Saturday, March 5, 2011


I had high hopes for a pair of regular (preferably Jcrew) flats doing the trick for these little feetsies...
By Friday however, my feet had another plan. After working my last day of the week on those concrete floors they were OVER it. Big time.
By 12 my feet were aching so badly, by 2 I felt like I was trying to stand on my toes just to avoid putting pressure on my heals. By the time I got home, made dinner, and finally sat down around 7, I put my feet up with an ice pack only to realize I had some (very) mild 'cankles' going on.
My poor little feet were so swollen :-( I iced them for at least an frustrated that I am having this issue at all, grrrr.
Then came to the realization that cute little (no support) Jcrew flats just weren't going to cut it. I googled up some options, asked a few mommy friends for suggestions, and came up with these!
Dansko Sissy sandals. I actually think they are kinda cute....and if you've ever bothered to shop for 'comfort' shoes, you would think so too. Because the alternatives are absolutely ridiculous!
We'll see on Tuesday if they will work magic (I really hope so!), because I don't know what I am supposed to do if they don't.

Hopefully my metaphorical 'cool factor' doesn't decrease rapidly because of my dansko's!! (hahahahaha..........that's a joke people, I'm not assuming I have a cool factor)....kinda ;-)

:: peace & love ::


claire said...

I'm "in lust" with the J.Crew sandals but damn, they're expensive! These ones you have are way cute! :)

Katie said...

Hi Claire!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) And YES indeed, those Jcrew sandals kill me...but they certainly aren't cheap!