Monday, June 8, 2009

Linda & Harriett lovliness

I've been admiring Linda & Harriett's work for sometime now...especially loving their citron zig zag note card and the lined envelopes they offer! I'm craving a fresh idea...craving to choose or find something that is new...and un done. I just don't want all my choices to directly mimic things that have already been done....hmmmm? If anyone knows of a lovely modern, fresh and whimsical paper goods and invitation company please let me know!!!
**I'll be posting more later...but Kelly from yes, please had an *Amazing* wedding that I gushed about in a previous post had also decided on growing her own succulents and using them as centerpieces. The pots that she found were perfection and exactly what I was hoping for...she was kind enough to tell me she got the pots at Ikea (!! perf. we were just there!) and I was able to snag quite a few this weekend for myself. THANK YOU KELLY....I feel so happy to have found those (at $3/ pot no would never have gotten cheaper than that!). See the pots used in her wedding here. : )

:: peace and love ::

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yes, please said...

yay! you found the pots - that's fantastic news!