Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a drizzly afternoon in Utopia

after work today wes and i had a sweets craving....we both look at each other and almost in unison say "utopia?"....well, we don't mind if we do.
just down the street and with 1 red velvet cupcake (w. cream cheese frosting non-the-less) left in the case, i ordered a steamed milk (and felt like a 5 year old....except 5 year olds' probably don't order their own steamed milk....or pay for it, for that matter), we sat down in the cozy velvet chairs next to the rain spattered window to enjoy our sugar.
i love the rainy weather we are having today!!!

:: peace and love ::

*i'm making my own invites (i've decided) and am contemplating purchasing a snazzy font to use....if anyone has recommendations or ideas for me i would be v. interested to hear them. thank you : )

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Jess said...

That looks delicious :)