Thursday, February 25, 2010

we'll be at Cheval : )

{ Hotel Cheval }
so......i'd love a glass of wine....perhaps some cheese-fruit and nuts.....and a spot next to this little fire.
downtown Paso Robles
the Pony Club...the little wine and chocolate bar (they have cheese platters..and beer too..) this is one of my fav. parts and one of my favorite places to go in Paso for a drink and app. (along with this--*side note-if you go to Villa Creek you (MUST) get the mint's beyond amazing).
I called Cheval a couple months ago asking to book for the night before and night of the wedding(we won't get too deep into our budget constraints)...but lets just say that I didn't feel it was necessary to spend the amount requested for a 2 night stay and a 1 night stay wasn't in the cards....they have a 'very strict 2 night minimum'...understandable.
They thoughtfully offered to put me on the wait list in the case of someone booking a thrs/fri 2 night stay...leaving a lonely saturday available--i said yes, of course. I had almost given up, resigning myself to staying at home after the wedding (we don't have a lot of cool luxury or amazing modern hotels here)...lots of country and tuscan inspired venues (as Cheval is (tuscan)...but so lovely and artful that I don't mind).
Today i received a call from a lovely english woman, Jane offering me the night of my wedding at Cheval.........well, thank you miss Jane!!! She also offered to upgrade our room if the opening presents its self, seeing as it's our wedding sweet.
Now i am wondering if they have us shoved in a corner, looking out onto a parking lot or something bc it was the last room available.....I think we will pop in and check it out if we can (is it weird to pop in and say "hi, can i see the exact room you have us down for, for June 19th?". I just think it's silly to go through the trouble of staying there...if we are going to be getting in late and having to check out at 11 and then...what....go home....
For the moment we have the room...but it is up for debate if it will stay that way....haha, all that for potentially nothing....too funny. And such is wedding planning, i suppose!
:: peace and love ::
*going here for din with friends...always lovely.

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