Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mid week musing

{ me in my bargain find }

Hello lovelies!!
1. Found this pretty little dress at Kohls on Monday with my momma. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy for loving total bargain finds (vs. Free people/boutique finds etc), but I've gotta say, I'm loving my giant tent dress (so comfy), and I think it's cute paired with my Cole Haans :-)
2. Thinking I've figured out a design idea for my baby shower invites. Don't judge, I love paper goods and have been known to micro manage (lol), I would say I'm 'helping' my momma in this department, right?!
3. Just a statement that people say the weirdest/inappropriate things to pregnant people. I've gotten the sweetest comments (thank you sweet people), to "are you having twins?". NO, I'm not having twins (!?!?) and how rude. I am not that giant, regardless of what my tent dress says ;-)

Hope Wednesday treated you well, I'm off to dream land in preparation for Thursday.

:: peace & love ::

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Anonymous said...

You look darling