Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the ever-continuing bag debate!!

{Jcrew Ryder satchel}

{B. Makowsky tote}
{Clare Vivier messenger bag}

Well...I still haven't gotten a bag....apparently I am indecisive, and with all the different shapes, colors, textures and styles it's near impossible to settle on something. The past few bags I've had have been hobo style...and I think that I am 'over it'...wanting something a stitch more structured.....or interesting...or something. See what I mean...indecisive. please. (( I am leaning towards the Jcrew Ryder satchel...but now...what color!?!))
:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

What did you decide? I like the Ryder and the Vivier!

c in chicago