Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunset...I didn't know I loved you.

{ local alert!! this I-N-S-A-N-E-L-Y beautiful backyard is located in Paso Robles!! Now if only it were mine! }

SUNSET, how was I so blissfully unaware that I might just LOVE you?!
Don't hate me....but my parents always got and read Sunset when I was a bit younger (and soo cool, right?! ha, not), so I kinda figured it wasn't really my age range.
Well people.....I have something to admit. Sunset mag is super duper cool. Either I've been missing the bus for the past years....or (gasp) I'm in the "Sunset age range now".
Either way, I don't think I care any more, because I got totally inspired reading this month's issue.
1. That house up-top---GAHH....those colors!??! whaaaa? I'm dying I tell you, to paint a beautiful wood house that exact shade of purple. Dying. Plus for the 50 thousand'th time, I love me a colored door.
2. Bar--Hendrick's Gin, nough' said. In late August/early September (baby's due Aug 28th!!) I'll be sippin' something special to celebrate :-)
3. Insanely cool backyards...I was drooling over #5 down only to realize that it's a local backyard...why does that make me happy!? Haha, I don't know, but I just wish it were my own. The multitude of cacti, the sprawling hills covered in grape vines, and the pool....just a dream.

Okay....I'm done. Subscription to Sunset asap?! Yes, please!

:: peace & love ::

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