Monday, August 31, 2009

the weekend

It was a sweltering weekend here on the central coast!!!! I went wedding dress shopping for the first time (!!!!) which was fun, but I really can't wait to do more. We decided to pull together a little bbq Sunday night for ourselves; we started it out with some brie, toasted olive oil bread, black berries and figs (it was so good...seriously), and then had our bbq amazing(ness) which was salmon and asparagus.
The weekend also contained some very sad aspects, we will be holding a dear friend in our thoughts and wishing for things to get better. Sometimes we are reminded that life can take un expected turns, it makes me grateful for my health and that of my family, but more so it makes me wish I could spread that health and stability where it's needed. 'This too shall pass'.
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wishing for this....

Wishing that I had a collage of beautiful fleshy lovlies like these winding their way through my backyard.......why do succulents make me so v. v. happy!? Happy Thursday's a hot one here on the central coast : )

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Needless to say (Wonderland, Ca) I am OBsessed with all things Alice In Wonderland!!! It's my fav. Disney movie....I've been dying to have a Wonderland themed bday for a few years now (I've never had a themed bday for the record...) but it sure sounds nice! So you can imagine how *flippin' stoked* I am to see that Tim Burton is going to be in charge of making this new version a little bit twisted...colorful... and creepy!! I can't wait (I suppose having to watch Jonny Depp doesn't really hurt either...I guess...I mean whatever.. ;-) Check out the teaser trailer here and enjoy!!!!

:: peace and love ::

Legging lovin'

I live in my standard black leggings...getting different length variations or little details (buttons on the bottom...blah blah) keep me from feeling like too much of a repeat offender. But seriously.....I have a problem....I have an intense love for leggings and think I just need to take it to the next level!
I'm fully obsessed with the bleach print leggings from Shakuhachi, and the black and white tie dyed version from American Apparel!! On a little side story--every year my family, Wes and I go to a music festival called Strawberry above Yosemite and I'm becoming more convinced that I absolutely need the colored tie dye urban leggings (in general) but especially for the music fest. We are going to have a tie dye party in the next week so we are all decked out and fabulously colorful and comfy for the event!! I'll keep you posted on that little shin dig!

Monday, August 24, 2009

the weekend...sailing!!!!

We were off to Santa Barbara Sunday to go sailing with our friends and had SO much fun!! I didn't even know you can rent a little sailboat for the day and head out into the water!? I learned some sailing lingo (which I would never try to use, for fear that I would inevitably use it in-correctly), but I will say I did my first tack, and am happy that no one ended up in the water!
Now.....if only we could take out that boat from 'Wedding Crashers'............hahaha....
Hope everyone had a wonderful always, it flew by....until next weekend!!!!

:: peace and love ::

Friday, August 21, 2009

new diggs picy's

So here are just a few pics of the new place...we just picked up some pretty new plants to enjoy (I thought I was going to die 'out of excitement' when I saw the Craspedia at the nursery!!!! we have some Basil, chives, lettuce and strawberry's in our little mini garden so far, and am hoping for cilantro, sage, onions and radishes soon!!
I am hoping to remove all the bark in the yard (there from previous tenants) and put in a pretty succulent and grass collage!! I'm hoping for an umbrella and outdoor rug on the deck (to cozy it up a bit). Over all, it's a work in progress, we are having lots of fun putting it all together : )
Happy Friday!

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, August 20, 2009

*sigh* happiness is...

*knowing that you chose a kick ass photographer that seriously takes the most amazing pictures (here's the kicker) all the flippin' time!
I suppose I am bragging a bit..but once you check these pics out, you'll realize that I really can't help myself : )

head on over to Jill's blog, or to Green Wedding Shoes to check out the beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple in Laguna Beach, Ca.
*in case you're curious...our engagements (I'm thinking...hoping) will be in December...ahh..can't wait...

:: peace and love ::


I **finally** have the Internet again (in my own house) and so much to share!!! I will be posting pics of the fun new plants we got for the back yard and our little herb garden (it needs much work...but is so fun to see the beginnings of!).
I will post many more fun details tomorrow...and am SO SO happy to be back (on the Internet that is...)

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, August 16, 2009

phew....moving is not fun!!!

I'm back (we still don't have Internet hooked up in the condo and I feel as though I am dis connected from the world!!!!). We moved in to our new place last weekend and have been loving it so far! We are still in the process of trying to decide what we need design wise, but what we had already looks good in it's new home.
I picked up the prettiest flowers from Open Air for the dining room table, and there is a pot on the deck that is waiting to be filled (with a dwarf citrus I think!!). Happy Sunday, I will try and post some more soon, I think another Ikea trip is in order though : )

:: peace and love ::

Friday, August 7, 2009

what a delight <3

Check out just some of the beautiful and super fun pictures from Josie & Adam's lovely wedding!!!! Despite the fact that all of her details are wonderfully are my favorites--her sunny yellow pumps, the kumquats in her bouquet and the cotton puffs for boutonnieres..........*sigh* can't wait to make all those fun choices...and thanks for the inspiration guys. Check out the rest of their amazing photos here--via Green Wedding Shoes.

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tid bits

I didn't know what to post today, so I figured I would share one of my little sketches I did of a branch. I used a charcoal pencil and I ended up liking the way it turned out. Happy middle of the week, we are getting everything together this week for our *not so big* move across town. Can't wait to share all the fun new(ness) that is personalizing a new space!!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, August 3, 2009

a lazzzzy Monday.....

It has been the laziest of Mondays for me....I didn't even wake up until 10:40 (v. v. weird for me, I usually am up no later than 8 or 9 on my days off)....all dis oriented I made some coffee and proceeded to get lost in the blog world for a few.. I realized that I have posted pics of my (work in progress lv. room) and never of our bedroom. Well....we are almost ready to move into our new space, but I posted a just a few of the bedroom...all hazy in the morning light (and with my limited photography skills).......also a work in progress I suppose.
Happy Monday, lets hope you were more productive today that I have been (so far....)

:: peace and love ::

{ art work from The Black Apple on Etsy, Duvet cover from Ikea, lacquer picture frames from Pottery Barn}...........see more pics here.