Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend doings...

{ Nelly's coconut cuppie }
{ Nelly & me at her bridal shower! }
{ a sunny lunch @ Dockside }
{ My Mr. :) }
{ Watermelon plantings }
{ little garden--4 kinds of tomatoes, mint & chives }

This weekend has flown by all too fast, but was full of little adventures!
Planted these tomatoes with my dad a few weeks back & they are definitely getting bigger!! Can't wait for this summer to make bruschetta, caprese, you name it.....
I got those watermelon seeds in my Easter basket last week & got around to planting them, it sure doesn't look exciting now, but come summer I plan on enjoying water melon everything :-)
Saturday was spent going to a dear friend's bridal shower, where there was good food (such good food), good people & good weather. What more could you want, right!? Followed by a bday BBQ with our bestests' for a belated bday celebration (more cupcakes...strawberry this time).
Sunday the weather was perfection so we headed to Morro Bay for a sunny lunch at one of our fav's Dockside (where we had our rehearsal dinner last June!).
Hope your weekend was full of wonder loves, onto Monday. I'll be spending it with my love Vix over cheese &............sparkling apple cider (sigh) :-)

:: peace & love ::

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