, perfect, lazy 3 day weekend.
Happy monday loves :-)
:: peace and love ::