Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decor love

well I haven't downloaded many pics I've been wanting to share with you (I finally potted my plants in pretty white pots from Ikea!!) so I am going to post some of the decor photos that I've saved here and there that inspire me! ((I am soo very bad with saving where images are from...I will work on that...I'm if you know of where one of these is from, please let me know, I like to give credit when I can!). I do know the bottom is from Apartment Therapy. I love graphic, modern, clean and fresh design...all of these exemplify that to some extent, I also love color and am very picky about them in my home (not saying my home is perf. far from in fact...but hey...story of life in progress.) I love the color and print of the wallpaper in the first one...the pillows and refinished stool in the second...the clean white lines of the desk area and the amazing graphic rug and modern coffee table in the last!!

Enjoy and happy Thursday! (it's my favorite day of the week...along with Sunday!)

:: peace and love ::

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