Tuesday, May 11, 2010

retrieved rsvp's

{ blank rsvp postcard }
{ retrieved rsvp's }

The rsvp postcards are streaming in, it is SO fun to get a little handful of these guys back in the mail everyday! I have to say that the paper I chose is holding up well in the mail, and battered edge here and there, but over all doing really well!!!
1. I ordered some very cute toppers for mine and Wes' cupcakes for the wedding!
2. Found a lovely little dress for my bridal shower this Sunday at the bestie's house, on an un-expected trip to find workout clothes (love that).
3. Ordered striped straws for the margaritas, cupcake decorations and sprinkles.
4. Received this amazing poster to use at the wedding (let me tell ya, the colors on this thing are really beautiful!).
5. Signed up for my first 10K with the bestie for July 17th, we are REALLY excited about it!!!!!
That's all I can think of right now....
up next....girls night and origami paper crane folding over wine and cheese.
Pics up next week of the said sure to be cute bridal shower :-)
:: peace and love ::

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The Loughran's said...

I am pretty excited about everything you just mentioned. And I am even more excited that my postcard got featured :)

We have so many fun things coming up, it's amazing!