Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pillow fight delight

Check out this remarkable engagement shoot of Mary + Stefan from Erin Hearts Court...balloons, a pillow fight....a carnival and two beautiful people....ahhhh just lovely!

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it's on my list...

The lettuce we planted when we first moved in has bolted and flowered and on it's way out the door. Time for some winter veggies, turnips, eggplants, kale, swiss chard.....I can't wait to get planting!!!! It's going to be so yummy : )

:: peace and love ::
{top pic-dimple arts photography, second-home ideas, third-glorious gardens-chicago tribune.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ohhh....to have great style

Ohhhh Giovanna Battaglia....I love you *almost* as much as Nina (see here and here). Eyi yei, she is insanely fabulous....L'Uomo's Vogue editor is inspiring in her fashion sense and general confidence. Love love.....

:: peace and love ::

{ pic's from Garance Dore and the Sartorialist }

Sunday, October 18, 2009

let me grab my glasses....

I don't have any vision dis-abilities...but that in now way means that I don't love myself a pair of fantastically nerdy reading glasses. They don't get too much better than these....ahh...tortoise, chunky framed delights. Lovely.....

:: peace and love ::

{pic from Olsen's Anonymous}.

Friday, October 16, 2009

to credenza...or not to credenza??

sooooo.....we've got a bit more space in our new place than we've had before...and there is definitely room for a lovely credenza (sideboard...what's the difference really?)....there are oh so many that I love, but this one from Crate and Barrel grabs me for it's modern and slightly deco pairing of walnut and white. Now comes the question, am I wanting a credenza because it would be handy and useful in our space....or do I simply just 'want' this credenza? hrm........who knows?
Happy Weekend lovelies ;-)

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the ever-continuing bag debate!!

{Jcrew Ryder satchel}

{B. Makowsky tote}
{Clare Vivier messenger bag}

Well...I still haven't gotten a bag....apparently I am indecisive, and with all the different shapes, colors, textures and styles it's near impossible to settle on something. The past few bags I've had have been hobo style...and I think that I am 'over it'...wanting something a stitch more structured.....or interesting...or something. See what I mean...indecisive.
Ahh....help please. (( I am leaning towards the Jcrew Ryder satchel...but now...what color!?!))
:: peace and love ::

reasons i love fall

It has been rainy and windy (and absolutely delightful) here on the CC for the past two days...and I couldn't be happier about it : ) Here are some nonsensical reasons I love fall ::
1. the changing of the leaves...just so so beautiful to peak down a street lined with orange, red and yellow leaves...
2. that tell tale warm breeze that blows around in the air
3. the 'pumpkin spice' lattes that magically appear at the coffee houses.
4. that urge to stay inside and bundle up...instead of doing all those 'necessary' things...like going to work...or running errands (argh....)
5. layering---i love love love my scarves, jackets, boots and hats...and seriously wait all year to put them on again for fall and winter..
6. having a fire---there is nothing better than a glass of wine, good company and sitting in front of a crackling fire when it's cold outside! (sub. wine for cocoa...or whatever...it's all yummy anyway).
I'm sure there are so many more..but here's a few of my favorites : )
Happy Fall

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ohhh that veil !!!!!!

Ei yei yei....this vintage inspired bridal session by Clayton photographers is insane!!!! I can't get over the lighting, and that veil (it's seriously delicious!).....I was thinking no veil...but I may have to re consider--Happy Wednesday everyone! : )

:: peace and love ::

* session found via Green Wedding Shoes.........couldn't resist posting a little love of my own!!!