Monday, March 28, 2011

18 Weeks!!

18 Weeks!!
What's new...
I think I may want one of those "I'm getting uncomfortable" maternity sleeping pillow things.
They say I should be starting to feel you in there little love (either now or in the next few weeks).
You're getting a sweet potato now & I read somewhere that I can pump the jams through headphones on my belly, because you can hear it. Get ready for some classic rock & a little no doubt (momma loves Gwen Stefani). ;-)
We find out if you're a girl or a boy in two weeks.......we weren't going to originally, I think it's so super rad when people choose not to. But, dag-namit we're curious, and I can't help myself, I want to decorate a nursery for you with some gender specific-ness to it!
People are starting to ask me "So, do people touch you now?" I swear I heard that question about 5 times the other funny, so weird. Oh, and for the strangers have reached out and fondled me just yet. However, a lady offered me a seat the other day...awkward (and nice), but do I look like I need a load off?

We love you little one....can't wait to learn more about you!


the parentals.

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If Baby is a Boy...

Here's what the nursery would look like if baby is a boy!!

Colors: all blues, with some citron, black & white accents :-)

Keeping with the slight sea life pieces. Would be using the same white Jenny Lind crib. Contemplating if that blue & citron bedding is 'manly' enough...but I love that little pop of green it adds. What do you think?

This whole thing is so fun, thinking up decor, colors & pieces! I love it. We find out baby's gender April 11th, we can't wait, obviously.

:: peace & love ::

If Baby is a Girl...

If baby is a girl...her nursery will look a little something like this!!
Set made on Polyvore, crib made by Jenny Lind :-)

Colors I'll be using--pinks, yellow, tangerine, grey!
I have a few prints picked out on etsy, but polyvore wouldn't clip them :-( They are all ocean themed; a whale, jellyfish, shark & a tug boat! Along with some a cute octopus print pillow, although that Jonathan Adler 'happy' pillow would seriously rock my world.

We've been thinking up baby names too....can't decide if I should post our possibles or not? What do you think :-)

*"If Baby is a Boy!" to come soon!!!!!!!

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, March 17, 2011

work in progress

In reference to my previous post about trying to take a more interesting bump pic......
I tried....but I am having one of 'those' days....maybe it was my post hour in a half walk ponytail, or maybe it's the gelato I ate yest, but I just wasn't feelin' it.
I'll try again, hopefully with more luck.

Happy st. patt's people!

:: peace & love ::
Go {here} if these pretty puppies awe you as much as they do me.
In the words of Rachel Zoe...I die ;-)

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 weeks :-)

I was 16 weeks this past Saturday!!! I decided to document it with a bump picture, I want to start taking weekly pics so I can see just how much I grow from week to week. I think I've got a pretty cute idea for something a bit more creative that me-my bathroom-plethora of Aveda products in my shower-& a lone TP roll. Haha.
Stay tuned...Might come up with something fun tomorrow ;-)
OH--we got to listen to the heart beat for the first time Monday...........gasp. It is the sweetest noise I've ever heard (easy cheesy, lol) but it's true!
I'm so in love with this little babes already

:: peace & love ::

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bride's maid attire for Nelly's wedding!

{ Nelly's wedding, June 25th }

Tis the summer for weddings with our friends! To start this wedding season off right is my dear friend Danielle's wedding June 25th.
There have been many an email about bride's maid dress selection (Nell was so sweet to even ask our opinion & take suggestions if you ask me). After much debate (and the issue of my 7 months pregnant belly getting in the way of a cinched in waistline), I believe we have settled on this beautiful Nanette Lepore number!
I love it, everyone else loves it & Nell's friend works for Nanette (discount) not sure....we shall see.
I put together a little collection of goodies...just for fun.
Light pink mani/pedi
Kate Spade necklace (maybe too much with the one shoulder...and way too expensive for me right now, but dang that yellow & coral look good together).
Pellegrino (my mock-tail..sad).

I can't wait :-) Thanks for getting married D & giving me a good excuse to look pretty (and wear heals while preggo). xoxoxoxox

:: peace & love ::


{ House made granola with fruit & soy milk }
{ "Sunday Staple", everything bagel, lox, cream cheese, cucumber, capers }
{ Ray of Freakin' Sunshine }

Breakfast this morning was exciting!!
Woke up extra early to pick Marissa up for breaki at Sally Loo's near the train station downtown. Everything looked amazing, Marissa got the granola with fruit & soy milk. I had to go for the Sunday Staple bagel. I ordered an everything bagel, and put lox, cucumbers & capers on top of my cream cheese. I was insane.....just insane. Exactly what I was hoping for.
Oh ya, and a Ray of Freakin' exactly that. I just got one shot (don't want to over load baby with too much caffeine) and milk (latte effect), infused with orange & topped with orange zest. Um...........
It made my morning :-) Yay to breaki with wonderful friends, yay to amazing bagels topped with my favorite things & yay to the beautiful morning sun.
Hope your Friday was fantastical
Happy weekend lovlies!!

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, March 10, 2011

lets choose a baby bag!!

Technically two of these bag aren't even 'baby bags', but hey, does it really matter. (Do feel free to actually answer that question if it does)...I need to know.
I'm going to optimistically assume that it doesn't. Given that, I have found these options (I know I had posted this bag long ago...but a $500 baby bag just isn't going to happen right now). I'm considering myself lucky if one of these can happen. As long as I don't have to resort to carrying around a reusable Trader Joe's bag, I'll be a happy camper.
Back to these bags--
The top is my front runner as of a few minutes ago when I decided to check in on the new Kate Spade site layout. Um....It's perfection...wish it had a cross body strap, but I can get over it for that pop of yellow. droooool.
Marc by Marc diaper bag....functional, not hideous...comes in many colors (I would not personally choose the pink) but Piperlime carries a nice Grey color that I would like.
Pendleton buckle bag, pretty, durable, large. Might be a little deep (given it's not a baby bag, might lose stuff in the depths) bc I'm assuming the pocket/compartment situation isn't made for bottles/binkies/diapers/blankets/toys etc.
That's what I've got folks...
I'm really not too into the whole plastic covered things you see everywhere...although I gather how that would be extremely beneficial.
Help me out...
Any other suggestions!?

:: peace & love ::


Breakfast Thursday is a take on Huevos Rancheros

corn tortilla
egg (local, organic)
cilantro (local, organic)
black beans
red bell pepper (local, organic)
white onion (local, organic)
extra virgin olive oil
vinegar (used apple cider this time)

Heat tortilla in skillet with evoo (gettin' all Rachel Ray on ya), put veggie mixture (everything except egg) on top of tortilla, top with fried or poached egg (top with more Tapatillo) always better with more tapatillo if you ask me.

so yum, reallly!

:: peace & love ::

*Friday breaki will be fun, going to an undisclosed location with besti Marissa....she won't tell me where we're going, only says it's amazing. Mandatory ordering is going to include something called "A Ray of Freakin' Sunshine"
sounds good to me :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Breakfast Wednesday (that picture looks familiar doesn't it?) ha.

Smoothie--Kefir (plain) from TJ's, frozen mango & miracle whey protein powder in banana flavor.
Ezikiel toast with silver herb goat cheese from TJ's & organic avocado (yum).
much much better with avocado in the mix.

Decided to do a repeat of yesterday, but don't be too bored because tomorrow will be different & much more interesting.
I have plans make a rad breakfast on Thursday ;-)

:: peace & love ::

and I'm off to work. P.s. so far the Dansko's have been great, minus my girlie's making fun of me a bit (it's to be expected).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I recently saw a post on breakfast over on Jora's blog. I LOVE breakfast, it's by far my favorite meal, so I thought I would share my breaki all week!!

Breakfast Tuesday--
Smoothie (in magic bullet)--Kefir (plain) from TJ's. Frozen mango & banana whey protein powder.
Ezikiel toast with herb goat cheese (from TJ's).

*really hoping for avocado on this one, but alas, we were out :-(

What are your go-to's & favorites for breakfast!?

:: peace & love ::

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nails for Nell's weekend bachelorette!

{ Santa Barbara, sun, fresh pedicure }

Starting Friday was one of my favorite girli's bachelorette weekend getaway!! Unfortunatly for me staggering doctor's bills & that little fact that preggo peeps can't really hit the club seen in the same way as a non preggo peep; kept me home until Sunday.
I headed to SB early Sunday morning to join the the spa fun that one of her lovely friends had put together at the house they stayed at! Portable spa....perfect!
I think I came in at the end of a very long (and very fun) weekend, but non-the-less it was so nice to meet all the other girls before the wedding (yay, June 25th!!). Got my pedicure with OPI's saphire in the snow :-) Proceeded to check out the beautiful house they had rented, and it's amazing garden out back!
I felt so bad that I couldn't partake in the whole weekend :-( I hope I'm not 'that person' who's absent from the festivities...but I did my best, and had so much fun. Lucky for me the drive is pretty short and very beautiful!
So glad you had lots of fun D, you have a really fabulous set of girli's you call your friends :-)

:: peace & love ::

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I had high hopes for a pair of regular (preferably Jcrew) flats doing the trick for these little feetsies...
By Friday however, my feet had another plan. After working my last day of the week on those concrete floors they were OVER it. Big time.
By 12 my feet were aching so badly, by 2 I felt like I was trying to stand on my toes just to avoid putting pressure on my heals. By the time I got home, made dinner, and finally sat down around 7, I put my feet up with an ice pack only to realize I had some (very) mild 'cankles' going on.
My poor little feet were so swollen :-( I iced them for at least an frustrated that I am having this issue at all, grrrr.
Then came to the realization that cute little (no support) Jcrew flats just weren't going to cut it. I googled up some options, asked a few mommy friends for suggestions, and came up with these!
Dansko Sissy sandals. I actually think they are kinda cute....and if you've ever bothered to shop for 'comfort' shoes, you would think so too. Because the alternatives are absolutely ridiculous!
We'll see on Tuesday if they will work magic (I really hope so!), because I don't know what I am supposed to do if they don't.

Hopefully my metaphorical 'cool factor' doesn't decrease rapidly because of my dansko's!! (hahahahaha..........that's a joke people, I'm not assuming I have a cool factor)....kinda ;-)

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, March 3, 2011

lets talk about

I'm into my second trimester now, and I work in a salon that thinks having solid concrete flooring is rad. It looks pretty, don't get me wrong, but effing OUCH! After 8 hours of those floors, along with being pregnant (more blood, retaining water etc.) my feet are just aching from the inside out. It's only going to get harder for my little feetsies, so I must find a (fashionable) solution.
i.e. I refuse to wear hideous white nurse shoes (no offense nurses), you must admit they go much better with scrubs than an Aveda dress code ;-)
Solution....purchase some beautiful, well made flats & add a cushy insole. It's mainly my heels that have been bothering me. What do you think? Is my plan a good one, or do I need to bite the hypothetical bullet & buy some form of 'comfort' shoes?
I hope not....but I will if I have too...grrr.

:: peace & love ::