Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter & a birthday :)

{ Family headed to my b-day din @ Basil! }
{ B-day flowers }
{ Hoppy birthday to me! Easter/B-day cupcakes }
{ Easter basket loot, squash & seeds!! }
{ A hat for baby }

My birthday fell on Easter this year. I don't think I quite care for this occurrence, no friends available to celebrate & everything was closed. So we spent Saturday having din at Basil with my parents and some friends!! Sunday I was hoping for lots of time to soak in the sun outdoors (and plant my new seeds), but it was over cast & windy yesterday and I did none of that :-(
Instead I made crepe's with my momma (stinky triple creme brie with berries...mmm) for breakfast & peeked through the adorable Easter basket she put together for me, the hubs & baby! So sweet that momma of mine :-)
For lunch we headed to the coast and indulged in Taco Temple delightfulness. Home for a nap (boaring I know, but I was in a mild food coma), to be awoken by b-day singing & cupcakes!!
Over all a lovely little Sunday, Easter & Birthday if I do say so myself, today I'll be planting my seeds with my momma while the Mr. goes to his first day of his NEW career!! Woo hoo, baby daddy got a fab job (graduated Cal Poly in December for Construction Management) & we couldn't be more proud, happy, elated, and down right stoked for the whole thing!! Good job baby, I love you :-)

:: peace & love ::

*Happy belated Easter & Earth Day, and enjoy this lovely little Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Delight

Spent this beautiful (and warm) weekend attending a co-worker/friend's bridal shower! Where everyone but me enjoyed margarita's in the perfect weather, while I removed my adoralbe Jcrew sandals because my feet were swelling :-( Sunday (day) was perfection (currently trying to decide on dinner), got an invite from the bestie's to hang at their parent's pool (right down the street from us), spent all day in the sun (more margaritas for everyone but me), haha. I think I might even have a wee bit of a tan to show for it!
Hope your warm & sunny weekend was beautiful.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, April 11, 2011

20 weeks with our baby BOY!!!!

{ me & my baby daddy! }
{ 20 weeks }

So peeps, we are having a little baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to pat myself on the back, I found his little 'man parts' shall we say!? And promptly yelled out "is that his Peepee?!", like I'm 12 or something, which led the ultra sound tech to say that maybe I should quite my day job. HA, ya right. Never the less, we got to see all angles of our little guy, he's perfect, everything looks healthy & his heart beat is right where it's supposed to be. SIGH.....nothing more I could want but a healthy little babes.
So excited about a boy!!!!! Already went and got an adorable little newborn boy onesie, only to receive an adorable 6 mo. old boy outfit from my momma when we got home! :-)
I'm feeling really good, and think it's just so crazy banana pants that I'm already half way there, WOAH...
Happy Monday!

:: peace & love ::

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Lunch

It is 'Panini Sunday' apparently.
I couldn't decide which to make so I made two versions for our lunch today!
Top :: Whole wheat sourdough buttered up in pan, with home made pesto, goat cheese, sun dried tomato & sauteed portobello mushrooms (!!).
Bottom :: Same bread, cranberry sauce, brie & arugula.
After eating both, the one that just killed me with amazing(ness) is the pesto/goat cheese panini.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if I do say so myself ;-)

Weekend/baby update tomorrow!!!

:: peace & love ::

Friday, April 8, 2011

did I mention it's my birthday month!?

Free People, Hinted florals dress!! Lucky little lady I am, already got this one as an early bday gift from my adorable parents :-)
Jo Malone orange blossom cologne....YES, this has been on a few other 'lists'.
Fresh, Brown Sugar body polish...........momma needs soft skin. ha.
Dolce Vita Campbell sandals........OR, these nude pretties!?
Becklina enamel locket. Purrty.

We will see....I already posted the love on those gold sandals...then I saw the above linked nude Dolce Vita's & am wondering which one I prefer?! Can't

YA, it's Friday. We find out if baby is a boy or girl on Monday.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. We can't hardly wait!!!

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heath + Julie Cristello

Heath has a new seasonal collection in (yippee) yellow!!! So pretty & bright, and in a color I love. Now....I don't know if it quite compares to the amazing-ness of the aqua & orange last summer, but it's close.
Here's what I'm really excited about.....the Heath & Julie Cristello collection of hand made necklaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that top one. So perfect with a crisp dress for summer.
Maybe I can just will it onto my neck. Wish me luck ;-)

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mini stuffed Portobello mushrooms (delight). Stuffed with a little balsamic reduction, home made pesto with walnuts, spinach & creamy goat cheese along with some ezikiel bread crumbs sprinkled on top! I mean really.......I couldn't be happier :-)
Kale salad & golden beats!!


:: peace & love ::

* Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunset...I didn't know I loved you.

{ local alert!! this I-N-S-A-N-E-L-Y beautiful backyard is located in Paso Robles!! Now if only it were mine! }

SUNSET, how was I so blissfully unaware that I might just LOVE you?!
Don't hate me....but my parents always got and read Sunset when I was a bit younger (and soo cool, right?! ha, not), so I kinda figured it wasn't really my age range.
Well people.....I have something to admit. Sunset mag is super duper cool. Either I've been missing the bus for the past years....or (gasp) I'm in the "Sunset age range now".
Either way, I don't think I care any more, because I got totally inspired reading this month's issue.
1. That house up-top---GAHH....those colors!??! whaaaa? I'm dying I tell you, to paint a beautiful wood house that exact shade of purple. Dying. Plus for the 50 thousand'th time, I love me a colored door.
2. Bar--Hendrick's Gin, nough' said. In late August/early September (baby's due Aug 28th!!) I'll be sippin' something special to celebrate :-)
3. Insanely cool backyards...I was drooling over #5 down only to realize that it's a local backyard...why does that make me happy!? Haha, I don't know, but I just wish it were my own. The multitude of cacti, the sprawling hills covered in grape vines, and the pool....just a dream.

Okay....I'm done. Subscription to Sunset asap?! Yes, please!

:: peace & love ::

weekend delight

{ tomato shopping with my pops }
{ seared ahi, spinach, goat cheese & strawberry salad }
{ Hush Harbor, chocolate macaroon }

This weekend was really quite a delight! Friday after work I ended up bopping around downtown with my lovely lady friend Vix, which turned into an amazing little afternoon & dinner at Novo (shrimp spring rolls, a cheese plate & salads)....and a margarita on her part ;-)
Saturday was spent hanging out with my in-laws....they are so excited about the new growing addition, and it's fun to think this little baby will have so much love on both our family's parts!
Sunday was just amazing....amazing weather took us (and my parent's new dog Peaches) to Morro Bay for a walk on the beach, and lunch at Taco Temple (mmmmm). A stop at the nursery where my dad and I picked out tomatoes and strawberries to plant, then proceeded to plant them in the sun.....I think I'm working on a tan!
And then there's Monday (I don't work Monday' they are an extension of my weekend), spent waking up to a cooked breakfast of veggie & egg scramble with roasted potatoes. A read through the new Sunset magazine on the sunny window seat followed by lunch at Colby Jack (see the spinach & seared Ahi salad), and a chocolate macaroon at Hush Harbor (necessary=absolutely not....delicious=of course!).
Ahh....beautiful weather....I think I'll go sit in the sun with a book :-)

Hope your weekend was lovely as well kittens!

:: peace & love ::

p.s. we don't usually eat out this often....especially not during the week. I just realized while linking these places that it's rather a lot of eating out on our parts this weekend....haha.

Friday, April 1, 2011

ohh summer.....let's get some sandals.

Remember last summer?
Well, I've loved and continue to love those strappy Sam Edelman's...
but I just saw these little beauties in a store window & decided we were a match made for summer feet :-)

:: peace & love ::