Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Shower!!

{ baby shower wears...those heels didn't last too long }
{ blocks spelling out baby's name (Sterling Nesta Nanasy)..hand made booties & a fabric bunting sign }
{ me & the best! }
{ opening the pressie's! }
{ Lea & me..the 2 preggo's }
{ a little laying out after the festivities!!! }
{ everyone took part in tie dying me a little onesie! They are insanely adorable! }

I had a marvelous baby shower! My momma & bestest lady friend Ashlee put together quite the festivities. Beautiful flowers, decor, AH-mazing carrot cake cuppies, little activities for everyone (sooo loving all the little tie dyed onesies I have right now). There was good food (scones, creme brulee french toast, creme fraiche, then on to lunch where there was a bruschetta bar & watermelon margaritas (for everyone but me of course!). It was so nice to hang with all the people I love most & it was such a beautiful day for it too!!
Thank you all my lovely friends & family (momma especially) for throwing me/coming to my baby shower :-) I couldn't have asked for more.

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Love Organics--treatment foundation

Finally tried this little trick today with my OLO Skin Savior!!! I think I like it, I am going to do it again tomorrow, but my powder (that I had left over from a couple years ago (!!) bc I don't really use powder anymore) it blended together perfectly, gave me a good amount of coverage while still looking natural & made my skin glowy ;-) Yes, glowy.
If I love it again tomorrow, I might have to head out and buy some more mineral powder to use this little mixture more! Obviously the Skin Savior is such a perfect little multi tasking product, it's no surprise that it would make a smooth & creamy foundation too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Texas Tuxedo

{ the fabulous Miss Jenna Lyons }
{ Ashley Olsen }

Kinda loving the idea of a 'Texas Tuxedo'...terrible name. Fabulous result, however.
Jenna Lyon's does it well (of course)...denim on denim looks so alluring on her, with simple shoes & red lips. I like Ashley Olsen's casual approach as well, although the black denim doesn't have quite the effect. I think it's best when the shades of denim don't match (obviously), I like one to look like a classic fade & one to be washed out.
I think I'll give this a try (probably when I have a waist again)...kinda excited about it :-)
Happy Wednesday (4 more days of work until I'm off for baby), lots to do...
Trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing; I am so incredibly excited & so incredibly tripped out. I'm going to be a momma to a chubby little babes....woah.

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

when I have a waist again...

{ American Apparel--3D mesh jumper in Blossom }
{ Urban Outfitters--Kimchi Blue Paperbag Trousers }

Cute, huh?
Love that high waisted that voluminous rosey sweater.

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maternity pics are in :-)

Here's a few of my favorites!!!
We had so much fun with our friends, the Loughran's on Saturday afternoon shooting these!
I can't wait to frame a few for the nursery! I am glad I did these, so I can look back when the belly is long gone and remember what it was like to feel him kicking around in there.
I do have to say....I didn't quite realize how large the belly was until I saw these...haha.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, July 11, 2011

cute little bits of ink.

These images of sweet little bits of ink are killing me.
Must add some ink to this bar skin of mine. Just a little. Color wheel...are you kidding me...i die.
I've got a little plan (after this cute little bundle o love removes himself from my uterus of course)....nothing crazy.
But, come on, these are pretty whimsical, no?

:: peace & love ::

via here & here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

maternity pics!!

{ me, attempting to work the belly }
{ OPI for Sephora, Caliente Coral }

Not even really a "sneak peak", just yet. I couldn't help sharing a little shot my bestie snapped of me during my little belly picture shoot with our friends, the Loughran's. It just so happens that my bestest's husband is talented behind the leanse, lucky us. We spent the later afternoon shooting some pic's of the ever growing belly! I am excited to see them, we had lots of fun & I'm just hoping for some fab pics in which I don't look as big as I sometimes feel ;-) haha.
In anticipation of this photo shoot, I got my nails did...shooting for the orange obsession I was having, I picked Caliente Coral by OPI for Sephora. Love it...not quite as neon as Claire's, but I love it anyway....I'll try to find neon next time :-)
Hoping I can share the pics with you soon! Happy weekend.

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer braid

guess what I'm doing to my hair tomorrow!? Yup....this braid. Thanks Free People :-)
Now...if only I could figure out where the heck she got that adorable gold deer ring, I would be one happy camper.

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Loving anything orange right now!
I would just snap that shift dress right up, but I don't think my 32 weeks belly would fit.
Neon nails...oh I think so. This will be the first thing to happen ;-)
Orange pants...when I have a waist again I might just try you out...with a chambray shirt and leather sandals?!
Such a bright summery color, wouldn't you say?

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Love Organics { sold }

** update -- after contemplation & more information on key ingredients in each product, I tacked on the serum & scrub.......super stoked. I couldn't help myself! **

{ One Love Organics, Skin Savior balm }

Popped over to one of my favorite blogs Lovely Morning & what do I see? A rave review (with a mighty compelling analysis) of One Love Organics products. So I read Kristina's post....feeling a bit sold already just imagining the rich & lovely consistency of the products, fabulously pure ingredients & to die for perfectly simple packaging.
Then....pop over to 100 Layer Cake's blog about their Pop Up Shop offering a sale (like 50% retail) on these I read on, observe flawlessly styled shoot of the beautiful gals of 100 layer cake having a lovely time (in adorable robes) playing with the product, drinking tea (amongst coral peonies) & wearing accessories. I mean, come on....
Then....pop over to One Love Organics site to read more about ingredients (I'm an Esthetician, must read ingredients), impressed with the pure and simple nature of the products, the rave reviews & said adorably perfect styling...I order the Skin Savior.
Tempted to order the whole she-bang, but I'll start with the balm (Kristina says she uses it on her son Dashiell for diaper rash & dry skin). 2 birds, one stone...what what!?!??!
Can't wait to get my balm :-) Shiny, dewy, glowy fabulous skin here I come (and baby of course).

:: peace & love ::

weekend wrap up

This weekend was spent....
{ contemplating some pretty cute dresses @ Target, hey, if it's fits....I like it }
{ spending a lovely day at my bestest's parents yummy salt water pool }
{ attending 1 very cute Indian themed bday (feather head dresses & all) for a little 1 year old named Lola }
{ walking the Bob Jones trail with the hubs on the 4th }
{ drinking an iced Dragonfly latte at Amsterdam }
{ watching the hubs beer taste at my favorite local brewery Central Coast Brewing...torture }

And the verdict is...
Yes to 2 very cute (and comfy) maxi dresses at Target.
A pretty lovely golden brown tan from sunning at the pool with my lady love.
Took home a pretty feather head dress that I am seriously tempted to wear somewhere again.
Got lots of "that thing looks like it's ready to HATCH" (srsly!?), and "are you having that baby today?", and "how many more weeks?" from strangers observing my 32 weeks belly through my fitted tank on the Bob Jones trail for the 4th.
Took home a growler of Catch 23 from Central Coast Brewing that I am most definitely having at least a sip of (come on) once the hubs breaks it open.

Good weekend of sun, salt water, friends & precious time spend with the love of my life before it's not just him & me anymore....Hope your 4th was warm & festive :-)

:: peace & love ::

Friday, July 1, 2011

summer product lovin'

{ carry along's }
{ product love }

I thought I would share my favorite products/accessories during these hot summer months. Not to say that I use all of these every single day; or that I don't use other products that aren't here. These are front runners for me right now--here it goes,

Fedora--mine is soft sea grass, bendable & comfy so you can lay down in it (just bend the back down), or stuff it in your beach bag. From Gap over a year ago.
Scarf--for the new favorite Turban. Escape doing your hair, having the sun bleach out your strategically placed 'melting', and generally rock a pretty fun look.
Sunnies--my shades of choice are from Ray Ban. I have their 80's way farer, a slightly smaller frame that doesn't tilt away from your face. I'm in love with them. Although I must admit am in the market for a tortoise-y cat eye if I find one that pleases me.
Beach Towel--mine is ginatly over-sized, & brightly colored. And why wouldn't it be?!
OPI--nothing better than a fun mani/pedi when you've got your feet in the sand & sun. My favorite this summer is the Pirate's of the Caribbean line, but especially Mermaid Tears & Stranger Tides.
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray--spray in after the pool to revive the wave....actually mixes well with a little grease, sun-screen & chlorine...haha.
Giant beach bag--mine is large, and covered in sea foam colored stripes. From Gap like 10 years ago!
Shu Umera Chamomile toner--I keep mine the the refrigerator & spritz my face, neck & decolate after soaking in the sun, or just a long day. It's cool & smells faintly of chamomile refreshing.
Aveda Hair Veil--(orange spritz bottle) spray in hair after styling, or once air dried. Like a sunscreen for the hair, protects color & scalp from the rays.
Smith's Rosebud Salve--a staple in my bed-side drawer. I sleep with this on my lips every night, but also find it handy for any skin that is chapped or dry.
Aveda Green Science eye cream--a must before bed...but now that I'm getting so much sun, my skin is parched by the end of the day & drinks this up the minute it hits my face.
Aveda Tinted Moisturizer--I love this for weekends and days off. Just the smallest hint of coverage, creamy texture that soaks into sun drenched skin & spf 15.
Aveda--beautifying composition. This is a MIRACLE product. I put it in my hair if it feels dry. Sleep with it in my hair if I know I'm washing it the next day (like a lot of least a quarter sized massaged into palms then worked from scalp to ends)...also use it as a body moisturizer. It leaves a faint sheen on the skin (not greasy), smells of lavender & makes skin feel like butter.
Fresh Fig Apricot perfume--sweet & nostalgic...perfect for summer.
Aveda--Exfoliant. Perfectly refreshing for the skin. A liquid exfoliator that uses salicylic instead of abrasive grainy beads that are harsh on the skin. I use this every morning before I do anything else to my face. It's a life saver.
Aveda Caribbean therapy flower water--since dis-continued (oh aveda), again I keep this in the refrigerator & spritz my hair & body down with it when I come in out of the sun. I hate that hot, sticky, parched skin feeling you get from the sun, salt & chlorine. This & the chamomile toner re hydrate skin making it feel soft & supple again.
Clarisonic Mia--use this a few times a week with my cleanser at night. Buffs away dull & dry skin cells, leaving your skin softer and more luminous. yes, please.

So folks...there's always more in the land of products in my bath room....but I'll spare you all the details of my over obsessive product love. I like summer to feel easy, breezy, refreshing & hydrating. Not always easy when sun, surf, chlorine & sun screen have anything to do with it.