Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's almost my birthday !!!

Naturally I am a big fan of my bday. Often claiming it as my favorite holiday (!)....don't hate me, I'm really not so bad; I like other people's birthdays too....I just like mine the best. fair? I've made a helpful wish list of sorts (look at me making things easy for everyone!!...haha).
{ Jcrew-Cleo platform sandal }
{ some rose & yellow gold stacking rings from Etsy } { Jo Malone orange blossom cologne } { Alternative Apparel flashdance eco-fleece sweatshirt in eco grey } { Marc Jacobs gold aviators - Solstice }
Just a few goodies....there's always Shannon Len jewelry from Hands (!!) oh sooo pretty....Fresh chapstick or mani/pedi certificates.
Those Cleo sandals really kill me about summer sandal perfection ! Gahhh......
I think that a cheese platter and bottle o'bubbly is in order next saturday....probably at Cheval, since my love of the pony club is well documented !
Happy sunday :-)
:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

you do know how to make b-days special, sweetie. love you,