Saturday, May 1, 2010

lazy saturday snack

{ Kauai map }
{ papaya and lime }

I was reminded today, of my family's trip to Kauai a few years ago over my mid day snack of papaya and lime.
Which I might add is the best little slice o'heaven eva !! I totally forgot how amazing this tastes....I might be partial because it brings me right back to Kauai, and all those amazing memories make it even sweater.
We bounced around between a resort and bed and breakfasts on the island. One bed and breakfast served us fresh (like right off the tree people) papaya and lime for breakfast and I about died...seriously.
So on my lazy Saturday I find myself wishing for warm breeze...salty water and an abundance of fruit trees...come on December, get here already!!!!!!
*I have some seriouse projects this weekend...invites are picked up and in the appropriate (and legible) shade of olive it's putting these little packages together that's going to take up all my time...can't wait to show you!!
Happy weekend lovelies :-)
:: peace and love ::

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