Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mid week musing

{ me in my bargain find }

Hello lovelies!!
1. Found this pretty little dress at Kohls on Monday with my momma. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy for loving total bargain finds (vs. Free people/boutique finds etc), but I've gotta say, I'm loving my giant tent dress (so comfy), and I think it's cute paired with my Cole Haans :-)
2. Thinking I've figured out a design idea for my baby shower invites. Don't judge, I love paper goods and have been known to micro manage (lol), I would say I'm 'helping' my momma in this department, right?!
3. Just a statement that people say the weirdest/inappropriate things to pregnant people. I've gotten the sweetest comments (thank you sweet people), to "are you having twins?". NO, I'm not having twins (!?!?) and how rude. I am not that giant, regardless of what my tent dress says ;-)

Hope Wednesday treated you well, I'm off to dream land in preparation for Thursday.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, May 16, 2011

friendship bracelets

I first found the pic at top on (I think) either Garance Dore or the Sartorialist; and fell in love with not only her bright redish suit, black nails and general chic-ness, but mostly her collection of old school woven friendship bracelets.
Googled up some more images and found all of these fabulous reasons to give this little trend a shot. Hello Etsy (or D.I.Y.) and if you want to glam up this childhood favorite, these.
I can't wait to layer these colorful woven delights up my arm ;-)

:: peace & love ::

Baby needs....

Oh, I think so. Dying over this little crib quilt from here. Graphic cross detail in sunny yellows, flawless stitching, pattered underside..............yes, please!

:: Peace & love ::

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pics i'm loving

la la loving anything bubble gum pink. spiral staircase in this powdery shade of blush.....yes, please!
I MISS COFFEE.........nough' said.
The Ace Palm Springs......vaca in July? The husband and I think so :-)
Emerald green sequined 'reception dress', check.
Hello fiddle leaf fig, and yes hello cobalt velvet chair. Aren't you just a match made in heaven?

That's all....
I'm terrible and save pics in the moment forgetting to save where they're from (thinking "oh, I'll remember"), but I never do. One is linked, but other than that I don't remember where I found these pretties........SORRY, if you know the source, let me know :-)

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

from Cinco to Sunday :-)

Happy Cinco!!!!!!! Usually I would call this "Cindo de Drinko", but not this year (for obvious reasons), never the less, I met up with some of my girlis for drinks (them=amazing looking margaritas, me=sparkling water) & apps at a local restaurant Cielo. Would not recommend going there for food (or anything really) much better places in SLO, but I would highly recommend the company ;-).
Had a sleepless night on Thursday night/Friday morning (pregnancy insomnia?). What to I get for it? An adorable little arrangement of succulents, Craspedia & some marvelous looking little buds of some sort from my Mommacita, who must have felt bad enough for me in my groggy/grouchy morning state. So sweet ;-)

Mother's Day Sunday was spent with my little fam at Castoro Cellars in Paso for free music & not so free wine. We brought a little picnic of salads and cheese, parents and the Mr. bought some wine (and brought some beer) and we just hung out on our little mexican blanket in the fair weather relaxing to the free jams. It was perfection.
Monday (I know...I know, my title says "Cinco to Sunday", you have to admit it flows better than Cinco to Monday) Any way, Monday my momma and I went to my doctor's app in the a.m. (measuring a few weeks bigger than normal, even though I've only gained 4 lbs. feeling nervous, but hoping everything is fine), followed by an hr. at the foot spa (gahhhhhhh...I fell asleep and was apparently snoaring. lol). and a little lunchi at Big Sky where I got the cold sesame ginger noodle salad packed with spinach and other veggies. It was deliciously amazing and I am finding myself trying to plan when I can get that in my tummy again asap!
Friend's "day of the dead" themed wedding on May 28th.........It's going to be super fun and very festive. Dying to wear this Aida Coronado dress......DYING. Not dying to spend the $220 (plus $40 shipping from Mx) on it. :-( Kinda sad. Can you even imagine how comfy and breezy that gauzy delight would be though.

:: peace & love ::

Sunday, May 8, 2011

bedding of the baby sort

I know I said if baby was a boy that I would be taking this direction.
We decided (and by we, I mean me....and then asking Wes what he thinks....which is usually followed by a head nod and a "nice, babe!"; that we are not going to go with a particular theme. So, no 'life aquatic' happening in baby's nursery any time soon ;-)
However, I still love the color scheme I was thinking of=shades of blue, citron, mustard, black and white. Jenny Lind crib in white, bumper & crib skirt (also from in white pique. I resisted posting a swatch of the white pique, because, as you can imagine, well, it's just plain white (you get the mental picture). Then the fitted sheet would be this amazing mist jasmine fabric (!!) love, love. I'm sorry but I'm not sorry that it's a little flower-ish. Maybe he'll grow up and be a botanist, you never know; plus I plan on having a few sheets to switch around anyway. I am thinking a mustard colored pillow of some sort will be a lovely finishing touch; and am far beyond fully obsessed with this knitted blanket from Boden. So peeps, that's what I'm thinking for the crib/bedding. Still loving the other accents from my 'baby boy' mock-up, except for the changing table we are going with the matching Jenny Lind version.
Now, this rug, or this rug!?!
Ikea rocker, or try and re-finish some craig's list find?!
Bookshelf/toy cubbies? (p.s. what if I found vintage locker style storage for toys (!)). what if?

Mist Jasmine fabric from
Arches pillows from Etsy.
Jenny Lind crib found on Amazon.
Knitted blanket from MiniBoden.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Mine will be spent with my family, listening to music at a winery over a picnic (while everyone enjoys said wine except moi :-( ).

:: peace & love ::

Saturday, May 7, 2011

bedroom switch-er-oo

{ West Elm, bubble quilt-color, iron }
{ Martha Stewart paint collection at Home Depot, color, Sharkey Gray }

You remember this?
Well......we've been sitting around not doing anything productive in the bedding switch-er-oo dept. I was debating what colors I wanted, and what curtains/rug/decor would go along with all of that. I found that beautiful West Elm summer leaf duvet set on Ebay, and contemplated it for days; ultimately deciding that pink(ish) colors were not the way to go (you're welcome babe).
I am absolutely loving Nicole's bedroom makeover, her eye for color & composition is just lovely. I usually don't even go for greens but I found myself wanting her exact set-up!
Well, the paisley bedding she got was out of stock (good for me, because I really don't need to have Nicole's exact bedroom, however lovely it is ;-). So I found this AH-mazing turquoise-y blue ikat island duvet set, and striped bedding (I did copy this...couldn't help myself!), and grey bubble quilt. There is also this quilt from Crate & Barrel, this one being more chocolate-y. I think I prefer the grey, but it's hard to tell the exact shade.
Lastly I can't decide if painting the bedroom is necessary. Currently it is a really beautiful apple blossom peachy pink (very light), but I don't know how well that will really work with the blues? I've been loving light and deep gray wall colors, and think that this Martha Stewart color would be perfection with everything else. Question is do I really want to paint a whole room right now, between working, baby classes, general laziness and having a hubby who would rather do anything but paint (seriously, he hates it) he cringes every time I say the word paint.
So that's my musing on the bedroom. The bedding is happening (this time I'm sure), ordering next week :-) Thinking we might wait on a quilt, because we really don't need one for summer, and why buy it now only to put it in the closet until it cools down again!?
What do you think.......paint, no paint. Any suggestions for grays?!

:: peace & love ::

**Happy almost mother's day mommies out there!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

need not want...for reals.

Hello summer!
It already happened, so don't even bother talking me out of them ;-)

:: peace & love ::

i'm dreaming of 'glam-ping'

The Mr. & I love camping. We both grew up camping & really need to start stocking up on our own camping gear (have been borrowing things from here and there through the years). Now that we are 'adults' I suppose, we should really have our own loot!
I started looking at tents at REI, then i started looking at my new Sunset, then I started thinking about luxury camping (i.e. 'glamping')..........see the thought process there. (the new Sunset mag has a beautiful pic of a luxury camping resort in WA on the cover).
Then, i google image searched 'luxury camping' and here's a few little snaps I found! Gaahhh...
Can we go, please? Doesn't it look amazing, just add a giant bath tub, sunset, and warm weather hikes to some turquoise blue lake and I would just about die.
Anyone know of any 'luxury' camping resorts in and around the Central Coast of Cali?

:: peace & love ::

weekend doings...

{ Nelly's coconut cuppie }
{ Nelly & me at her bridal shower! }
{ a sunny lunch @ Dockside }
{ My Mr. :) }
{ Watermelon plantings }
{ little garden--4 kinds of tomatoes, mint & chives }

This weekend has flown by all too fast, but was full of little adventures!
Planted these tomatoes with my dad a few weeks back & they are definitely getting bigger!! Can't wait for this summer to make bruschetta, caprese, you name it.....
I got those watermelon seeds in my Easter basket last week & got around to planting them, it sure doesn't look exciting now, but come summer I plan on enjoying water melon everything :-)
Saturday was spent going to a dear friend's bridal shower, where there was good food (such good food), good people & good weather. What more could you want, right!? Followed by a bday BBQ with our bestests' for a belated bday celebration (more cupcakes...strawberry this time).
Sunday the weather was perfection so we headed to Morro Bay for a sunny lunch at one of our fav's Dockside (where we had our rehearsal dinner last June!).
Hope your weekend was full of wonder loves, onto Monday. I'll be spending it with my love Vix over cheese &............sparkling apple cider (sigh) :-)

:: peace & love ::