Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bridal party wears courtesy of Amanda Archer

Yaaaaaaaa!!!!! I decided on this design from Amanda Archer, and after she sent me some beautiful swatches, I'll be going with an amazing mint green pique fabric for them!!! I honestly couldn't be happier, they are so gorgeous, my ladies will look lovely...they have pockets and a ruffly collar to boot : )
* happy dance *

:: peace and love ::

Mok Duk

Loving these fun, colorful and casual invites from Mok Duk!!! There will be no cream or ivory...no ribbons or bows made of silk here.....and do I see a bit of mint green and yellow...all topped off with the brown paper envelopes!!!! *sigh*...well they are very pretty aren't they!
We are getting ready to make some big decisions for the wedding so I'll be posting on those shortly. It's hard to settle on one thing when it comes to those big decisions.....I only get to make them once...I start getting nervous hoping I'll make the right one (am I being silly!??!) haha.
Happy Tuesday....gosh it's been a while since my last post...feeling a bit busy and slightly un inspired blog wise!

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rachel Thurston Wonder

Check out these AMAZING photos by Rachel Thurston over on Once Wed!!! I just saved about 5 in my *wedding insp. folder!!!!! love love love the vintage finish on the photos...it's exactly what I'm looking for.

:: peace and love ::

Which Goose.....so pretty!!

How pretty are these!?!! I really wish I could rock a snazzy headband frequently....(who says I can't right!?). Regardless....if I do get the cahones* to start this up, these are the ones I would want! Go on over to Which Goose and check them (and many, many more) out here!

:: peace and love ::

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plants Potted (finally!)

I finally got around to potting my plants this last weekend!! I got two white pots from Ikea (and I need more....hrmm...) while the beautiful 18'' yellow ceramic pot is from a local nursery called Pacific Home and Garden's. For now the bigger of the two Agave plants and a beautiful little purple succulent are residing in there until I find more white pots for them....I found the yellow one a while back, got around to buying it with the justification that it will be perfect for the wedding (somewhere....). I think they look cute and they 'cozy up' our little pad!

:: peace and love ::

(p.s. we may be moving to a bigger space (WITH A YARD!!!!) yayaya...if so, I will be blogging up a storm about starting my garden (finally....I can't wait!) hope it all works out!)

our little sanctuary/refueling station

Welcome to Linea's Cafe!!!! It's our favorite little spot in SLO...with good coffee...yummy little salads and home made muffins and croissants (as well as 'espresso eggs' and breakfast burritos)....it's such an amazing little place. I have been going to Linea's since I was a baby (I'm a local) and it really hasn't changed at all...still beautiful..lush..has a Koi pond that toddlers find just as interesting as I once did........I could go on and on...
I finally got around to snapping some pics (again...on my phone...quality=bad, sorry!) while we were there for breakfast and coffee the other morning! It instantly relaxes me and brings me back...it has such a wonderful atmosphere there and it always has!
You must go if you are visiting!!

:: peace and love ::

rose soda :: am i dreaming!?

{ picture from Jeana Sohn}
Hi.....rose soda....were you made just for me!? no, but really, on a serious note...does anyone know where I can buy this stuff in bulk...i'm thinking it's perf. for a bridesmaid's luncheon or something....can't wait to try it...it must be delicious!!!

:: peace and love ::

engagement session wears!

no....i don't have a photographer 'just' yet...working on it and entertaining many options....so many amazing photogs out there!! HOWEVER....I did happen upon this Tory Burch dress and Vivienne Westwood jelly heals (imagine that!?) and am seriously obsessed with both--perhaps together--perhaps for our engagement session, whenever that occurs!! I do know that I 'need' both pieces in my closet a.s.a.p. if not for engagements--just in general...because I will for sure be wearing those snazzy little heals for everything imaginable.

:: peace and love ::

*my love of Tory Burch is well documented....see it here. (one might say it parallels the obsession I have with Nina Garcia....but let's not get carried away!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decor love

well I haven't downloaded many pics I've been wanting to share with you (I finally potted my plants in pretty white pots from Ikea!!) so I am going to post some of the decor photos that I've saved here and there that inspire me! ((I am soo very bad with saving where images are from...I will work on that...I'm sorry...so if you know of where one of these is from, please let me know, I like to give credit when I can!). I do know the bottom is from Apartment Therapy. I love graphic, modern, clean and fresh design...all of these exemplify that to some extent, I also love color and am very picky about them in my home (not saying my home is perf. far from in fact...but hey...story of life right...work in progress.) I love the color and print of the wallpaper in the first one...the pillows and refinished stool in the second...the clean white lines of the desk area and the amazing graphic rug and modern coffee table in the last!!

Enjoy and happy Thursday! (it's my favorite day of the week...along with Sunday!)

:: peace and love ::

Monday, June 8, 2009

Linda & Harriett lovliness

I've been admiring Linda & Harriett's work for sometime now...especially loving their citron zig zag note card and the lined envelopes they offer! I'm craving a fresh idea...craving to choose or find something that is new...and un done. I just don't want all my choices to directly mimic things that have already been done....hmmmm? If anyone knows of a lovely modern, fresh and whimsical paper goods and invitation company please let me know!!!
**I'll be posting more later...but Kelly from yes, please had an *Amazing* wedding that I gushed about in a previous post had also decided on growing her own succulents and using them as centerpieces. The pots that she found were perfection and exactly what I was hoping for...she was kind enough to tell me she got the pots at Ikea (!! perf. we were just there!) and I was able to snag quite a few this weekend for myself. THANK YOU KELLY....I feel so happy to have found those (at $3/ pot no less....it would never have gotten cheaper than that!). See the pots used in her wedding here. : )

:: peace and love ::

Saturday, June 6, 2009

inspiration board -- sneak peak !!

Happy Saturday...Just thought I would post a little snippet of my inspiration board before we take off for SF ;-) I try to re do the board often, saving little pieces of magazines and articles that are inspiring by either their content or their colors and images!! It's something I have fun with, and I'm really loving the one I have right now. Enjoy the weekend everyone, I know I will. (please excuse the poor pic quality...it's from my phone!)

:: peace and love ::

Friday, June 5, 2009

{ SF :: and Ikea driveby }

We're off to San Francisco for an A's game this weekend...staying at the Villa Florence hotel and going to Ikea on Sunday to hopefully find and grab some of these goodies above (I'm really hoping for a new media station...bedside tables...and a chest of drawers...but let's try not to get *carried away). I'm hoping for a wonderful and relaxing trip with my honey...a lovely get together with our very good friend Mara (Ashlee has suggested the Bubble Lounge), for the A's to win of course....and good weather! Happy Weekend everyone : )

:: peace and love ::

*carried away :: something I do often.....

:::: More Wedding Inspirations ::::

I've been eyeing these images for a bit now...meticulously saving my favorites for inspiration later...well, I've decided that they needed to be shared (along with everyone else in the blogosphere...) the pics are obviously amazing...the feeling they evoke is lovely and peaceful. I just want to spend a day inside every frame, perhaps I can create this atmosphere for a shower..or bridesmaid's luncheon...because it certainly is magical!! Check out the rest (you wont be able to stop looking...at Once Wed). Photos by the insanely talented Tec Petaja.

:: peace and love ::


Hi....my dream photographer...where have you been *all my life---I had to say it, even though it makes no sense. But seriously...wow...I really am in love with these pics...it's exactly what I want....lets see if I can rope this ever popular Max Wanger into shooting my engagement and wedding pics....*HA...we shall see. He's probably booked for the next 5 years. Wish me luck! Pics by Max Wanger via 100 Layer Cake !!

:: peace and love ::