Sunday, May 8, 2011

bedding of the baby sort

I know I said if baby was a boy that I would be taking this direction.
We decided (and by we, I mean me....and then asking Wes what he thinks....which is usually followed by a head nod and a "nice, babe!"; that we are not going to go with a particular theme. So, no 'life aquatic' happening in baby's nursery any time soon ;-)
However, I still love the color scheme I was thinking of=shades of blue, citron, mustard, black and white. Jenny Lind crib in white, bumper & crib skirt (also from in white pique. I resisted posting a swatch of the white pique, because, as you can imagine, well, it's just plain white (you get the mental picture). Then the fitted sheet would be this amazing mist jasmine fabric (!!) love, love. I'm sorry but I'm not sorry that it's a little flower-ish. Maybe he'll grow up and be a botanist, you never know; plus I plan on having a few sheets to switch around anyway. I am thinking a mustard colored pillow of some sort will be a lovely finishing touch; and am far beyond fully obsessed with this knitted blanket from Boden. So peeps, that's what I'm thinking for the crib/bedding. Still loving the other accents from my 'baby boy' mock-up, except for the changing table we are going with the matching Jenny Lind version.
Now, this rug, or this rug!?!
Ikea rocker, or try and re-finish some craig's list find?!
Bookshelf/toy cubbies? (p.s. what if I found vintage locker style storage for toys (!)). what if?

Mist Jasmine fabric from
Arches pillows from Etsy.
Jenny Lind crib found on Amazon.
Knitted blanket from MiniBoden.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Mine will be spent with my family, listening to music at a winery over a picnic (while everyone enjoys said wine except moi :-( ).

:: peace & love ::

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Anonymous said...

No particular theme? Those dinosaur planters better be in that baby boys room though! I'm in love with those.

Love Fatty G