Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend delight

{ tomato shopping with my pops }
{ seared ahi, spinach, goat cheese & strawberry salad }
{ Hush Harbor, chocolate macaroon }

This weekend was really quite a delight! Friday after work I ended up bopping around downtown with my lovely lady friend Vix, which turned into an amazing little afternoon & dinner at Novo (shrimp spring rolls, a cheese plate & salads)....and a margarita on her part ;-)
Saturday was spent hanging out with my in-laws....they are so excited about the new growing addition, and it's fun to think this little baby will have so much love on both our family's parts!
Sunday was just amazing....amazing weather took us (and my parent's new dog Peaches) to Morro Bay for a walk on the beach, and lunch at Taco Temple (mmmmm). A stop at the nursery where my dad and I picked out tomatoes and strawberries to plant, then proceeded to plant them in the sun.....I think I'm working on a tan!
And then there's Monday (I don't work Monday' they are an extension of my weekend), spent waking up to a cooked breakfast of veggie & egg scramble with roasted potatoes. A read through the new Sunset magazine on the sunny window seat followed by lunch at Colby Jack (see the spinach & seared Ahi salad), and a chocolate macaroon at Hush Harbor (necessary=absolutely not....delicious=of course!).
Ahh....beautiful weather....I think I'll go sit in the sun with a book :-)

Hope your weekend was lovely as well kittens!

:: peace & love ::

p.s. we don't usually eat out this often....especially not during the week. I just realized while linking these places that it's rather a lot of eating out on our parts this weekend....haha.


The Loughran's said...

I believe I was part of your Monday, miss! :)

Katie said...

i believe i wrote this entry PRIOR to our wonderful dinner :-) xoxox, loves you!