Saturday, May 7, 2011

bedroom switch-er-oo

{ West Elm, bubble quilt-color, iron }
{ Martha Stewart paint collection at Home Depot, color, Sharkey Gray }

You remember this?
Well......we've been sitting around not doing anything productive in the bedding switch-er-oo dept. I was debating what colors I wanted, and what curtains/rug/decor would go along with all of that. I found that beautiful West Elm summer leaf duvet set on Ebay, and contemplated it for days; ultimately deciding that pink(ish) colors were not the way to go (you're welcome babe).
I am absolutely loving Nicole's bedroom makeover, her eye for color & composition is just lovely. I usually don't even go for greens but I found myself wanting her exact set-up!
Well, the paisley bedding she got was out of stock (good for me, because I really don't need to have Nicole's exact bedroom, however lovely it is ;-). So I found this AH-mazing turquoise-y blue ikat island duvet set, and striped bedding (I did copy this...couldn't help myself!), and grey bubble quilt. There is also this quilt from Crate & Barrel, this one being more chocolate-y. I think I prefer the grey, but it's hard to tell the exact shade.
Lastly I can't decide if painting the bedroom is necessary. Currently it is a really beautiful apple blossom peachy pink (very light), but I don't know how well that will really work with the blues? I've been loving light and deep gray wall colors, and think that this Martha Stewart color would be perfection with everything else. Question is do I really want to paint a whole room right now, between working, baby classes, general laziness and having a hubby who would rather do anything but paint (seriously, he hates it) he cringes every time I say the word paint.
So that's my musing on the bedroom. The bedding is happening (this time I'm sure), ordering next week :-) Thinking we might wait on a quilt, because we really don't need one for summer, and why buy it now only to put it in the closet until it cools down again!?
What do you think.......paint, no paint. Any suggestions for grays?!

:: peace & love ::

**Happy almost mother's day mommies out there!!!

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chelsea lee said...

just got the striped sheet set ourselves and I must say that I absolutely LOVE it! saving pennies for the crochet duvet from WE also. Great picks!