Monday, April 11, 2011

20 weeks with our baby BOY!!!!

{ me & my baby daddy! }
{ 20 weeks }

So peeps, we are having a little baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to pat myself on the back, I found his little 'man parts' shall we say!? And promptly yelled out "is that his Peepee?!", like I'm 12 or something, which led the ultra sound tech to say that maybe I should quite my day job. HA, ya right. Never the less, we got to see all angles of our little guy, he's perfect, everything looks healthy & his heart beat is right where it's supposed to be. SIGH.....nothing more I could want but a healthy little babes.
So excited about a boy!!!!! Already went and got an adorable little newborn boy onesie, only to receive an adorable 6 mo. old boy outfit from my momma when we got home! :-)
I'm feeling really good, and think it's just so crazy banana pants that I'm already half way there, WOAH...
Happy Monday!

:: peace & love ::


Anonymous said...

So sweet!

allison said...

congrats katie! you look so lovely in your yellow:)

what a joy to find out about your lil' man-