Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peonies & Pepper

{ peonies, Pepper }
I didn't really know what to blog today....I would love to show you some of the lovely gifts we got at my shower, but embarrassingly enough most of them are still in the back seat of my car! I know....chalk it up to busy/lazy/that's a lot of stuff to make 20 trips for....but people were so sweet and thoughtful, and my momma got me the most beautiful thing EVER, I can't wait to put it in the kitchen : )
So, i promise pics of fun shower goodies to come this week! A pretty little phone pic of some peonies from the shower on their last leg, and my lovely little Pepper who follows me and her daddy around in the mornings....this morning has resigned herself to licking doors!?!? weird....I think maybe she's a little crazy. Happy Wednesday, I have fri/sat/sun off, feeling the need to do something interesting! wish me luck!
:: peace and love ::

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Caroline said...

I love Peonies!!! Gorgeous!