Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter & a birthday :)

{ Family headed to my b-day din @ Basil! }
{ B-day flowers }
{ Hoppy birthday to me! Easter/B-day cupcakes }
{ Easter basket loot, squash & seeds!! }
{ A hat for baby }

My birthday fell on Easter this year. I don't think I quite care for this occurrence, no friends available to celebrate & everything was closed. So we spent Saturday having din at Basil with my parents and some friends!! Sunday I was hoping for lots of time to soak in the sun outdoors (and plant my new seeds), but it was over cast & windy yesterday and I did none of that :-(
Instead I made crepe's with my momma (stinky triple creme brie with berries...mmm) for breakfast & peeked through the adorable Easter basket she put together for me, the hubs & baby! So sweet that momma of mine :-)
For lunch we headed to the coast and indulged in Taco Temple delightfulness. Home for a nap (boaring I know, but I was in a mild food coma), to be awoken by b-day singing & cupcakes!!
Over all a lovely little Sunday, Easter & Birthday if I do say so myself, today I'll be planting my seeds with my momma while the Mr. goes to his first day of his NEW career!! Woo hoo, baby daddy got a fab job (graduated Cal Poly in December for Construction Management) & we couldn't be more proud, happy, elated, and down right stoked for the whole thing!! Good job baby, I love you :-)

:: peace & love ::

*Happy belated Easter & Earth Day, and enjoy this lovely little Monday!

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allison said...

happy bday katie! it was my hubbys' bday this weekend as well. hope you had lots of fun celebrating- love the little baby bonnet:)