Wednesday, October 14, 2009

reasons i love fall

It has been rainy and windy (and absolutely delightful) here on the CC for the past two days...and I couldn't be happier about it : ) Here are some nonsensical reasons I love fall ::
1. the changing of the leaves...just so so beautiful to peak down a street lined with orange, red and yellow leaves...
2. that tell tale warm breeze that blows around in the air
3. the 'pumpkin spice' lattes that magically appear at the coffee houses.
4. that urge to stay inside and bundle up...instead of doing all those 'necessary' going to work...or running errands (argh....)
5. layering---i love love love my scarves, jackets, boots and hats...and seriously wait all year to put them on again for fall and winter..
6. having a fire---there is nothing better than a glass of wine, good company and sitting in front of a crackling fire when it's cold outside! (sub. wine for cocoa...or's all yummy anyway).
I'm sure there are so many more..but here's a few of my favorites : )
Happy Fall

:: peace and love ::

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