Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Needless to say (Wonderland, Ca) I am OBsessed with all things Alice In Wonderland!!! It's my fav. Disney movie....I've been dying to have a Wonderland themed bday for a few years now (I've never had a themed bday for the record...) but it sure sounds nice! So you can imagine how *flippin' stoked* I am to see that Tim Burton is going to be in charge of making this new version a little bit twisted...colorful... and creepy!! I can't wait (I suppose having to watch Jonny Depp doesn't really hurt either...I guess...I mean whatever.. ;-) Check out the teaser trailer here and enjoy!!!!

:: peace and love ::

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Caitlin, Andrew, and Riley said...

I am also obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and I've always wanted a themed party!!! Ashlee Simpson's themed wedding...Jessica Simpson's themed birthday, I don't know if you have seen any pictures from those but they were both amazing!!