Thursday, May 27, 2010

craving s'mores

{ vegan s'mores }
I have been craving s'mores for weeks now. Maybe it's that summer is fast approaching (pretty much here really.....woah), maybe it's our barely used Chiminea on the deck, either way; A s'more needs to be made, and asap! Maybe with some sea salt gourmet crackers, gooey marshmallows and a snazzed up chocolate bar (you know that one with the sea salt in it....or the chili peppers)...hmmm. Wow, I need to stop it, and just make one. This is getting ridiculous!
:: peace and love ::
*I think Rachel has something to do with it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a random sharing

{ Gabriel & Co. ring - with rose gold filigree sides, instead of white }
{ onions, butternut squash and carrots, prepared to roast } { gifted clutch, ripped jeans }

A random sharing on this cloudy Tuesday! I have the day off (random middle of the week(ness)?!) I'm going to do my hair run through with the lovely Crystal from Lux; workout with Natalie, order our rings (the pic at top is what I'm ordering except with rose gold filigree sides instead of white gold). For a little I was thinking I wanted something that matched my ring...custom made. Now 1 mo. until the day, I just don't have time. I freaked out for a second, then decided that gives me creative freedom. It doesn't have to match, and instead of being bummed I decided to do something really different, and I LOVE it :-)
I roasted some veggies last night, just threw on what I had on hand, butternut squash, carrots and onions (wishing for beets, oh well!). Sprinkled olive oil, dill and a seasoning mix with salt, pepper, garlic salt and parsley. SOOO good, can I just say. I piled this mix a top red quinoa, topped with arugula and feta. YUM. serious. Meal inspired by Kristina, seen here.
Lastly, I snapped a pic of a gifted clutch (from the shower), which I've been receiving lots of compliments on....thank you Shannon, so sweet. I love it.
Happy Tuesday, I'm going to keep busy :-)
:: peace and love ::

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday morning doings

{ skinny laminx tea towel from Heath }
{ a beautiful recipe card box (filled with the giftor's fav's!) } { Italian ceramic pitcher & wooden utensils } { place mats to match our curtains! }{ Egyptian cotton, sea foam green sheets, messy bed } { leafy vases }{ and just because, my daily vitamins }

I promised you some shots of the gifts I received at my shower! Here are just a few things that were easily accessed and photographed this morning (bad light...poor photography skills...sorry!). My momma gave me (us really), the most beautiful ceramic pitcher filled with a Skinny Laminx towel and wooden utensils (and a CROQUET set!!!! SOOO excited to bust it out next bbq!). My MOH/shower thrower extraordinaire gifted me a beautiful wooden recipe card box filled with perfect little cards both blank and filled with her favorites! A friend gifted us place mats to match our curtains (because she knows how much I love my curtains!). Some beautiful leafy vases from a bridesmaid that couldn't make it, now in their happy home on our entertainment center. A messy bed freshly made with our new and lovely colored sheets gifted by my grandma and just for fun a silly shot of my daily vitamins....because they looked kinda cute in a weird way in that little bowl!
Happy Monday lovelies :-)
:: peace and love ::

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SLO botanical garden

{ SLO botanical gardens }
{ succulent arrangement }
{ aloe varieties } { spider webbed aloe } { the almost hubbs and my daddy discussing CA native plants }

We headed to Morro Bay for a run today with my dad only to be greeted by 30 mi/hr sandy winds :-( no go. So we re routed to Dairy Creek park/home of SLO botanical gardens for our run! After a bout with food poisoning/maybe 24 hr. flu I was just hoping I could make it. After a little 3 miler, we re hydrated ;-) and headed to the SLO botanical garden where we checked out the succulent crop and other ca native plants! My dad puts together the CA native plant society news letter every month and takes part in all their activities, he even snatched up some flowers un-known to him to investigate later :-) We wandered around a bit, and checked out their gardens, where Wes and I both wished we were home owners so we could full on garden up a storm (ugh...renting kinda sucks as far as personalization goes).
Over all, a lovely Saturday (I'm really just so stoked I'm feeling better!!!!), home with a Drifter in hand and some of Wes' guacamole (the best eva! no joke!).
Happy Weekend.
:: peace and love ::

ready for summer...almost!

{ gold rimmed mirrored Ray Bans }
They are in the mail.....I searched far and wide for gold rimmed, mirrored aviators....while I found these worn by Carrie in the new S&TC movie II, their price tag of $525 just wasn't going to happen! haha....these little babies were a fraction of the price, and so classic. Now I'm just hoping these frames look good with my face shape, maybe not the best decision of purchase sunglasses online, but I couldn't pass these up! Pics to come of them on :-) Happy weekend, off for a run in Morro Bay with my almost hubs and daddy!!
:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peonies & Pepper

{ peonies, Pepper }
I didn't really know what to blog today....I would love to show you some of the lovely gifts we got at my shower, but embarrassingly enough most of them are still in the back seat of my car! I know....chalk it up to busy/lazy/that's a lot of stuff to make 20 trips for....but people were so sweet and thoughtful, and my momma got me the most beautiful thing EVER, I can't wait to put it in the kitchen : )
So, i promise pics of fun shower goodies to come this week! A pretty little phone pic of some peonies from the shower on their last leg, and my lovely little Pepper who follows me and her daddy around in the mornings....this morning has resigned herself to licking doors!?!? weird....I think maybe she's a little crazy. Happy Wednesday, I have fri/sat/sun off, feeling the need to do something interesting! wish me luck!
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, May 16, 2010

bridal shower fabulocity!

{ gorgeous protea }
{ protea on table }
{ me and my lovely friend/practically sister Catherine (recenly) Mrs. Ford }{{ my girls and me havin' a giggle--ya I said giggle }

My bridal shower was today at 1, and it was absolutely beautiful (to say the least). I think of myself as somewhat of a picky person, meaning I notice all the little details when others tend not to, there for I am generally hard to please.
However, apparently so is my bfff/moh Ashlee, because she lovingly put together the most beautiful bash eva! Included were 1. my fav. flower coral peonies, and protea 2. colored poms poms in pink and yellows! 3. and lovely LOVE sign. 4. cupcakes, mexican chocolate truffles, sprinkled rice crispies, chocolate cake pops....then pasta salad with artichokes and green olives, chips and guac, bruschetta and toasted bread, and a truley delish cheese platter. etc.
Friends/fam gathered and shared in a fun game, presents and pictures. Not to mention the food, Tolosa rose, and snazzy bubbly lemonade! Ash held it in her yard (which is perfect), tire swing, grass, couch like swing, and open farm(ish) feel were exactly what the bash desired....and I honestly couldn't have asked for more.
I so greatly enjoyed spending time with those who came...everyone was so thoughtful to take time out of their lives to come to this imp. day for me, and to spend time with me, and I really couldn't appreciate it more!
YA! I'm even more excited for the wedding....THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone!!!!
:: peace and love ::
** pics my moi and the especially well lit and snazzy ones by Garrett Loughran!
-- more pics here --

Friday, May 14, 2010 sandals.

{ Sam Edelman, Divine sandals on bed }
Originally ordered s-9, due to narrow foot, the leather bands were too loose, s-8.5 works like a charm, and now I have my summer sandals. and they are pretty fantastic!
Happy Friday, I'm off to have my hair done by the lovely Crystal at Lux (!!), work until 5:30 (meh), running with Ashlee, trying to convince the honey to go see Iron Man II and sneak in some beers....yup. Happy Friday ya'll.
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday musings...on teeth and art.

{ teeth diagram }
{ beautiful desert flowers - via bigBANG studio }

2 things for you my dears on this lovely and some what over cast Thursday morning. I had my second dream about teeth last night......I started to look up the meaning on some dream interpretation site and got depressed...figured I would just post it here and stop over analyzing myself. ha.
The first dream I had a few months back was that all my teeth crumbled in my mouth and I spit them out in little itsy bitsy pieces (gross). The one last night was that I had mass amounts of teeth growing in my mouth....first I realized that I had two rows of bottom teeth in the front (but the new and abnormal row were big, like molars), and I pulled two rotten ones out of the front...then I noticed that big molar like teeth were even growing under my tongue, then all of a sudden my whole mouth filled with teeth and I woke up (gross/weird/mildly disturbing on dreamers part).
On a lighter note, I just found this beautiful blog (with an amazingly lovely artist, who has a new collection of paintings resembling desert homesteads, and landscapes) which really gets me starry eyed bc I've been dying to visit the desert and water color the landscape for myself!!!! I found her lovely blog via this lady, who was lucky enough to trek out to her desert art show and picked up my two fav. prints of her collection (as far as I have looked at the collection).
Happy Thursday, Thursday used to be my favorite day of the week...I still think fondly of it, but am not sure if it's still my fav. shhhh don't tell Thursday.
:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gettin' this booty in shape!!!!!

{ previous year rock to pier run }
My best friend and myself just signed up for our first 10K today!!!
I have been on a bit of a quest to get back in shape for a couple years, my friend told me she was doing a couch to 5k program, I figured I would join in the running with her. First, because I need it. Second, because I actually have always liked running, it's just so dang painful to get back into once you're out of it.
We are almost done with the 5k program, then it's on to training for the 10k !!!!
How it came about....I've been wanting to do a run for a while, once I decided that I was really really enjoying not only spending quality time with such a wonderful friend, but that both of us can motivate each other (she def. inspires me, she has 2 kids under the age of 3, looks amazing and keeps me going even when i don't feel like pushing myself). I proposed the idea of actually running a race, we googled it, and signed up when the date came about.
So here we are...and I couldn't be happier or feel more like myself running again.
Some days are easier than others, but I know I will reach a point where my feet no longer drag and my lungs no longer ache and I can push myself farther, be able to challenge myself!!!
:: peace and love ::

retrieved rsvp's

{ blank rsvp postcard }
{ retrieved rsvp's }

The rsvp postcards are streaming in, it is SO fun to get a little handful of these guys back in the mail everyday! I have to say that the paper I chose is holding up well in the mail, and battered edge here and there, but over all doing really well!!!
1. I ordered some very cute toppers for mine and Wes' cupcakes for the wedding!
2. Found a lovely little dress for my bridal shower this Sunday at the bestie's house, on an un-expected trip to find workout clothes (love that).
3. Ordered striped straws for the margaritas, cupcake decorations and sprinkles.
4. Received this amazing poster to use at the wedding (let me tell ya, the colors on this thing are really beautiful!).
5. Signed up for my first 10K with the bestie for July 17th, we are REALLY excited about it!!!!!
That's all I can think of right now....
up next....girls night and origami paper crane folding over wine and cheese.
Pics up next week of the said sure to be cute bridal shower :-)
:: peace and love ::

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday

Have a happy weekend...we just got home from a scrumptious lunch at Dockside (where we are having our rehearsal dinner)...beautiful sun, seals and of course...a nice cold beer!!!

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

* sigh *

The invites are going out today people!!!! no, but seriously, (phew) I'm excited to get those little rsvp post cards back in the mail!!
{ breakfast }
And for breakfast...yummy TJ's granola (the one in the little clear bag with freeze dried berries), greek yogurt, drizzled with honey. Today was my first morning swim in years (yes, years!) and it was really nice...minus the whole getting up while it's still dark out thing.
:: peace and love ::

Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend doings

{ G & L on deck }
{ water coloring, aka my tie dyed paper } { water coloring, tie dyed paper }

Saturday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing....wandering around Michael's for about an hour, picked up a Martha Stewart paper punch that creates a pretty scalloped lace edge on paper (ohh love); and some other boring yet practical items. Once home I decided if I was going to actually accomplish this task of making 'tie dyed' scalloped edge bands to secure my little packages, I better get on it.
About the water coloring...i love to water color first off. What sparked the idea; I wanted these invites to be a reflection of us--we go to our beloved music festival in Yosemite every year with my parents, it's where we really fell in love and it is tremendously important to the both of us. We tie dyed our own shirts and sweatshirts last year for the occasion (messy and fun)...and I figured I could water color paper bands in honor of our love for the festival and for tie dye.
Sunday was absolutely lovely. We went to a late breakfast at Zorro's in shell beach; there was a wait for a table so Cindy (the owner) sent us to the back patio (which really just looks like a quaint little backyard) where they served us complimentary mimosas until our table was ready (what!!?!?) was pretty fab. Not to mention that it was an insanely gorgeous day by the beach..or that I got huevos rancheros (which is the best at Zorro's)...ugh...we didn't want to go home.
Once home, Christine came over and we embossed the rsvp cards (more to come on that) which turned out adorable. Went on a walk, which resulted laying in the grass at the park near our house and deciding that we are going to start swimming in the mornings at Sinsheimer pool M,W and F. Also decided to make the favorite pesto pizza...but due to amazingly good weather, also decided we needed our favorite cocktail (enter the G&L's).
We love love gin and tonics (specifically Sapphire and tonics..of course), with fresh lime...there is nothing better. Once we had TJ's sparkling lime aide...but no tonic and so the G&L was borne and it is fabulous. do try.
and hello Monday...
:: peace and love ::

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DYI invites.

{ paper punching }
{ water color and paper punching } { the 'almost' finished invites !! } { snippet of tie dye paper..and a handsome king stamp } { they are done !! }
I told you the invites were here...and I had some crafting to do, here is just a little of it! Tie dye paper and an adorable lace paper punch (thank you Martha) for a little band around the package! Spotted envelope liners, and cute little stamps. Now....LOTS more water coloring, paper punching, embossing of the rsvp post cards, printing of the addresses on the envelopes and putting on the stamps (phew)....I'm happy things are coming together, I am really loving the final invites, but do think that maybe something is needed on those little tie dyed bands !?!
:: peace and love ::
*Invites designed by yours truly, with the expert technical help of a friend who is a previous graphic design major (seriously, I couldn't have managed all this with out her help!), and printing from Poor Richard's Press (although, unfortunatly I cannot recommend them, it took 2 1/2 weeks for them to get it together and get them copied (not even printed!)). never the less I love love love them.

lazy saturday snack

{ Kauai map }
{ papaya and lime }

I was reminded today, of my family's trip to Kauai a few years ago over my mid day snack of papaya and lime.
Which I might add is the best little slice o'heaven eva !! I totally forgot how amazing this tastes....I might be partial because it brings me right back to Kauai, and all those amazing memories make it even sweater.
We bounced around between a resort and bed and breakfasts on the island. One bed and breakfast served us fresh (like right off the tree people) papaya and lime for breakfast and I about died...seriously.
So on my lazy Saturday I find myself wishing for warm breeze...salty water and an abundance of fruit trees...come on December, get here already!!!!!!
*I have some seriouse projects this weekend...invites are picked up and in the appropriate (and legible) shade of olive it's putting these little packages together that's going to take up all my time...can't wait to show you!!
Happy weekend lovelies :-)
:: peace and love ::