Thursday, March 10, 2011

lets choose a baby bag!!

Technically two of these bag aren't even 'baby bags', but hey, does it really matter. (Do feel free to actually answer that question if it does)...I need to know.
I'm going to optimistically assume that it doesn't. Given that, I have found these options (I know I had posted this bag long ago...but a $500 baby bag just isn't going to happen right now). I'm considering myself lucky if one of these can happen. As long as I don't have to resort to carrying around a reusable Trader Joe's bag, I'll be a happy camper.
Back to these bags--
The top is my front runner as of a few minutes ago when I decided to check in on the new Kate Spade site layout. Um....It's perfection...wish it had a cross body strap, but I can get over it for that pop of yellow. droooool.
Marc by Marc diaper bag....functional, not hideous...comes in many colors (I would not personally choose the pink) but Piperlime carries a nice Grey color that I would like.
Pendleton buckle bag, pretty, durable, large. Might be a little deep (given it's not a baby bag, might lose stuff in the depths) bc I'm assuming the pocket/compartment situation isn't made for bottles/binkies/diapers/blankets/toys etc.
That's what I've got folks...
I'm really not too into the whole plastic covered things you see everywhere...although I gather how that would be extremely beneficial.
Help me out...
Any other suggestions!?

:: peace & love ::


The Loughran's said...

The yellow... duh! :)

Katie said...

yayaya! I think so too...wonder if Kate spade would send me a yellow cross body strap if I BEGGED them for one!? I think so... lol

Caitlin said...

The plasticy inside isn't all that important, just make sure it's durable (because you will be carrying lots of stuff at all times!) and preferably has lots of pockets!! I like all of your choices though, especially the Marc bag.