Monday, August 3, 2009

a lazzzzy Monday.....

It has been the laziest of Mondays for me....I didn't even wake up until 10:40 (v. v. weird for me, I usually am up no later than 8 or 9 on my days off)....all dis oriented I made some coffee and proceeded to get lost in the blog world for a few.. I realized that I have posted pics of my (work in progress lv. room) and never of our bedroom. Well....we are almost ready to move into our new space, but I posted a just a few of the bedroom...all hazy in the morning light (and with my limited photography skills).......also a work in progress I suppose.
Happy Monday, lets hope you were more productive today that I have been (so far....)

:: peace and love ::

{ art work from The Black Apple on Etsy, Duvet cover from Ikea, lacquer picture frames from Pottery Barn}...........see more pics here.

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