Tuesday, July 5, 2011

weekend wrap up

This weekend was spent....
{ contemplating some pretty cute dresses @ Target, hey, if it's fits....I like it }
{ spending a lovely day at my bestest's parents yummy salt water pool }
{ attending 1 very cute Indian themed bday (feather head dresses & all) for a little 1 year old named Lola }
{ walking the Bob Jones trail with the hubs on the 4th }
{ drinking an iced Dragonfly latte at Amsterdam }
{ watching the hubs beer taste at my favorite local brewery Central Coast Brewing...torture }

And the verdict is...
Yes to 2 very cute (and comfy) maxi dresses at Target.
A pretty lovely golden brown tan from sunning at the pool with my lady love.
Took home a pretty feather head dress that I am seriously tempted to wear somewhere again.
Got lots of "that thing looks like it's ready to HATCH" (srsly!?), and "are you having that baby today?", and "how many more weeks?" from strangers observing my 32 weeks belly through my fitted tank on the Bob Jones trail for the 4th.
Took home a growler of Catch 23 from Central Coast Brewing that I am most definitely having at least a sip of (come on) once the hubs breaks it open.

Good weekend of sun, salt water, friends & precious time spend with the love of my life before it's not just him & me anymore....Hope your 4th was warm & festive :-)

:: peace & love ::

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